Report: Browns hire Todd Haley

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The deal is done: The Browns have hired Todd Haley as their offensive coordinator, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Haley, 50, is expected to call plays under Hue Jackson, who doubled as the play-caller his first two seasons. Haley likely gets a rookie quarterback to coach, with the Browns expected to use the No. 1 overall pick on one.

The former head coach of the Chiefs ran one of the most explosive offensives in the NFL the past four seasons. But the Steelers did not renew his contract after their 45-42 loss to the Jaguars in the divisional round.

Haley has his work cut out for him with the Browns. They ranked 24th in total offense, 22nd in passing offense and 32nd in scoring.

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  1. I am apparently in the minority as a Pittsburgh fan but I thought Haley did an excellent job and I was upset that they didn’t renew his contract.
    Cleveland got a good coach.
    Just remember Cleveland, even with all the talent Pittsburgh had on offense, Haley’s system didn’t really take off until the third year. Their is a learning curve and you will have to be patient for a couple more years before everything comes to together and the Browns are competitive again.

  2. Gonna punk the Steelers for making him a scapegoat…gonna be a long year for 7…talk of retirement…outbursts by 26 and 84…lots of fist pumps from the man in charge during the 6 games they win

  3. Whoever is going to be the Browns starting QB still needs some receivers to throw too. Boggles the mind why Ray Farmer never drafted any big play receivers? The jury is still out on Corey Coleman. Josh Gordon? How can anybody count on Gordon? What really boggles the mind is Ray Farmer was an NFL GM.

  4. Haley had a great offense in Pittsburgh. Odds are Pitt takes a step back since they hovered around the top stat wise offensivly under Haley. I like the move CLE!!

  5. The Steelers are going to pay for this mistake. Burned out Tomlin was the one to dump. He needs some time off to gather himself, as he’s good when he’s all there.

  6. If and when Cleveland gets some QUALITY receiving options… the team will become dangerous with Hue Jackson//todd haley.

    Low character todd haley turned pittsburgh into an offensive team.

  7. I think this is a good hire for the Browns. As fast as he signed with the Browns makes you wander if a revenge factor is partly responsible. I wish him luck! I think the steelers made a huge mistake letting him go.

  8. whenwilliteverend says:
    January 22, 2018 at 8:48 pm
    He’s been a loser everywhere he’s been so it’s natural the Browns would want him.

    13-3 in Pitts….ya, loser.

  9. This guy is good. He was calling plays to generate points with only 3 players. Brown, Bell, and Big Ben. I do not see the Steelers offense getting any better after letting a guy like this go.

  10. Haley is obviously very talented. If he wasn’t his bar escapades would have done him in. The Browns have nothing to lose.

    I think the Dawg Pound will have a Gofundme page for Haley to use Uber.

  11. He’s inheriting an offense with three major playmakers (Josh Gordon, Duke Johnson and David Njoku or as people who don’t watch the Browns call it “no receivers”) will probably be gaining Terrelle Pryor back in the offseason and more likely than not won’t have to start a rookie QB as many are pointing at the Browns going all in on trading for Alex Smith or McCarron again so whomever they draft can red shirt.

    It’s arguable that young and not ready QB was the reason they were 0-16 and not 8-8 since they were one of the best offenses in the league up until they got to the red zone and would immediately turn over the ball. They easily would have been in the top 20 if Gordon played the whole season.

  12. Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!! Well, I guess that guarantees a victory for the Jaguars next time they play the Browns.

    What a Browns thing to do. I’m so sorry Cleveland.

  13. Only thrilled in that Hue will actually be handing over the play-calling. Fingers crossed that it was a great hire and happy that it was, at least, an improvement.

  14. 19 turn overs in the red zone.I’m sorry to say, but after about the 4th one, I blame the play calling, not the player. I guarantee you, if anyone else was play calling, we would have led the league in field goals after week 5. Run,Run, Run, kick.

  15. bartpkelly says:
    January 22, 2018 at 9:22 pm
    scored 42 points against the Jaguar defense…and gets fired…

    Bro if you saw EVERY Steeler gm the last 6 yrs Haley was here, you would know why he is gone. They stunk in the redzone every yr due to his predictaability, his in-game prep was AWFul (last 2 plays vs NE were his idea), and Ben HATED him. The Steelers scored 42 vs Jags because Ben threw out Haleys game plan in the second half.

  16. Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!! Well, I guess that guarantees a victory for the Jaguars next time they play the Browns.

    What a Browns thing to do. I’m so sorry Cleveland.
    Didn’t Pittsburgh drop 42 points on Jacksonville? I’m not making any judgement on the “victory” statement when he’s with the Browns, but I doubt the OC has much to do with a 45-42 loss.

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