Report: Lions parting ways with quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan

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The Detroit Lions have parted ways with quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan, according to Albert Breer of

Callahan spent the last two seasons as the Lions quarterbacks coach. He spent the previous six years as an offensive assistant in various roles with the Denver Broncos.

Matthew Stafford has had two of his most efficient seasons with Callahan as his quarterbacks coach. Stafford has tossed just 10 interceptions and completed over 65 percent of his passes in each of the last two years. He also set career highs in yards per attempt and passer rating in 2017.

Callahan’s father, Bill, is currently the offensive line coach for the Washington Redskins.

2 responses to “Report: Lions parting ways with quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan

  1. This coaching staff is all leaving as the continued shame of failing to win a playoff game or even make it there is flooding the miserable Lions staff. Patricia is not the answer, he’s a decent defensive coach at best, just another Jim Schwartz to keep the Lions in the same place they have been for 6 decades, which is the losing spot. Everyone knows the Patriots are elite because of Brady and Belichick, not Patricia….The Patriots defense (Patricia) is not the reason why they have had dynasty of dominance all these years.

  2. How did I guess. Another FAMILY name hire in the “all in the family club” called the NFL!!! And people wonder why the Rooney rule is still beneficial. It gets people one would never know in FRONT of people who can hire. Even if they initially have someone in mind, they remember people who interview WELL!!! Even with the Rooney rule teams still get to ultimately hire whomever they want. There is no foul in this small little accommodation that does NOT REQUIRE a minority hire, just an interview. The old boy network was and currently continues to benefit the family members of the majority race by association not necessarily by fairness of any kind. No doubt he ends up with his pappy or some other friend of his pappy. Just look at the Grudens. First Jons brother, Jay hired Jons son, and now that Jon has a job the first thing he does is hire his son-never mind the Redskins had record injuries this year! And when Jon was in Tampa, he hired Jay, and Bruce Allen was among the group as well. So, for people who don’t believe the Rooney rule is at all necessary-Think again. It’s not because of racism, its more of breaking up the exclusive club that has been thriving that by virtue of birth did not include minorities. And it is working. And one day, I am hopeful it will no longer be needed. We are almost there, but follow Callahan and you will see why it is still necessary. Family and friends of the NFL!!!

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