Matt Patricia enjoys his final home game with the Patriots

Getty Images

The stadium finally cleared two hours after the Patriots’ victory, with only a handful of people milling about the field. In the quiet, Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia laid down in the confetti on the 50-yard line as one of his sons climbed on his stomach.

“He hasn’t really been to a lot of games. He’s been to two. So that was kind of his second game, and he wanted to go play in the field, so we played a good game of touch football,” Patricia said Monday, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “He beat me 4-0 so he kind of outran me there a little bit and made some good plays on me. I couldn’t catch him.”

Although he didn’t come right out and say it, Patricia also was basking in his final game at Gillette Stadium as defensive coordinator of the Patriots. The Lions will name him as their head coach following the Super Bowl.

Patricia’s wife, Raina, joined him and their son on the field as the coach said good-bye.

“Just fun to have him out there running around and just seeing the excitement that he had to be out on the field, that’s always just kind of a special little moment for myself and him and my wife,” said Patricia, who has two sons and a daughter.