Alberto Riveron will remain officiating head in 2018

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The NFL won’t be making another change at the top of the officiating department this season.

Alberto Riveron’s first year as the senior vice president of officiating was a rocky one at times, but Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league has confirmed that he will remain in the job for the 2018 season. Riveron replaced Dean Blandino, who left the post for a job with FOX Sports.

Much of the criticism of Riveron’s work came from the way he and the rest of the New York-based staff handled replay reviews during the 2017 season. There were several calls that appeared to move the bar for reversing a call away from the “clear and obvious” standard for judging mistakes that had been in use for many years.

There have also been calls for more transparency from Riveron when it comes to explaining officiating decisions via the league’s weekly officiating video. If that changes in 2018, it will happen under Riveron’s watch.

19 responses to “Alberto Riveron will remain officiating head in 2018

  1. Riveron might wanna take a look at the job Tripplette did in the Chiefs playoff game. Figure out how that kind of officiating can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN IN AN NFL GAME

  2. The very nature of the job makes whoever has it a human piñata that’s in a no win situation. It’s no wonder Blindino headed for the hills at the earliest opportunity. Now he and Perreira both sit in the peanut gallery urinating on every decision. I hate replay review in general because of the time element but if they are going to have it then I for one am all in favor of putting the play fully under the microscope and getting it right, either that or just get rid of it altogether. Of course that won’t happen because the networks will be beaming out every angle of every play in super slo-mo hi’def pointing out how officiating sucks.

  3. Sweet, now we have another 3 volumes of The Art of the Catch to look forward to. By the time Goodell and Riveron are gone, there will be more words about what a catch is than the ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ series even IF Martin finishes it.

  4. Peter Principle guy. Goodell like Mike Brown in Cincy and Haslem in Cleveland cant fire a Black guy as it isn’t P.C.
    Yet NFL lets players Kneel during the National Anthem yet refuse a Vetran’s Organiztion request to place an ad in the SB program saying #Stand for the Anthem!!

    Hypocritical double standard Liberals.

    Liberalism decays everything it touches.

    Yes some of the Playoff games were exciting and cause us to remember why so many millions of us loved the game. I’ve watched for 60 years
    but not much any more.

    But Park Avenue sowed the seeds of ruining the game that grew into a Billion Dollar business. Now they continue to water it with more
    politics which will continue to lose customers.

    I won’t buy anything advertised on the SB or any NFL gear ever.

  5. The NFL has once again proven it is tone deaf to its outraged customers (fans) by leaving a micromanager in a post that he has proven he cannot handle. Riveron continued to substitute his judgment and overturn calls that were not clearly erroneous, befuddling the public and enraging fans. Perhaps the bloated staff of the NFL that now exceeds 2000 and costs each team $11 – $20 million per year (in 2008 it was $5.2 million). Perhaps paying Blandino to return was too expensive but the loss of credibility of 345 Park Avenue is doing far more damage than a small additional contribution by each team.

  6. dx2nc says:
    January 23, 2018 at 2:37 pm
    Seriously? Great move NFL. Riveron had a huge impact on the season. Unfortunately it was all negative.

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    Translation: I want Goodell to cheat during the game to cheat the Pats from what the rule states.

  7. commentawaitingdeletion says:
    January 23, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    The very nature of the job makes whoever has it a human piñata that’s in a no win situation.

    Then they should probably take a look at their job performance. This sort of thing seems to work okay in college games, but when you have a guy overturn nearly every spectacular catch and touchdown, it takes all of the excitement out of the game.

  8. Before we get too far into the comments, Blandino was every bit as bad as Riveron, which makes his constant criticism of Riveron even more laughable.

  9. Those who say we should accept poor performance because it’s a tough job and the last two guys were terrible are part of the problem.

    The NFL is following the same formula of the corporate infotainment media. They embrace the controversy because it engages the casual fan.

  10. Once again we see a blown call by the NFL keeping incompetent official Riveron, yep “protect the shield”

    This makes as much sense as the pass rule explanations and “getting the call right”

    Mr Roger Failure, put integrity back into the game by dropping the smoke and mirrors that gives the NFL poor press and start holding these officials accountable.

    Fire, Fine, Suspend these clowns who fail and put some integrity back in the game.

    Really how long was Triplett and many others allowed to stay past their ability and usefulness, 5, 8 10 years of bad officiating is inexcusable

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