Pat Shurmur: “Another time and place” to discuss Giants job

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The Giants are expected to hire Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur as their next head coach and Minnesota’s loss in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday frees Shurmur up to officially take the job.

It looks like it will be at least a day before that happens, however. Shurmur is heading back to Minnesota with the Vikings on Sunday night and will go through exit interviews with Vikings players. Shurmur said, via Jordan Raanan of, that there will be “another time and place” to talk about the Giants job.

Sunday was a rough day for the Vikings offense after a sharp opening drive put Minnesota up 7-0. They would not score again in the 38-7 loss, which was a bed ending for what had been a very successful season for Shurmur’s offense.

Shurmur didn’t answer another question about his potential coaching staff with the Giants. A report on Sunday indicated that former Raiders coach Jack Del Rio is the top candidate to be the defensive coordinator for the Giants next season.

21 responses to “Pat Shurmur: “Another time and place” to discuss Giants job

  1. If I were the Giants, I would be thinking twice about this hire after what I just saw. At least Case Keenum’s price tag just dropped several million, if anyone wants him.

  2. There are 365 days in the year. Do we really need Jay Glazer to give a Giants update in the middle of the NFC Championship game? Just discuss it after the game at earliest. Shurmur was still trying to get his team to the Super Bowl at that point.

  3. It’s time Minni to concentrate on their offseason championships.
    How many consecutive offseason championships have they won now?
    Must be about 60 something…

  4. It has already been reported all week and even on the sidelines during the game so what is he waiting for?

    Maybe he should’ve spent more time game planning and less time interviewing.

  5. What not talk about now, you were obviously way more focused on leaving than you were on today’s game plan. Thanks

  6. Probably needs to focus on the exit interviews for the players. He’s just doing his job and putting the players first. Some might not be back in Minnesota next season, and some might be following Shurmer to the Giants. The offensive personnel are his to deal with and it’s right that he should be professional rather than simply moving on to something new and shiny.

    Still… please consider taking Keenum with you, he’ll cost you a few $million less now after that performance.

  7. Keenum showed he is a back-up borderline starter. Again.


    Why McDaniels wants the Colts is because of the GM. Period. Patricia is a mystery. Guess he’d rather fail on a small stage instead of a big one.

    Giants had no shot when they hired someone with a ‘new sheriff in town’ mentality. He’s already shaking up the draft issues that now prove Reese and Ross were incompetent.

    Shurmur will be fine.

    Eagles are going to still have an empty trophy case. Unless you count the Steagles one.

  8. While the offense was weak, that defense was HORRID….Waynes bouncing off people trying to tackle people instead of WRAPPING up. if you were a DB and saw what happened last week vs. Saints how do you EVER try tackling someone like that, Barr getting schooled in open field by Clement. The numerous times that extremely talented and deep 1st round picks in the secondary got burnt deep.

    That team is built on tough stingy defense, an offense that can grind the clock and hit play action. Once the Eagles were up by 2 TDs I didn’t think it was over… but apparently the Vikings players did, because they played like it. Maybe they knew the Vikings only had one 14 point come back since 2010

  9. One bad game from Keenum won’t take away the fact the worked magic with a third string QB and 2nd string RB all year. Oh yeah and he got them to the NFC championship.
    Can’t believe the fickleness of some “fans” here

  10. Shurmur over rated. Best plays all year were based on Keenum scrambling and making a play or Keenum’s 50/50 balls. Can’t rely on those against good teams. Bad play design by Shurmur leaving a backup TE to come across from the right to block a good DE on the left. Result, strip sack.

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