Agent: Jadeveon Clowney wants extension

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Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney entered the league as the first overall pick in the draft four years ago. As he enters the option year of his rookie deal, he wants his second contract.

“He and I have been talking about it,” agent Bus Cook told Mark Berman of FOX26 in Houston. “He would like to get it done. It’s real important to him, so he can focus just on football. With [General Manager] Brian Gaine being there now, it’s achievable.”

That could be interpreted as an indication that former Texans G.M. Rick Smith wanted to force Clowney to play out his option year.

“He’s as good as anybody out there, better than most,” Cook added. “They would be well-advised to keep him around, sign him to a long-term deal.”

Clowney has definitely earned it. Seven years ago, the NFL implemented a strict rookie wage scale, aimed at ensuring that highly-drafted busts don’t suck millions out of the system without earning it. The problem is that the new system leaves it to the teams to decide whether to reward players who don’t become busts.

For Clowney, who has earned his second payday, it’s time for him to get it. (J.J. Watt got his after only three seasons.) And it should be easy to structure a Clowney deal. With $13.486 million due in 2018 and, at a minimum, a 20-percent raise to $16.1 million for 2019 under the franchise tag, Clowney should get at least $29.66 million fully guaranteed at signing to cover the first two years of the deal. With another $19.32 million for 2020 under a second tag, that’s nearly $50 million fully guaranteed at signing for Clowney, covering three years.

He may want — and deserve — more. But his leverage isn’t driven by the open market, since he’s at least three years away from it, if the Texans tag him only twice. (A third franchise tag would exceed $27 million for 2021.) The ultimate question is whether the long-term deal will simulate his next three years of expected compensation, or whether the Texans will overshoot it.

For Clowney, the only alternative is to take a year-to-year approach, making $13.486 million this year and then $16.1 million and then $19.32 million before becoming a free agent, seven years into his career and at the age of 28. If he’s willing to assume the injury risk, that could end up being the better approach — unless the Texans are willing to fully guarantee at least the value of the next three years before the start of the next one.

12 responses to “Agent: Jadeveon Clowney wants extension

  1. Go Clowney, get that money, and guaranteed. You can worry about going on IR and being ripped by fans later. Still, a tough player to stop. Texans would do well to keep Clowney and Watts healthy even if only for 1 year.

  2. Give the beast his money! 2 pro bowls in a row now. Started off rough dealing with those injuries but he is healthy now and developing nicely. Still very young and has not even hit his prime yet! Lock him up now he will still be there once Watt is long gone due to his age.

  3. Glorious you always use several years of the tag as a contract starting point. This is poor to expect, as the tag insulates the team in case there’s a major injury, or a precipitous drop in performance. To give him every penny and more while looking 3+ years into the future, takes away the year to year contract year game that is the tag.

  4. For Clowney, who has earned his second payday, it’s time for him to get it. (J.J. Watt got his after only three seasons.)

    Watt had 37 sacks after three seasons, while Clowney has 20 sacks after 4 seasons. So that really isn’t helping your argument.

  5. He deserves it based on his play. He also deserves someone to speak for him based on his choice of words.

  6. Now that he’s played a number of games in a row without getting injured, he wants a new deal.

    What about all those games you missed while being paid handsomely?

    Watch, the clown will get his big payday and then go off injured forever.

  7. This Guy is a turd. One good (not great) year and is asking for all pro money.

    Another Mario Williams. Good seasons from time to time and is expecting todo be paid like reggie White.

    I dont agree with the tags, especially being able yo tag them 3 years in a row but this kind of players deserves It.

    You havent played like terrell suggs nor khalil but you want to break the bank.

    Play like the first overall pick you were before open your dirty mouth.

  8. He’s played like the No. 1 pick whenever he hasn’t been injured. The two Pro Bowls and numbers speak for themselves. He’s played out of position in two of those seasons, so to compare his sack numbers to 4-3 edge rushers and JJ Watt is legitimately crazy because he’s had to play in coverage way more than any of them. His versatility alone should score him a big pay day. Don’t play on the tag, not worth the risk.

  9. He deserves the money, and I would like to see him part of the team long-term. Watt and Clowney on defense, Hopkins and Watson on offense, that’s who you build this team around.

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