Colin Kaepernick among finalists for NFLPA Community MVP award


The NFLPA announced its five finalists for the Byron “Whizzer” White Community MVP award, four of whom played in the league this year.

The union named Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Eagles defensive end Chris Long, Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, and unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick as finalists for their work to perform community service.

The winner will be determined by voting of players, and will be announced next Thursday.  The winner will receive a $100,000 donation for the foundation or charity of their choice. Each finalist will get a $10,000 donation.

Dalton and his wife have worked with families of seriously ill and physically challenged children in Cincinnati, and hosted a fundraiser for his foundation at Paul Brown Stadium.

Long donated his entire annual salary to fund educational initiatives, beginning in his old hometown of Charlottesville, Va., after this summer’s protests.

Miller has worked to provide glasses to low-income youth in Denver.

Watt spearheaded fundraising efforts in Houston after Hurricane Harvey which raised over $37 million

Despite being without a team or income, Kaepernick donated $1 million to organizations in underserved and oppressed communities.

45 responses to “Colin Kaepernick among finalists for NFLPA Community MVP award

  1. Despite being paid $40 million dollars over the previous 3 seasons during which he was frequently unavailable for work, and often seemed unwilling to work,(11 wins in 3 years) Squid donated $1 million tax deductible dollars to charity. Carve his ugly head on Mt. Rushmore.

  2. If Watt doesn’t get the award then it is a sham. He helped raise a crazy amount of money for Houston and donated over a million of his own.

  3. Makes no sense. Ratings decline backlash. Don’t care if you agree with ck you know the guy adopted by a well to do couple and raised with a silver spoon sub par qb or not. This just not good move. Why on earth would you risk costing this league more money which directly affects contracts of people in the league to make a statement. And more so how can they claim they are there to help players if your action has potential to drive away fans and revenue that would directly hurt the players. Everyone needs a reality check. Keep this stuff at fox and CNN and away from football please while you still have a majority of fans in tact

  4. JJ Watt raised more dollars for charity but Kap donated more of his money, since he is not even receiving a salary. Chris Long donated his salary but it does not make a dent in his net worth. Nevertheless, Kap is no longer an NFL player so players who vote may take that into account.

  5. I would have voted for Bill Gates for the award. He donated 64m shares of Microsoft to an unnamed charity (more than likely the charity he set up working for global healthcare among other things) that is worth about 4.6 billion $s.

  6. Funny. Some think Kaepernick sacrificed to make a stand. Actually, he thought he would still be in demand regardless of his anti American stance. He figured wrong. He simply isn’t good enough to offset the distraction he would cause as a back up player on a teams roster.

    Anyway, Watt better win. He deserves it.

  7. Nonetheless, I don’t think there’s anyone more deserving than Kap. Not even the amount of money he spent, but the number of different charities he’s been involved with is outstanding. If you research the work he’s done while trying to keep it private, it’s really astounding. A real hero is someone who not only donates their money but someone who takes the time to cultivate relationships with those he’s looking to help. Hope Kaepernick wins.

  8. And I know, people will ridicule me for saying people don’t know what Watt did with the money. However, I’m a resident of Houston and the situation is a bit peculiar.

  9. If former players are eligible then I am surprised Jim Brown wasn’t nominated for all the work he does to help at-risk youth.

  10. stexan says:

    1. He’s probably still a member of the NFLPA.

    No he’s not. He’s not paying union dues.

  11. I can’t imagine anyone but Watts winning this award. But Kaepernick? I can’t imagine anyone less representative of what is good, and pure in a humanitarian sense. I think it shameful he’s even a candidate. But, I suppose this is just another symptom of the melting down of the NFL.

  12. weird, I thought only players could win NFL awards. I would like to turn in my application for this award. Im an unemployed QB too.

  13. The people on here that do not understand the good that came out of kneeling seem to also not understand the good of social justice.

  14. “JJ Watt raised more dollars for charity but Kap donated more of his money, since he is not even receiving a salary. Chris Long donated his salary but it does not make a dent in his net worth. Nevertheless, Kap is no longer an NFL player so players who vote may take that into account.”

    But doesn’t Squidward get royalties from Spongebob Squarepants reruns?

  15. As someone who lives in Houston, I saw the devastation first hand. I saw people air lifted from their homes, taking away from the front door on jet skis and boats. I also saw Watt, delivering needed supplies himself. Unloading truck after truck, he was here, he was sweating for those effected. More than the 37m he raised, he raised up everyone around here on his back.

    If he doesn’t win then the award means something other than what it states.

  16. Because this is purely a players vote I guess we’ll see how they feel about Kap. My guess is he’s viewed more favorable by them than most NFL fans.

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