NFL to recognize undefeated UCF team at the Pro Bowl

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The University of Central Florida declared itself the real national champion after finishing its season as the only undefeated team in major college football, winning a bowl game over Auburn, the team that beat the generally recognized national champion, Alabama. The NFL is staying out of that debate, but the league will recognize the UCF team at the Pro Bowl.

This year’s Pro Bowl is played in Orlando, where UCF is located, and the NFL has decided to honor UCF’s undefeated team at the game.

“When we thought about UCF and the amazing season they had going undefeated and their bowl game win, we thought there was really no better way, especially in the city of Orlando, to do something for that college celebration of football than to honor the UCF team in the stadium on Sunday,” said Matt Shapiro, director of events strategy for the NFL, to the Orlando Sentinel.

Three UCF players — Shaquem Griffin, Tre’Quan Smith and Jordan Akins — won’t be there. They’re trying to earn a place in the NFL, at the Senior Bowl.

21 responses to “NFL to recognize undefeated UCF team at the Pro Bowl

  1. They played lights out football all season and their games were fun to watch. Good decision by the NFL to recognize the only undefeated team while you’re in their hometown.

  2. As a UCF grad, I think this is nice since they’re playing the Super Bowl in our home town. As a Pats fan, I’m glad once again there will be no Patriots there mindlessly risking their bodies for a game no one cares about.

  3. johnnybuc says:

    January 23, 2018 at 9:47 am

    UCF, the only University in America where the entrance test is the ability to spell your name.

    Good thing for Alabama because I’m relatively smart and I can’t even spell most of their players names. Starting with that freshman QB’s first AND last name

  4. NCAAA tournament bigger joke than the NFL tournament where billionair bozos in suits predetermine outcomes and manipulate the fans into thinking there team is the best (mainly the patriots) while I’m the process stealing our money. The billion dollar machine that can’t for the life of it officiate a game correctly and give the team that really should have won the win. Ask the raiders, falcons jags and countless other opponents of the patriots. Let’s just predetermine this now…..patriots will win the super bowl on many dumb blown calls. Perfect now I don’t have to watch that sad pathetic team cheat there way to another super bowl and listen to there idiotic fans be manipulated into thinking “there team is the greatest”.

  5. Why !!!!! They play in a crap conference, take out Memphis and themselves and their conf had a record of 33-47. Minus Memphis they played 6 teams with winning records during the regular season. Those being the power house teams Florida international, Navy, Austin Peay, SMU, Temple, and USF. Compare that to any of the 4 teams in the playoffs. UCF played more FCS teams than nationally ranked teams. They played #20 Memphis. Clemson played 6 ranked teams in the regular season, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama all played 4 ranked teams. If they want to prove themselves how about scheduling any of those four teams this season, beat them and then they will have a right to complain.

  6. UCF welcomes an invitation to a better conference. The football team beat everyone who was placed on the field in front of them. And they did the one thing that UGA and Alabama couldn’t. They beat Auburn.

    Undefeated Nation Champion UCF Knights!

  7. Don’t that beat all. You’d think the NFL would rather just give them an NFL franchise and revoke Cleveland’s if they are so good.

  8. Rooted for them until Lane Kiffin got there and started doing Lane Kiffin things again. It’s hard to find people as unlikeable as him in life.

  9. ak185 says:

    January 24, 2018 at 4:54 am

    Rooted for them until Lane Kiffin got there and started doing Lane Kiffin things again. It’s hard to find people as unlikeable as him in life.


    Lane Kiffin is not, nor has he ever been, the coach for UCF.

  10. brady2gronktd says:

    January 24, 2018 at 2:14 am

    UCF would get curb stomped in the BIG 12!

    Auburn fans said the same thing before their matchup with UCF.

  11. First of all, Alabama should never have been in the playoffs to begin with. “If your team does not win their conference, then they have no business competing for the national championship.” Ohio State proved that the year before. But of course, we all knew the CFP was gonna be a farce once they started pandering to Alabama’s interests.

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