Nick Foles: “I’m good” after X-rays on ribs

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Eagles quarterback Nick Foles had to delay his celebration of the NFC title to spend a little time with members of the medical team.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reported that Foles had “precautionary” X-rays on his ribs on Sunday night. The quarterback said there was nothing to worry about as the team begins making plans for the Super Bowl.

“They were just checking,” Foles said. “I’m good. I’m good.”

That would be ideal for the Eagles because they’d prefer not to have Nate Sudfeld make his first NFL start in the Super Bowl. They’d also like to have Foles working to build off of Sunday’s performance.

Foles sparkled throughout Sunday’s 38-7 win, finishing with 26 completions on 33 passes for 352 yards and three touchdowns in a performance that made Carson Wentz‘s absence feel a lot less painful than it did a few weeks ago.

41 responses to “Nick Foles: “I’m good” after X-rays on ribs

  1. The question of “Can the Eagles win with Foles?” has been answered with an exclamation point. Let’s hope he can play just as well against the Pats.

    I’m glad he came out of that game in good health. It looked like a few Vikings players were trying to injure Eagles players in the second half.

  2. They should consider a 15 yard penalty and ejection for driving a QB into the ground. They can call it the Anthony Barr rule. He did the exact same thing to Rodgers this year.

  3. Foles is a rhythm quarterback. When the Eagles play the up tempo, no huddle, Foles can be very good in that system.
    When they slow down and huddle his pace suffers as does his performance.
    I give Foles a lot of credit as a lot of critics have been all over him this year. He somehow pulls a rabbit out of the hat and beats Brady in the SB, he can earn himself a nice contract.

  4. Nothing would give me more joy than seeing Foles win a championship…then the eagles dump him and never win one with Carson Wince…the fake mvp!!!

  5. Win us the Super Bowl, and then back to the bench
    of course a 1st rounder if someone was desperate enough like the Vikings if someone wants him.
    Thanks, Nick

  6. Wow! Great performance by foles. I wonder if vikings fans will still troll every eagles article? I kept saying eagles were really good at causing pressure and creating turnovers. Vikings couldnt handle that eagles D-line. Vikings fans even said those were lucky stats and they don’t matter. I think that’s what won the game for Philly. That,and our offense steamrolling your top ranked defense! GO EAGLES!!

  7. Shameful performance by the Vikings defense. Shameful. The entire city rallied around this team to pull off a magical run and they come out and flat out quit. A once in a franchise opportunity for the taking and they quit. I am disgusted as a Vikings fan.

  8. Nice to see Foles get another shot. He was great in college in Sonny Dykes’ spread formation.

  9. At least one team still has a chance to break their curse. Wishing him the best from a life long vikes fan

  10. Glad to see Foles get in rhythm, that’s gonna give Belichick something else to lose sleep on as he game plans against the Eagles. Meanwhile these Eagles D line is gonna make TB look his age in 2 weeks, just watch.

  11. The question isnt can Foles continue to play good the question should be why hasnt he played like that all along. You could start by asking Carr and Prescott who both played just as bad or worse then Foles in the 5 quarters that made everyone write him off. Im pretty sure theyll point out the 30mph winds which are even worse in the Linc which is like a wind tunnel and the fact that with wind chill those two games were in the single digits temperature wise. Then u can look at the actual Cowboys 4 drives he played. Where Torrey Smith dropped a beautiful pass that had him crossing the field with no one behind him that probably would have ended up as a 50+ yard td, or a 40 yard pass into field goal range that Nelson Agholor for some reason went to his knees and dropped which he could have easily caught standing up. If not 4 those 2 drops Foles would have led scoring drives on 2 out 4 series in horrible weather. Completely altering the narrative.

    So yeah that question is unnecessary. Foles answered it in La, vs NY, vs Atl, vs Minn, and would have vs Dallas.

  12. taintedsaints2009 says:
    January 21, 2018 at 11:29 pm
    Shameful performance by the Vikings defense. Shameful. The entire city rallied around this team to pull off a magical run and they come out and flat out quit. A once in a franchise opportunity for the taking and they quit. I am disgusted as a Vikings fan


    The fact u all called it magical was the problem. There was at least two Vikings players on tv celebrating and giving interviews about the win and the Diggs play FOR SIX DAYS! They reveled in it way to much. You could literally see the collective sigh of relief and physical release of all there pent up aggression and stress. They lived in a constant state of catharsis. Theres no way you can do that and expect to regain that intensity in a day. It didnt matter who they played they were gonna get destroyed. Theres no way you compete with a team thats been living in perpetual do or die mode while you were off celebrating your 1 playoff victory. Its why as each day went bye and after each interview/celebration I saw the more confident I got that the Eagles were going to win.

    The players deserve a lot of the blame but so do there fans. You can only tell a team how magical theyve been, how its meant to be, and how their a team of destiny before they start drinking the koolaid. The 1 thing about all those phrases u guys lobbed at them is the underlying theme that its out of anyones control. That its gonna happen bc its supposed to. That its written in the stars so to speak. If players start believing that, then of course their gonna lose their intensity. If they believe that then of course they can go on tv and celebrate a divisional round win for 6 days straight. It doesnt matter that the other 3 teams arent doing it. Their not teams of destiny.

    So yeah they deserve a lot of blame but so do the fans and vikings homers in the media who treated them like the next two games were just formalities.

  13. Nice to have a tucson AZ kid in the SB!
    Bear Down U of A Wildcats!

    Cox & company will flatten lil tommy an no jimmy g to save the day

    Good riddance to me lucky unless the refs throw the game

  14. defscottyb says:

    Eagles will get smoked by the Pats.

    The Patriots have never smoked anyone in the Super Bowl. They always win by the skin of their teeth at the very end.

  15. Remember Eagles, you will also be playing against the guys wearing the black and white stripes with the black pants. Just keep that in mind and all will work out for you.

  16. Sounds like a cakewalk for the Eagles since the Patriots are filled with dysfunction and Brady’s hand fell off. Glad to see the haters think nothing could possibiliy go wrong as always.

  17. Flat out, the Eagles are the better team, they play like a team, they win like a team. Brady is only one person and if my eyes do not deceive me, his playing ability is noticeably declining. As much as I hate to say it, the Eagles have not yet peaked. My only concern is that they are playing with only one experienced QB. SOOO, expect the pats to take a cheap shot at Foles. That’s how they play the game, to win. Were so sorry we didn’t mean it ….

  18. Ha, ha, ha, ha….they weren’t flat, they were dominated in every phase….they may have quit as the beating progressed. Once the scripted plays ended, so did the magical run. Owned. Destroyed. Controlled. The Eagles punished you from beginning to end.

  19. codylaws says:

    January 21, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    They’re going to get blown out against Pats for sure. Brady and Belichick are the goat. Philly is going to cry when they lose

    OMG are you an Eagles hater. You just keep jumping from band wagon to bandwagon of every team praying for that team to beat the Eagles and you just keep getting let down. What’s wrong with you, were you beat up by Eagles fans one to many times???

    Here you go: I guarantee that the Patriots will beat the Eagles. Stone, cold mortal lock! You like that big boy? There, I just jinxed the Patsies. Unless they have a lot of the refs help like they’ve been getting and they continue in their grand tradition of cheating: spying, recording defensive signals, deflating footballs, paying off the refs…etc., etc.).

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