Broncos getting an up-close look at Josh Allen this week

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The Broncos have drafted a quarterback in each of the past three drafts. It appears they are ready to make it four in four years with yet another this spring.

Broncos General Manager John Elway scouted Josh Allen and Sam Darnold in person. He is getting an even closer look at Wyoming’s Allen and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield at the Senior Bowl this week, with Broncos coaches coaching the North team.

It’s fun to look over there and see a guy with as a great stature as John Elway,” Allen said Monday, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post. “It’s really cool that he went to one of my games. It speaks a lot about what the Denver Broncos are trying to do this offseason. I actually got a chance to speak with them right now. Super good guy, super down to earth and obviously he wants to win. And he’s doing the right thing by being down here and scouting as many players as he can and ultimately he’s going to make the best decision for that franchise.”

Since Peyton Manning retired after the 2015 season, the Broncos have had a revolving door at the position. Trevor Siemian has started 24 games the past two seasons, while Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler have started four each.

Siemian, Lynch and Chad Kelly, who spent his rookie season on injured reserve, are under contract for next season. It isn’t likely they all return.

Allen will try to show the Broncos, as well as other quarterback-needy teams, that he is worthy of a high pick by looking the part of a franchise player this week.

“I want to prove I belong,” Allen said. “I know there’s some skepticism about the type of player I am and where I come from, the University of Wyoming. So getting out here and playing with the best of the best and showing I can make all the throws and understand offenses in the NFL. That’s the main reason I’m here.”

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  1. Let’s see, you drafted a QB from Arizona State, you drafted a QB from Memphis, you drafted a QB from northwestern, all who have been nothing but failures and yet you want to look at yet ANOTHER QB from a mid-level college? Mid level colleges have mid level players, if they were any better they’d be playing for a major college. Elway is clueless

  2. Paxton Lynch started four games. Most HOF QB’s didn’t do well in their first four games. You could draft Josh Allen, look at his first four games, and then cut him too. I don’t think John Elway’s as stupid as some people think he is.

  3. As a Broncos fan, I’m a bit weary of Elway taking a QB so high in the draft. He doesn’t have a good track record developing QBs(Osweiler, Siemian, Lynch). If Allen drops to 5 and Elway drafts him, start him on day 1. No bridge QBs or any kind of training wheels. Build the offensive game plan around the QB, not in spite of him (like with Siemian). Give the kid a long leash, expect growing pains like INTs and bad decisions in the first year, and load up the offense with as many play-makers as possible. Upgrade the O-Line in free agency and get a veteran QB to back him up.

  4. 53%. I think that was my completion rate in Jr High when we were a first year ‘expansion’ team and I was running for my life.

    I can’t see this guy getting taken in the 1st round but he will. There is always someone who thinks they can ‘fix’ one’s major flaw. It’s rare, especially if it’s accuracy. You’re kind of born with it or find a way to grow into it by this stage of the game.

    Measurables are so over rated. Look at Vernon Gholston or Jeff George among a ton of others.

  5. Draft allen so that you can have two of the same quarterback–one skinny one that cannot play and a big one that will soon learn that his skills will not translate into him being a better nfl player than college.

  6. IF I was a GM, considering the crap shoot that is the draft and the dearth of franchise qbs, I would draft a qb in every draft. Not necessarily in the high rounds, but, certainly in the latter rounds. There have been a few late round/udfa qbs who have been great. A lot of first rounders who have been abject failures.

    Maybe that is why I am not a GM. lol

  7. ch1ggs says:
    January 22, 2018 at 9:31 pm
    Why didn’t they keep Sloter? Oh yeah, because Vance Joseph is a moron.
    Stop being a homer. Sloter blows

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