Joe Thomas endorses Browns’ decision to retain Hue Jackson

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In what ranks as the best endorsement Hue Jackson ever will receive, Joe Thomas wrote his endorsement of the Browns’ move to retain their head coach. Jackson should print it out and frame it.

Thomas wrote a Sports Illustrated column stating his case.

“I’m glad that the Browns, a team I’ve proudly spent my entire pro career with, decided to retain Hue Jackson as head coach after two awful seasons in the standings,” Thomas wrote. “It wouldn’t be fair to judge Hue based on his record after just two seasons because few NFL teams have put themselves at such a disadvantage in order to save assets and focus on winning three or four years down the road.

“. . . As the head coach, Hue was expected to hold the team together, develop players and get them to play hard when everyone in the building knew the front office put us in the best position to lose. It’s hard to split hairs on that comment.”

Thomas, who has spent 11 seasons in Cleveland, praised management for not caving to media and public pressure to fire Jackson in light of the coach’s comment that no one “else could’ve done this job for the past two years.”

“He took a lot of heat for it because it was perceived he was talking about the record,” Thomas wrote. “But he was talking about the way this team fought to the end, the way the players prepared and went out and played with as much passion and toughness and intensity as they did. There was nothing on the line; there was no reason to do it. But they still gave their best effort to the last play.”

Thomas ended his column by giving the Browns a fighting chance of making the postseason in 2018 given new General Manager John Dorsey has salary-cap space and high draft picks to use.

“We have more than $100 million in cap space; we could sign three Kirk Cousins if we wanted to,” Thomas wrote. “We could legitimately add three Hall of Fame players in free agency if they’re out there. We have an upcoming No. 1 pick who could transform the roster by himself. You throw an experienced quarterback in the mix and there’s nothing that says the Browns can’t make the playoffs next year.”

Thomas is good at more than just football. When he retires, Thomas will have a media job — or jobs — waiting for him with outlets fighting for his services.

26 responses to “Joe Thomas endorses Browns’ decision to retain Hue Jackson

  1. This dude is absolutely clueless. I lost a lot of respect for Joe Thomas after reading this. Dude… you are a moron. Hue Jackson has won one game in two years … he is statistically the worst coach in the history of the NFL. The browns did not have the worst roster in the nfl last year… close, but not the worst.

    Clueless in Cleveland. When your best player is this lost it explains a lot!

  2. So if everyone gave 100% effort then there truly is zero talent in Cleveland or Hue Jackson truly sucks that bad (or a combination of the two).

    At any rate, change is required in Cleveland to move forwards.

  3. I don’t like Jackson, but the same people calling for him to be fired would be the same people bashing the Browns for firing coaches every 1-2 years.

  4. Typical clueless Browns fans. Is he a great coach? No. But with a gutted team no QB, WRs secondary or an OC no coach would’ve won more than 3 games tops. You can’t keep cleaning house every freaking year. The players need consistency and who better than Joe Thomas to explain that in a way that even the dopiest fans can understand. Guess what dimwits? Joe Thomas knows more about football than you ever will!!
    Well some of the fans can understand. cobrala2 and canadian52niner don’t seem to bright but I’m sure if the Browns go 8-8 this year they will pretend like they supported Hue all along. And continue to be the clueless FRONTRUNNERS that they have always been just like half of the commenters on these sites.

  5. Bash the team- youre disloyal, a jerk, whatever else.
    Be loyal and supportive- youre stupid, crazy

    Welcome the message boards.

    I salute Joe Thomas for not just taking a paycheck, but for playing every play, supporting the team he is on, and being a good teammate. You fools can bash it.

  6. Joe Thomas might be the world’s best person. Everyone loves him. Who knows? I do know one thing. Joe Thomas knows nothing about winning football franchises in the NFL and he might be the last person anyone goes to for advice. Nice guys finish L….

  7. One win in two years falls under the category of..Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again. If you are telling me everyone prepared, played their hearts out, mustered one win in two years, and you’re happy with the status quo…you, clearly, are drunk on the Kool-aid.

  8. How many weeks will Hue go winless next season before these guys can no longer throw Sashi Brown under the bus? Todd Haley is going to be the interim coach by Thanksgiving and Joe will be collecting retirement from the fishing boat and Browns fans will be left with continued misery.

  9. I didn’t think the Browns should’e fired Chudzinski. Never really gave him a chance. I didn’t like some of Pettine’s decisions, but I didn’t think they should’ve fired him either, especially given their history of firing coaches after 1 or 2 years. When they hired Hue, I felt like they had to give him 3 years, but he has been such a disaster as a coach that even I am calling for him to be fired. People who aren’t immersed in what is going on with the Browns just can’t really appreciate how bad he has been. But whatever, I’m not a Browns fan, I just live in Cleveland, and as a football fan got excited about all of the draft capital and cap space they have. I don’t actually care if they screw this up.

  10. I’m fairly certain that almost anyone could have coached the Browns to a 1-31 record. It wouldn’t have been easy, but they could have pulled it off.

  11. C’mon peeps. Hue, just like other struggling teams, just needs a QB. BAKER MAYFIELD is that dude, Cleveland. Start the campaign now!

  12. Sorry, Joe, you’re dead wrong. The Browns gave Hue 32 games to prove himself and he failed miserably. When you’re the worst in history, you don’t deserve another chance.

  13. … It wouldn’t be fair to judge Hue based on his record after just two seasons because few NFL teams have put themselves at such a disadvantage in order to save assets and focus on winning three or four years down the road. …

    Not my initial observation/opinion. Hard to argue with the man who’s had a, “behind the scenes” & personal view of the franchise.

  14. Now that he is surrounded by competence on the sideline, Hue has no excuses for failing to win in December.

  15. Joe Thomas has been telling Browns ownership that constant turn around and terrible office decisions was the problem since they bought the team. Browns ownership has been begging Thomas to stay in Cleveland by saying “we’ll do better” every time they fire a coach.

    One of the most abusive relationships in football. Browns ownership (both old and new) listen to the fans more than the players and then wonder why players move on to places where the fans are in the stands and not in the owners ear. This guy is outright saying Jackson wasn’t the problem (as has nearly every productive Browns player) and fans are like “what do you know guy that’s actually in the organization and works with these people”.

    Has any front office person in the league been publically complained about in the media more than Sashi Brown? Were the Browns not a joke last season for hiring a lawyer to make football decision? Yet fans think any coach could have done better even when players publically stated their QB never followed the playbook (let’s not even mention that both QB’s Sashi let go had some of the best seasons they had in their careers on the teams that picked them up).

    So yeah, I’m with Joe. Congrats Browns management on not letting Madden football GM’s run your team for once.

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