Blake Bortles “would be thrilled” to stay in Jacksonville

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While speaking to reporters on Monday, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles reflected on this year’s success and said “we have an opportunity to build on that and try to make it a consistent-year-in-year-out thing.”

Bortles isn’t exactly guaranteed to be back for the next year of Jaguars football, however. The team exercised an option on Bortles’ contract for the 2018 season that calls for a salary of around $19 million, but they can walk away from it before it becomes guaranteed in March.

As Bortles’ forward-looking view of the Jaguars’ fortunes suggests, he’s hoping they don’t walk away.

“I’ve enjoyed my four years in Jacksonville and I would love to play here for as long as they let me,” Bortles said, via the Florida Times-Union. “What they decide and all of the decisions they make are outside of my control. I would be thrilled to be able to stay here and play here. Hopefully that can happen.”

Sunday’s loss to the Patriots featured a fair summary of where things wound up with Bortles this season. He had a strong first half as the Jaguars took a 14-10 lead into the break, but the team didn’t show much confidence in his ability to keep it going at the end of the second quarter or in the second half as the Patriots pressed their way back into the lead.

Bortles could still return if the Jaguars rescind their option if the two sides find common ground at a lower price, but that would be further sign that the team isn’t convinced he’s the right guy for the job as they try to move at least one step further than they advanced this season.

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  1. From Warren Sharpe: Jaguars offense in the fourth quarter: Every first-down snap was a run from shotgun, and every second down was a downfield pass. Jacksonville had six snaps in the fourth quarter with a running clock and the lead, but at no point did it drain the play clock to five seconds.

  2. You can’t pin the loss on Bortles as their playcalling neutered him. Everything they did successfully in the first half was scrapped at halftime, for whatever reason

  3. This kid has always been classy, and in a rough circumstance. Capable of making some serious plays, and on top of that he’s durable as all hell. He’s got comparable 4trh year numbers to some great QBs, and he’s still a young dude.

    I hope he stays too.


  4. This is a dillena. Which Bortles is the real Borkes. I though we had seen his ceiling in the past but then he broke it. So is this the new Bortles that has blossomed under a more disciplined approach that Coughlin has introduced there? Or a flash and he will be back to the old Borles. I just dont know.

    If Jacksonville decides to move on wouldnt it be funny if Belichick decided to bring him under the coaching umbrelka they have up there.

  5. Uh… nah, dude. Sorry, but cha gotta go somewhere else and play and learn to be consistent, day-in, Sundays-in lol

  6. interesting year in the QB market…

    likely on the move

    Alex Smith
    Sam Bradford
    Kirk Cousins
    either Case Keenum or Teddy Bridgewater
    Tyrod Taylor

    possibly available

    Drew Brees
    Eli Manning
    Blake Bortles

    with a lot of teams in the market. Washington, Denver, JAX, Arizona, New York Jets, Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland etc…dont remember a free agent year quite like this one

  7. Blake Bortles wasn’t the one who allowed a 20 yard untouched run on 3rd & 10. Blake Bortles didn’t give Tom Brady all day to throw and convert on 3rd & 18. Blake Bortles didn’t just stand there while Amendola toe tapped the end zone (PUSH THE GUY OUT! Someone should tell Gipson there’s no force out rule anymore)

    For all the talk of the defense carrying them and Bortles being trash, he was probably their best player on Sunday and pretty much the main reason they even had a chance to win. And in the end, it was that vaunted defense that completely failed down the stretch and got manhandled.

    1st down play calling was just pathetic too. From the 0:55 point of the 2nd quarter when they just knelt with almost a minute and all timeouts, they coached that game like they were afraid of the clock. Coached like they were lucky to have a lead and were scared to do anything with it. A lot of things lost that game…..surprisingly enough the LAST of which was Bortles.

  8. Blake Bortles is a below average QB. He played his best football when they needed him to, in the playoffs. Outside of some inaccuracy in the Bills game, he made few mistakes, and didn’t turn it over. Bortles played within his limitations. Even the last throw, on 4th and 15, was good, and it took a nice play by a good player to knock it down.

    Regardless of his limited ability, Blake Bortles is clutch, and is not a choker. A choker underperforms in big moments, Bortles overperformed. When players around the league strangely called him out, he didn’t say anything, but at least showed he has heart and is clutch. He should be proud of how he played under tons of pressure.

  9. Blake coverted a lot of 3rd downs in the last two games. He played better than I thought he would. I think his ceiling is an Alex Smith type of player. And thats pretty good.

  10. Where is the blame for Fournette? Jags had 15 2nd half runs for : 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 0, 7, 2, 14, 2, 2, 1, 1, -1. That’s a pathetic average of only 2.7 yds a carry.

    Only 1 first down by Fournette in the 2nd half, while Bortles had 6-7 by passing. It was ALL on his shoulders.

  11. Essentially, he’s Trent Dilfer with better mobility. With a great defense and good running game, that gives you a chance. With a better qb market than we’ve seen in years and no guaranteed money left on his deal, do you really want to invest major dollars and years into him??

  12. “Regardless of his limited ability, Blake Bortles is clutch, and is not a choker. A choker underperforms in big moments, Bortles overperformed. ”

    Have to agree with you. He’s good enough that when the vaunted Steelers looked past him he torched them. Pats respected and took him seriously and he still had a very good game.

    I see the Jags being a serious contender next season after another Coughlin run draft.

  13. Aaron Rodgers should demand a trade to JAX. They’re an up and coming team and AR will not win in GB with the backwards thinking Mark Murphy calling the shots.

  14. He had a great first half yesterday but when the game was on the line in the forth quarter he choked. With 1st down on the Pats 38, 2:13 left on the clock, all 3 timeouts and the two minute warning the Jags went 4 and out. So I’m sure he wants to be back. Gotta laugh at the “fans” who claim it was the Refs that caused the Jags to lose. In all fairness though Borttles didn’t have much help from his OC or the defense who allowed a 3rd and 18 to be converted, while the punt team gave up a 20 yard return that started at the 50 yard line. The Jags must have thought the game was only 50 minutes long because they sure didn’t play well the last 10 minutes.
    After the Pats fumbled the ball at 13:53 of the 4th quarter till they took the lead with 2:48 left the Jags ran 11 plays in three series and only used 5 minutes of the clock.

  15. I feel like Bortles improved dramatically this season having worked with Tom House over the last offseason. I don’t think it would be wise for them to let him walk.

  16. They went to New England in the conference championship round and had the champs on the ropes for three quarters.

    That would be good enough for a lot of teams.

  17. dimbee says:
    January 22, 2018 at 5:19 pm
    You can’t pin the loss on Bortles as their playcalling neutered him. Everything they did successfully in the first half was scrapped at halftime, for whatever reason


    The Jaguars didn’t scrap anything, Belichick adjusted and took away the easy throws. That’s when Bortles started struggling but even then the defense kept them in the game until the very end. Bortles had a chance of driving down the field, score a TD and essentially win the game and he couldn’t do it.

  18. Coughlin is going to be all over Alex Smith. Bortles does not have the accuracy, not that Smith can light it up downfield. But Smith won’t lose you games and he’s a machine.

    Bortles might return but it’s gonna be a 2 year 25m deal.Too much out there just as questionable as he is, so over paying is not going to be an option this year. Even Kirk Cousins is going to be in for a shock.

    Unfortunately this crop of College QB’s has more questions than the FA’s. I’d find a way to at least get Bradford as a back-up or competition. Pay them both 12.5 a year. They’d be foolish not to take it. It’s stupid money to the rest of us and not one of these QB’s deserve big bucks, including Cousins.

  19. I think the Jacksonville front office believes they are a QB away from having a legitimate super bowl contender. Would not be surprised to see a veteran QB like Manning or Smith in Jacksonville next season.

  20. I’d be thrilled to stay in Jacksonville when you have what looks to be one of the best D’s in recent memory.

    I’m sure there will be one agent after another ringing Coughlin with a pitch. What Qb in this world, this side of Brady wouldn’t want to be there?

    What a landing spot. Buyers market if you’re the Jaguar org.

  21. Jag’s playcalling neutered Bortles yesterday because they didn’t trust him throwing the ball. And Bortles final throw to remain alive in the game proved it, or pick the short throw to Fournette that also could have changed the game. 2 throws, both short, game over. 6 points in the 2nd half. Jag’s deserved to lose, and without a defense they aren’t in that game to begin with, so deal with the truth and find a better QB!

  22. Not gonna happen, Bortles.

    But would not be surprised if he winds up in one of these places (in no particular order): Jets, Redskins (if Cousins goes), Browns (God help him, if so), Packers, or maybe even the Steelers. Maybe the Cardinals, too.

  23. .
    Bortles, for all his faults, delivered a road playoff victory over the Steelers and gave the home field Patriots all they could handle. The Jaguars offensive coordinator was the Patriots best defensive player yesterday.

  24. And Larry “Fitz” Fitzgerlad “would be THRILLED” to have a consistent QB to bump his Hall of Fame potential… we all can only dream so far…

  25. How many QBs in the NFL could play as well as Bortles has the last couple weeks?

    I know consistency is important, especially in a division that will be very tough next year, but most teams struggle for years just to end up finding out their QBs can’t play as well in the playoffs as Bortles just did.

    Personally, I think knowing your ceiling goes that high is more important than being consistent each week. Just ask the Giants and their two most recent SB trophies.

  26. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    January 22, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    So would the rest of the AFC South


    You mean the rest of the AFC South that lost the divison to a Bortles led team?

  27. Coughlin is going to be all over Alex Smith. Bortles does not have the accuracy, not that Smith can light it up downfield. But Smith won’t lose you games and he’s a machine.

    Backintheday99 has it figured. I wonder what the price tag will be. Smith to Jacksonsville makes too much sense not to happen, unless KC insists on sending him back to the NFC.

  28. Worse QB’s have won Super Bowls. The Jags should keep him but not for $19 mil. They need better targets for whatever QB they have next year.

  29. Some of the runs to Fornette on 1st down in the 2nd half were not working. I wanted to see a bootleg run by Bortles once or twice on 1st and a play action on 2nd right after that.

  30. I hope Bortles stays. He’s come a long way this season and it doesn’t make sense for the Jags to dump him just when he’s turned a corner. That said, the road to the playoffs will be much tougher. The element of surprise is gone, plus with Watson, Luck and Mariota in that division, the QB battles will be intense. Truth is, this may have been the Jags best chance to go all the way. We’ll see.

  31. Bortles wasn’t the reason the Jags lost. That was all Marrone. For one, Marrone should’ve known Belichick would make adjustments, and prepared accordingly. For another, when Belichick took away what worked for Bortles in the first half and dared him to beat them with his qb IQ, Marrone or the OC should’ve guided him through it. They didn’t because they themselves had no answers. For Bortles to win that game, he would have had to have Peyton Manning’s ability to read and manipulate defenses and spot the right matchups. He doesn’t. For all the times Belichick beat Manning in the regular season, No. 18 is 3-1 against Belichick and Brady in Championship games. No matter what Belichick threw at Manning, he just kept moving the ball against them. No wonder they both respected him so much! Bortles didn’t fail the Jags. Marrone failed Bortles!

  32. Is the surrounding team in Jacksonville strong enough to win a SB with Bortles? That’s the question, because I don’t think Bortles can take a team on his back and win a SB—when the Patriots scored late in the 4th, I do not think many thought Jacksonville had a chance—is there a QB out there (next year) that you think would have given them a better chance? If so, you make that move. The Jags are a good team no sense in bringing a rookie or unproven in just to make a change—–If it were me I’d try to trade for Eli Manning

  33. 2018. The year we saw a playoff game winning coach lose his job and we might see a qb get axed after playing a mistake free afccg, but marvin lewis and hue Jackson still have jobs.

  34. there is a young quarterback out there who is better than Bortles, but he is wearing a 49er uniform. Drew Brees may be available, and he may be able to take Jacksonville to the Super Bowl and win it. Eli Manning would be another good candidate who can do that and he may be available. Other quarterbacks who may be available includes Alex Smith, but he is not better than Bortles. Since Jacksonville has a good enough defense to win it all, they may think about getting a QB like Brees or Manning, if they are available.

  35. If the Jags have to pay Bortles $20+M to keep him then they may as well go after a high priced top tier QB and not sign Bortles. Kirk Cousins would be a long term fix. If that isn’t in the cards then sign an Eli Manning to a two year deal. Manning reuniting with Tom Coughlin could be a good thing. There is local talk the Jags sign a vet for 2-3 years and move up in the draft to select Baker Mayfield.

  36. Jaguars are just getting started and so are their coaches. They will all learn from this and see what it takes to play like a champion at this level. Gotta go for the throat and not be conservative. Go big or go home. They’re going home this year but look out, this is a ticking time bomb about to go off next season.

  37. If they would build the offense around him . He could be elite running some option plays . He has to be moving all the time. he is not a pocket passer. But his coach wants him to be one.

  38. STOP!

    Bortles cannot throw a spiral. His crossing routes are always LATE. He takes dumb sacks and fumbles during sacks. He can’t throw the long ball or the fade. He doesn’t change up the line call when the defense shifts. He looks desperate and throws into triple coverage. He is HORRIBLE. No rooks. Alex Smith.

  39. I don’t get the Bortles hate. Bortles has been sacked more in 4 years than Ben Roethlisberger has been in the last 6 years. Bortles is a big guy. He’s solid. Give him a better OL and smarter receivers. Sign him long term. He’s Eli Manning minus 12 years.

  40. I read a few of the comments and it’s funny that it seems the tide has turned and Jags fans appear to want him back. I think it’s fools gold. Yeah, he played a ecent game this weekend but did anyone feel he was going to lead a comeback drive? If they keep him I guarantee that next playoff season everyone will still be talking about how the Jaguars are wasting another great season of defense with a QB that just can’t beat the best teams.

    If I’m the Jaguars I can’t take that chance. You have to give this elite defense a competent offense to go with. The window will only be there for so long.

  41. If you think Alex Smith can take the Jaguars any farther than Blake Bortles just did, then you either didn’t watch the AFC championship game or you’ve never seen Alex Smith play. Same for Kirk Cousins to be honest.

  42. Jags fan here. I’ve been praying all year that they would move on from Bortles and make a strong push for Cousins or Smith. That being said, Blake DID NOT lose this game for them. The coaches failed this team miserably!!! They called this game scared. It was pitiful. I can only hope they learn from this epic failure.

  43. It would be just like the Jags to blow up a young-and-coming team by trying to replace a QB who led you to the AFC Championship game and is really the perfect fit for the system they want to run.

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