What should the Eagles do with Nick Foles?

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The Eagles turned a $4 million investment in a backup quarterback into a Super Bowl berth. Unlike the one-year deal that the Vikings signed with backup-turned-starter Case Keenum, the Eagles signed Foles to a two-year deal (technically, five; actually, two). For another $4 million in salary, a $3 million roster bonus, and a total cap charge of $7.6 million, the Eagles can keep Foles as insurance behind Carson Wentz for a second season.

Some have suggested that the Eagles actually have a quarterback controversy heading into the 2018 season, which is ludicrous. It’s the opposite of ludicrous to have a viable alternative behind Wentz, given Wentz’s propensity for playing with reckless abandon — a propensity that likely won’t subside based on one measly torn ACL.

So what will the Eagles do? The smart move will to keep Foles around for another year. The shrewd move could be to try to trade him, the same way that the Eagles under Andy Reid flipped quarterbacks like Kevin Kolb and A.J. Feeley.

But Foles, based on his travels beyond Philadelphia, knows the grass isn’t any greener elsewhere. He should want to stay with the Eagles, at least for another year. Come 2019 when he’s free and clear and able to sign with any other team, maybe the right opportunity opens up elsewhere. Until it does, his best opportunity will be to remain with the Eagles.

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  1. All of a sudden there is a looming QB controversy? It was just a few days ago the world was calling nick the teams weakest link, saying we couldnt do anything with him… said how much better Keenum was compared to Nick etc etc etc…. Just wow.

  2. If Foles were to win the Super Bowl just imagine the pressure on Wentz next season. To say it’s ludicrous for them to have a quarterback controversy is in itself ludicrous. Hell, you’ll be writing articles on the controversy. Matter of fact, you’ll probably swamp the site with them.

  3. Sending Foles elsewhere would be a major mistake. He has proven his value as a back up. Any team would be very lucky to have such a competent back up quarterback.

  4. Absolutely keep him. He’s not making big money and you never know if you’ll need him again. Besides, you’re not going to get much for him anyway.

  5. Just keep paying him $5,500,000 (as long as the team is winning).

    When the team starts losing… unload him for a fortune.

    Foles >>> jimmy garoppolo

  6. Beat him up like iggles fans would do to visitors. Worse fans of all time. Mn fans should beat up iggles fans for fun when they cone to mn.

  7. Beat him up like iggles fans would do to visitors. Worse fans of all time. Mn fans should beat up iggles fans for fun when they come to mn.

  8. He’ll be in Philly next year, but I could definitely see him leaving for a huge contract the following year. Dude has already earned it.

  9. Packers are on line one.

    Huntley has proven to not be the answer. Trade him to the Pack for a few draft picks. He would be a perfect fit, therefore the Pack will sit on their collective hand when opportunity is knocking on the door.

  10. “It’ll be interesting to see what happens if he lights it up in the SB”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    It’ll be interesting to read the penalty disparity in the box score
    the day after the super bowl (the “super” bowl that I won’t be watching).

  11. Foles played Amazing yesterday, but to try to say there would be a Qb contraversey is beyond absurd.
    Carson is this teams Bright future. If Foles wins the super bowl, that would be fantastic, and would be a legend in Philly. But foles knows this is Carson’s team.
    The Eagles could trade him for a pick or two.

  12. Go back and check out Carson Wentz’s first 13 games of this year, then ask who is the starting QB next year. I really like Nicky Foles, but the team doesn’t get to 13-3 if he and not Wentz was the starter Day 1.

  13. I’ll admit, I expected the Vikes to run away with the game. Foles surprised me.

    2 more weeks of those creepy dog masks. Forget the horrors of the Pats potentially winning another Super Bowl. I haven’t slept since the divisional round

  14. Nick Foles can’t stay in Philadelphia. He is NOT going to want to lose a chance to possibly make a LOT more money because some team will overpay for him. You never know what people will think of him in 2019. Flip him to Denver, get that pick, and move on. Arizona also make want to pick up the phone and offer an extension as soon as he gets there. A lot better than when they tried to do it with a 36 year old Carson Palmer.

  15. Whatever they do, someone should go back and review how the Giants mishandled the situation when Jeff Hostetler stepped in for Phil Sims.

  16. So just because Foles cashed in on a handful of wide open deep receivers for scores in a playoff blowout (in which the opposing defense was clearly already reeling), suddenly he’s a hot commodity? Please. He is what he is, which is a nice backup QB. As we have seen this year, a team with other good pieces on it can survive with him at the helm, and at his price that’s nice to have. Forget the trade route; the league knows exactly what he is, so nobody is going to rush to overpay for a non-starter.

  17. well the first step would be to let him play the super bowl

    because if the eagles get blown out, then all of this conjecture is a waste of time

  18. CodyBAWLS says:
    Philly fans are the worst, Ben Franklin was Fat,The Liberty Bell has a crack,Soft Pretzels are overrated, The Constitution is just a bunch of words, Rocky couldn’t fight, Betsy Ross was a lousy seemstress.

    What he really means:
    The Eagles exposed my team as being nothing more than hype and mirrors.

  19. Here’s what will happen, Nick will stay since Doug was the only coach out there to visit him in College, and the birds are the only team that offered him a job.

    The media will spin this into a nonexistent story for hits on the site.

    Codylaws will unfortunately continue to post mind numbing statements.

  20. Depends if he wins or not. If he doesnt but plays well and a team offers a high draft pick like a First or a 2nd and a 4th you trade him. If its just a 3rd u keep him.

    If he wins the superbowl you let him decide. Even if a team offers 2 firsts I would like Howie to go to Nick and say I got a question to ask you, would you rather stay here and be Wentz unquestioned backup or be traded to this team that wants you as there starter, I know you came back here bc u wanted to be an Eagle when you had a chance to go to different teams and maybe earn the starters role so I wont force you to go. You won us a superbowl and that means something here. Its up to you. The compensation doesnt matter, we will support you in whatever decision you make.

  21. Hold up….Foles hasn’t proven anything. He beat Falcons who were not that great this season in PHILLY and beat Case Keenum in Philly…Lets see how Foles does when they are out of philly and does not have that defense fired up because they are at home..
    I think the worst team got into the Superbowl in NFC….Teams that should be on and COULD beat Pats are Saints, Falcons and even Vikings but Keenum and defense got shell shocked…..I have a bad feeling this is going to be a blow out SB and the cheaters win another one

  22. BTW AFC playoff picture was even EASIER for Patriots.. They played Titans who are TERRIBLE (THEY EVEN FIRED THEIR HEAD COACH) Because even they knew the win against KC was a fluke and then they played Blake Bortles with an OVER RATED defense who plays in that terrible division. Fans of NFL got robbed. Pats should of had to play Chiefs and Steelers…
    It was just an off year for football due to protest. Next year your going to see Cowboys and Raiders back at that best teams in NFL again. BOOKMARK IT

  23. After the Patriots destroy the Eagles and Foles in the Super Bowl his trade value will by nothing so they may as well just keep him for another year for when Wentz gets hurt again.

  24. There are 5 first round rookie QB’s and at least 3 other “under the radar” guys that various teams will see as their future. Plus, 1, maybe 2 QB’s coming free from MN, and some combination of Eli, Cousins, Smith, Brees, and….

    How do so many forget Foles already had his Mitchell/Flynn/Osweiller payday?

    Really, Gasrrapollo goes for one pick and Foles is going to cost multiple picks? to Green Bay, to be a back up? Or anyone is going to want him as their future and not one of the 8 rookies.
    He will be a well paid journeyman back up. Its not a bad role to have.

  25. Michael E says:
    January 22, 2018 at 8:21 pm
    If Foles were to win the Super Bowl just imagine the pressure on Wentz next season. To say it’s ludicrous for them to have a quarterback controversy is in itself ludicrous. Hell, you’ll be writing articles on the controversy. Matter of fact, you’ll probably swamp the site with them.

    Any person with half a brain know Wentz is the far superior qb

  26. Lol.. Please stop with the controversy. There is none. Wentz is in his own league. Eagles should keep Foles though, he is a great guy to have as a backup. Unless someone offers something you cannot refuse, keep him.

  27. codylaws says:
    January 22, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    Waaa, Waaaaa, Waaaaaa My team got destroyed, so now all I have left is to bash Philly fans. LOL.

  28. I would say he would take a hometown discount to finish his career as Wentz’s backup. He was so miserable in STL he almost retired. I don’t think he’d try to force a move just to get more money.

  29. codylaws says:
    January 22, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    Beat him up like iggles fans would do to visitors. Worse fans of all time. Mn fans should beat up iggles fans for fun when they come to mn.

    Pats fans would rather be playing almost anywhere else. Happy to be squaring off against Philly though, at least their fans understand the game. 2 weeks of you whiny purples would have us vomiting. Philly or Boston could send a Girl Scout troop out there and they’d be running things in a week while you hid under your bed.

  30. I dont really see Foles going anywhere unless a team offers a 1st and 3/4th for him, its a team that is on the brink. Foles was ready to retire, but chose to come back to Philly where his career started. The team will console him if offers are on the table and allow him to take any offer or stay with the team. Yes, its a business but the team does take care of its players who do well.

    Arizona or Denver would realistically be the only place I see him going. They are both decent teams in need, but his family and his life was built in and around PA.

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