Former linebacker Monty Grow on trial for healthcare fraud


We already suspected Monty Grow might not be the best caretaker — since he was arrested for leaving a 3-year-old in a car in a strip-club parking lot in 2013.

But now, the former Chiefs and Jaguars linebacker is on trial for medical fraud, after he was charged with swindling $20 million from a federal healthcare program for military service members and veterans.

According to Jay Weaver of the Miami Herald, Grow’s federal trial began Monday on conspiracy and fraud charges.

Prosecutors say Grow paid kickbacks to get patients and referrals to a Florida pharmacy which was paid $40 million in government money for pain and scar medications.

“This is a case about a man who lied and cheated to get a bunch of money he didn’t deserve,” prosecutor Kevin Larsen told the jury during opening statements. “Mr. Grow came up with a pyramid scheme of kickbacks to induce these TRICARE beneficiaries to order expensive drugs they really didn’t need.”

Grow’s attorneys contend that he’s a lawful businessman, whose wealth has been distorted by prosecutors.

“He did not set up a pyramid scheme,” defense attorney Daniel Rasbaum said. “He set up a multilevel marketing team, similar to Amway, Herbal Life and Mary Kay.”

One of Grow’s business associates has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.