Cardinals announce Steve Wilks is their new head coach

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The signs early on Monday all pointed toward the Cardinals hiring Steve Wilks as their new head coach and the team made it official a little later in the day.

The team announced that Wilks, who was the Panthers’ defensive coordinator, will take over as head coach after interviewing with the team twice in recent weeks. He replaces Bruce Arians, who retired at the end of the 2017 regular season.

While a few hires still need to be officially announced, Wilks’ hiring leaves no vacant head coaching jobs in the league. The Cardinals were also the last to settle on a head coach when they hired Arians in 2013 and that choice led to three straight seasons with at least 10 wins.

Wilks’ hiring got a thumbs up from cornerback Patrick Peterson on Twitter and we’ll likely hear from other Cardinals players in the coming days. One spot where there won’t be a response is quarterback as Carson Palmer has joined Arians in retirement to leave the team with a big hole on offense. They’ll work to fill it this offseason and Wilks’ eventual hire at offensive coordinator will have a lot to do with how things play out once they find Palmer’s replacement with the first team.

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  1. Out of the remaining candidates this should be a good hire. I’ve heard nothing but positive things as far as Wilks. It only being a good coach, but that he’s well respected and a leader.

    The key is who does he bring in as the OC. That hire may be the deciding factor in whether Fitz comes back for another year

  2. I follow pro football quite a bit. The Lions are my team but I watch a lot of games no matter who is playing really, I read a lot articles here and other places and I have to just flat out ask…”Who?” I’ve never heard of this guy.

    Maybe he’ll be next year’s version of the McVay guy in Los Angeles or maybe he’ll be the next Jim Tomsula. My money is on Tomsula!

  3. The NFCW is a division in transition. The Rams are young and dynamic, Niners have found their QB but need to flesh out their team, Cards have a team but need a QB and the Seahawks are in free fall but still have a franchise QB, It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

  4. Problem is, they need to find their next good QB, probably via the draft, and if Wilks doesn’t have a top OC/QB coach, he and the Cards are going to have problems. The offense could go south.

  5. The clear trend is with younger, experienced coaches – likely to set up a dynamic where the Gm has more power.

    Risky move. And like others, I see this as a trap – they’ll be doing this (and likely for GM) two or three years from now.

    Arians had a lot of experience, include HC experience in the college ranks. This guy has a thin resume, potentially a one hit wonder, like the guy in Chicago and the guy in Tennessee

  6. If the priority was hiring a black head coach, why not Harold Goodwin? That would minimize the changes the team would have to undergo, and Goodwin seems like a great guy with a solid history. Cards are not a team that required a major rebuild, they finished middle of the pack despite a series of season ending injuries to some key offensive players.

  7. He was their first choice all along. Great defensive mind. Should take this defense to even higher levels. Top 3?

  8. Keim has to draft better. However, they do have some good pieces in spots. If he can start hitting on his high picks and find a QB, they will be right back in the mix. Palmer has actually been part of the problem the last 2 years.

  9. Whether or not Keim is there long-term, really depends if they find the QB of the future this off season/draft. If not – he’s NFL – not for long. Keenum FA – Alex Smith trade – Cousins FA – Bridgewater FA – not sure if Eagles trade Foles given Wentz coming off significant injury. And plenty to draft from. Probably do both, FA and draft to CYA.

  10. What’s up with these desperate HC hires by these NFL teams? Failed retreads and first-time inexperienced coordinators. All seem to be looking for that diamond-in-the-rough find. I can’t see any of these coaches surviving their contracts. Perhaps the Colts will buck the trend…

  11. DeFilippo at offensive coordinator, Lamar Jackson (or a FA veteran) at QB, and that top 10 defense would make this team into an automatic playoff team.

  12. I know a DC from Carolina might seem like a nobody but he was very popular here amongst players and fans.

    I’ll just add this for Cardinals fans: I hope y’all like blitzing.

  13. He was their first choice all along. Great defensive mind. Should take this defense to even higher levels. Top 3?
    first choice all along? you are kidding, right?

  14. kamthechancellor says:
    January 22, 2018 at 8:44 pm
    And to the guy above saying he was there their first choice all along..yeah, right.>>>>>>

    Yes…you are right! They were actually hoping for Brian Schottenheimer. Too bad Pete scooped up that gem.

  15. sidehatchin says:
    January 22, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    DeFilippo at offensive coordinator, Lamar Jackson (or a FA veteran) at QB, and that top 10 defense would make this team into an automatic playoff team.


    Yes, by all means draft a flash in the pan, Heisman Trophy winner of a running QB…

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