Dick LeBeau won’t be back with Titans

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The Titans hired Mike Vrabel as their new head coach on Saturday and the former Texans defensive coordinator is now working on putting together his coaching staff.

According to multiple reports, it won’t include Dick LeBeau. LeBeau was the team’s defensive coordinator for the last two seasons, but it’s no great surprise that the Titans are moving on given Vrabel’s own defensive background.

A report last week indicated LeBeau, who turned 80 last year, would be “comfortable” retiring if the Titans’ new head coach didn’t keep him on the staff. If that’s the case, LeBeau will be calling an end to a career as an NFL player and coach that has lasted 59 years.

He played for the Lions from 1959-1972 and went right into coaching with the Eagles the next year. He had long stints with the Bengals and Steelers before becoming the Bengals head coach in 2000. He lasted three years in that job and eventually headed back to Pittsburgh to run a defense for 11 years.

LeBeau was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010 and will also be remembered as a coach for innovating the zone blitz as a defensive coordinator.

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  1. This man is one of he greatest defensive minds in the game. He deserves another ring before he retires so I hope he signs with the Patriots next year as we begin our push for #7.

    #6ringsdeep #needtwohands

  2. Come to Detroit! End your career where it started!

    Yes, I know Patricia is coming in and we’re all excited (although that should be very measured). But let’s surround him with a great support system and experienced guys. Was really hoping we could get Del Rio to come in and be DC. LeBeau can coach a defense. And those defenses can be dynamic. Let’s build the brain trust.

    I’d also accept Bruce Arians as Assistant HC/Offense/Press Conferences. JBC is here to stay as OC (good call here) but Arians was a successful HC and will actually do good, honest pressers. Something we haven’t had in awhile.

  3. Coach LeBeau will retire as an NFL legend as both coach and player who lived and breathed football for 60+ years, from high school through age 80. Good luck to him in whatever he does, but I bet he still hangs around football fields somewhere though. It’s who he is and has always been.

  4. #6ringsdeep #needtwohands #abrain#and a heart.

    Coach Lê Beau is already a legend beloved by fans in several cities he would never put the stain of a Cheatingfranchise by his name.

  5. steelcurtainn says:
    January 22, 2018 at 11:44 am
    It hasn’t been the same since he left the burg. Could sure use him back in the Steeltown.


    Some Steelers fans absolutely kill me with their selective memory. Yes, it hasn’t been the same since he left the ‘burgh, the defense has gotten a lot better! In Lebeau’s last few years here, the defense was atrocious. It’s improved every year since he left to the tune of 5th in the league in total defense and first in the league in sacks. Everyone was calling for his head his last year in Pittsburgh and now one playoff loss and some of you numb skulls want him back, like Lebeau’s defenses didn’t lay any of their own eggs in the playoffs. The Steelers D is on the right trajectory, getting better every year with young players that never would’ve seen the field under Lebeau.

  6. I just went through this same situaion as a Broncos fan. It didn’t go well. The Broncos hired Vance Joseph, who in all of his defensive wisdom, decided he didn’t want/need Wade Phillips around. The Broncos promoted Joe Woods and he and Joseph took over a top 5 defense. Denver went 5-11 and the defense gave up more big plays last season than in the previous 2 years with Wade. Phillips went to the Rams and they went 13-3 with a solid defense that will continue to improve under his coaching. Hopefully it works out better for the Titans than it did for Denver.

  7. Well… I’m the loner here, I guess.

    First and FOREMOST – Dick Le Beau is one of the greatest defensive minds of the past 30 years. I don’t dispute that and I give him the accolades he deserves.

    That said, today in 2018, Le Beau’s scheme is tired and way over the hill. I don’t know that he is but the game has moved on.

  8. The Steelers D is on the right trajectory, getting better every year with young players that never would’ve seen the field under Lebeau.
    No memory’s fine. I agree with your post. Steelers D is getting better, Statistically they are but it sure didn’t show vs the jags when we needed it the most. I’m just saying as a Steeler fan, miss the old days of Dick Lebeau and the dominant Steelers D. Hope they can get that back in the Steelcity. IMO they still need a couple more dominant defensive players. A playmaker on the D, as polamalu was.

  9. LeBeau entered the Hall as a player for the Lions. I don’t know whether coordinators can be considered for Hall of Fame induction, but if so, he should be included for his contributions to the game as a defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach. Variations on the zone blitz schemes he developed while DB coach under Dom Capers at Pittsburgh in the 1990s are still used throughout the league. As a Steelers fan, I’ll always love Coach LeBeau, and forever be grateful for the many years he spent with our team. At 80, his time coaching on the sidelines is likely over, but his knowledge could be put to use in other ways that might help make upcoming players better and safer. I wish him health and happiness in the future.

  10. As a Bengals fan, I still love the guy even though he spent a long time with the enemy. He invented the zone blitz as Bengals DC, and his defense helped lead the Bengals to the SB. Plus I’ve never heard a bad word about the guy. For someone who spent 6+ decades around the NFL, that’s impressive. I wish him well whatever he decides to do.

  11. Mr. Lebeau deserves our respect, but unfortunately his beloved zone blitz schemes haven’t worked in the NFL since about 2008.

    In recent years the Titans/Steelers have been routinely torched in big games, both by stars like Tom Brady, but also less accomplished QBs like Blake Bortles.

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