NFL to donate proceeds from underdog shirts to Philly schools


Chris Long and Lane Johnson called out the NFL on social media Monday, challenging the league to donate proceeds of its underdog T-shirts to charity. The league announced Tuesday 100 percent of the proceeds from the shirt of a dog wearing an Eagles collar would go to The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia, the non-profit arm of the schools.

Long lauded the NFL on Twitter and encouraged Eagles fans to purchase the shirts.

It began Monday when the Official NFL Shop tweeted to Long that the underdog T-shirt would “go really well with [your German Shepherd] mask.” Long and Johnson then challenged the NFL to follow their lead.

Johnson has raised more than $100,000 for The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia with his “HOME DOGS GONNA EAT” T-shirts.

Long donated his salary from the 2017 season to equity in education initiatives.

17 responses to “NFL to donate proceeds from underdog shirts to Philly schools

  1. Maybe the teachers can teach the little eagles’ fans class in class. The adults are a lost cause.

  2. If Long or Watt are not voted’ man of the year’ and Krapernick is, I’m boycotting the NFL for 1 year. I think the NFL will make sure one of them gets it because it falls in the no brainer category. They’ve done positive things and called for people to help be a part of that process.

    Long satisfies the Krapernick rule because he found a middle ground. So I can see him winning. Watt saved lives and he deserves to win (IMHO). Kraperncik served himself and deserves a place in history as an asrterisk and nothing else.

  3. How about all of that Minnesota Vikings 2017-2018 NFC Champs and Super Bowl LII Champs gear? You could probably end hunger by selling all of that.

    Also, would it be hard to change the a into a u?

  4. ITs a good cause and a very good thing to do, but this isn’t going to have the fairy tale ending Eagles fans are dreaming about. They are completely outclassed in this game from the qb, coaches, support staff, players, and fans. Patriots are a far superior organization in every aspect of the game. Put it this way Philly, at least after this game you will have a first hand experience how a franchise should be run and how their fans should act.

    #6ringsdeep #needtwohands

  5. backintheday99 Long and Kaepernick aren’t finalists for NFL Man of the Year. Watt is a finalist, along with Greg Olsen and Benjamin Watson.

  6. “School District of Philadelphia, the non-profit arm of the schools.”

    Does th9s mean that the rest 9f the Sch00l District of Philadelphia is a ‘for-profit’ organizati0?

    Not trying to be facetious; I’d really like an answer. Thanks.

  7. the Browns own that whole dog mask schtick anyway….have for a long time now, take ’em off Philly.

  8. You will NEVER see a lower class of fans than Eagles fans

    Don’t believe me, ask the people who worked and lived in Jacksonville in 05.

  9. Nauseating to see Eagle fans with something to clebrate. Forces me to hope the Pats hang 70 on them.

  10. So, does this mean the tax collecting arm of the school disctrict is for profit? Probably. Gotta keep that teacher’s union happy.

  11. The Eagles players should keep those masks, they are going to need them to hide their faces after we humiliate them in SB.

  12. Eh, nice gesture. Should of put it somewhere that it’s going to go to good use. Philly schools routinely spend billions a year, but fail miserably (mainly due to inept teachers unions). 100k is a drop in the bucket, but the bucket has a hole in the bottom

    For what it’s worth, you should always donate to private charities. Like every thing else in life, they are 100x more efficient than their government counterparts

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