Mike Zimmer would have liked to see Teddy Bridgewater play more

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Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said this week that he “definitely” sees himself as a starting quarterback in the league during the 2018 season, but he’s heading into an offseason filled with uncertainty about where he might play and whether that team has the same view of his abilities.

Coach Mike Zimmer didn’t say whether the Vikings feel that way during a Tuesday press conference, but he did say that he would have liked to see more of Bridgewater in game action before the season was over. Bridgewater relieved Case Keenum late in one blowout to mark his first game appearance since shredding his knee in the summer of 2016.

He went 0-for-2 with an interception and three kneeldowns in that brief Week 15 appearance.

Zimmer outlined the research that the Vikings did on similar injuries and called it an “unbelievable achievement” that Bridgewater was able to play at all so soon after his injury. Now they and the rest of the league will have to figure out how the little they’ve seen thus far will predict what the future holds for Bridgewater.

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  1. Funny since Zimmer had the power to give him more playing time. There were a few opportunities this year, the Eagles game being one of them.

    My guess is keeping him a mystery was intentional. It would be harder to resign the guy if he had a few solid quarters out there.

  2. Could be a blessing in disguise. If he had played more and looked good, some team might be willing to give him a pretty nice contract. As it is, he’s a complete mystery to every team except the Vikings, who have seen him in practice. I can’t see any team giving him a better contract than the Vikings would give him because they just don’t know anything about him.

  3. Nobody has been talking lately about whether or not Teddy’s contract will toll into next year, but that’s still an open issue. The language of the CBA clearly states that a player’s contract will toll if he spends six weeks on the PUP list, which Teddy did. Some teams haven’t treated it that way, but I think the Vikings would be within their rights to prevent him from becoming a free agent. If they did that, my guess is they would still give him a better contract to prevent hard feelings.

  4. Sign Alex Smith to be the starter, Sloter can develop as a backup, then sign or draft an insurance plan. Smith is durable, has a strong arm, and can scramble. He has already proved he can succeed with the right cast around him.

  5. The fact is that best-performing QB on this team is Sam Bradford. Case had a great run, but those “going for broke” ducks that he throws up are just something he will never shake. If not for that, he would be the answer. Bradford can make all the throws that Keenum does without the ducks.

    It pains me to say that. Case Keenum is the better leader on the field. I like him a lot.

    Teddy is unproven right now. The question is if he will take backup money.

  6. Since when did the business side of football start worrying about “hard feelings” ?

    Not putting Theodore in much does leave a lot of questions marks, about how much money he deserves but also if he is over his injury. It takes time even if players can return to the field it can take several games for players to be comfortable, and even more to be completely confident in it.

    I think Minnesota should stick with Keenum, he did have a bad game on Sunday, but he definitely wasn’t the only one. They haven’t had a franchise QB in a LONG time, and if they want to improve on consistency they are going to need to find one. We all know the VIkings are gonna jump at the chance of Brees or even Alex Smith as someone mentioned if they get one of them thats another short fix, that 2 or 3 years from now will leave them back at square one.

  7. When you listen to Zimmer talk about his quarterbacks it’s like he likes all of them except the one guy who stayed healthy and led them to the NFC championship.

  8. Teddy and Sam Bradford both have HUGE question marks next to their names. Both injured, neither has played to show what they can now do since the injuries. NOBODY is going to dish out big money for either, just because of the Unknown. The only one that the Vikes are sure of is Keenum. Remember, as far as both B’s go, the Vikes will have a new O cordinator in, that also will have a vision—–

  9. I’m glad I don’t have to make any of these decisions. There are about a dozen combinations of who to keep (and at what position on the depth chart) and who to let go… and most of them wrong. That’s not a knock on the Vikings, that’s just math. Out of all the combinations there can only be one “best” combination and maybe a couple of others that work out decently enough to keep the fans from storming the castle. Everything else will be “wrong.” Again, that’s just numbers.

  10. Mike Zimmer would have liked to see Teddy Bridgewater play more
    If only there was a guy in charge of figuring out what players are activated on game day who plays when games get out of hand

  11. If Vikings new OC is not a Shurmer devotee, then Keenum probably gets to test the market. Hell, the Giants could probably snag him for $8m per season on a 3 year deal – with an increase to $15m per season if he becomes the full time starter.

    I still see the Vikings either keeping Bridgewater or Bradford – my preference being Bridgewater.

    Actually, I’d sign Bridgewater to a solid contract to be the starter, franchise Keenum but trade him for a 2nd or 3rd Round pick in the draft. There will be at least one team out there interested.

  12. The facial expression of Bridgewater tells us he’s willing to do just about anything for a starting role. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  13. Hard to believe any team would offer Bridgewater a big money contract until he proves he’s fully healthy and can stay on the field after he takes some hits. Likely he’s faced with a low guarantee, incentive laden contract.

    What’s he’s done coming back from the injury is phenomenal, but he hasn’t proved he can survive getting beaten up by a defense yet.

  14. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    January 23, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    Sign Alex Smith to be the starter
    Alex Smith IS Case Keenum. If you want that, keep the younger, cheaper guy.

  15. One thing’s for sure, this is going to be a big talker around here for quite a while. I’ll be very interested in seeing what kinds of contracts each of these guys can get. They all have question marks. If we can keep two for the price of one, I’d keep the two.

  16. Teddy is unproven right now. The question is if he will take backup money.

    The answer is: “He won’t have a choice”. Dude couldn’t hit the end zone from midfield BEFORE a horrific knee injury.

  17. Think about it…….IF the Vikings thought that he was worth anything he would have been Keenums back-up. Instead they had Bradford as the #2 QB throughout the playoffs and Bridgewater didn’t even suit up!!!

  18. It really appears Teddy is Zimmer’s favorite and has the best shot to be next year’s starter. I wonder how that makes Bradford and Keenum feel?

  19. Bridgewater is a joke and other fake QB who is really a running back wearing a QB Halloween costume. He should be fired.

  20. Keenum had a career year, Bradford is pretty much waste of a rental 1st round pick. The thing about Theodore though is hes young, he has the BEST chance of those 3 to be a long term solution, which hinges on his ability to stay healthy. Do they swipe a guy like Ferguson from Memphis or Rudolph from OSU, and hope they can develop him?

  21. It’s a shame Zimmer didn’t see more of Teddy. If only he had more say in the matter. Zimmer will have to talk to whoever is in charge of deciding who plays QB for the Head Coach …

  22. Zimmer doesn’t even have a OC yet. Why would he choose a QB? First off he doesn’t have to choose one now. And secondly after the way the local media trolled his team in print (Strib) alone I wouldn’t tell them nothing anyway.

  23. packertruth says:”Teddy is unproven right now. The question is if he will take backup money.

    The answer is: “He won’t have a choice”. Dude couldn’t hit the end zone from midfield BEFORE a horrific knee injury.”
    I’ll bet the lousy Packers would have paid millions to have Teddy as a backup this year rather than Hundley, who couldn’t hit the goal posts from the goal line!

  24. This is my opinion, 1. Call Drew and give him what he wants. And draft a young guy in 1st round to sit behind him. If moving up is possible. Now with the 3 guys we have it sucks because the best qb out of the 3 is Bradford. The thing is he can’t stay healthy so that’s a no go. Bridgewater can’t command more then 12 mill and I think I’m over shooting that. He’s an unknown for the league and you have to be stupid to bet on him outside the Vikings who know everything, but I don’t see Case getting more then 15 so that being said you have 2 qbs at 25 to 27 million. And the best man wins. I dont give Teddy more than 9 im sorry big fan but no way.

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