Report: Vikings to interview Darrell Bevell

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The Vikings will interview Darrell Bevell later this week about their vacant offensive coordinator position, Jason La Canfora of CBS reports.

Bevell interviewed with the Cardinals on Monday night.

The Seahawks fired Bevell after seven seasons. Seattle finished 15th in total offense and 11th in scoring in 2017.

The Vikings are seeking to replace Pat Shurmur, who left to become the Giants head coach. Shurmur replaced Norv Turner in the middle of the 2016 season.

Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press lists the Vikings’ current quarterbacks coach, Kevin Stefanski, as another possible candidate.

23 responses to “Report: Vikings to interview Darrell Bevell

  1. Ummmm no. Might be pertinent to mention he was offensive coordinator once and was run out of town already?

  2. The offense was not good when he was here before, except for the Favre year. That was more because of the lack of talent than the scheme, I think. It makes sense for the Vikings to do their due diligence by interviewing a guy who has been a successful offensive coordinator for a long time. I prefer Stefanski, but they could do a lot worse than Bevell if they want someone with experience.

  3. I’m usually not a troll, but I’m so tired of vikings fans. Vikings are gonna need more than just a new offensive coordinator to compete with the eagles. Maybe a new defensive coordinator too. New qb(keenum choked). New safeties(smith got picked apart n sendejo got steamrolled). New LB(Barr looked bad). New DE(Griffin got shutout by a backup left tackle). New corners(Waynes got torched all day and Rhodes looked average). Whole new offensive line(eagles D got constant pressure). Oh, and cue the whiny vikings fans that want to cry about how mean eagles fans are.

  4. Best idea yet! Bring Farve out of retirement. Call Sidney Rice! See if AP wants one more year! Call Longwell and Kluwe! What’s Jared and Hutch up to? Strike up the band Zygi! It’s 2009 all over again!

    Wait…wasn’t Bev ran out of town. Spielman…wtf. Wasn’t good enough in 2011 – now after many years with Seattle. Goggles…I don’t get it.

  5. As a Seahawks fan, I wouldn’t wish D.B. on any team. If the Vikings hire him beware, B. Walsh may not be far behind him… I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else’s team either.

  6. Great.
    If the Vikings rehire Bevell, look for the offensive line to suck again and the quarterback to get killed. Bevell’s offensive lines will be built more for run blocking than pass protection, only there’s no running back out there worth the adjustment. Rats!

  7. Zim’s staff was poached, why not poach the staff of the team that just destroyed you. The QB coach DeFilipo is supposed to be a hot candidate, even was for a HC gig. I like the way they spread the D out and make you cover every blade of grass. They sure exposed one thing I’ve said for 3 yrs, the Vikes have, as a group, the slowest set of safeties in the league. Bevell worked with a QB that had to freelance for much of their offensive success as of late, not sure how any success they had can be tied to Bevell even in their Super Bowl seasons.

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We had his pathetic play calling once before! Putting spoiled milk back in the refrigerator and waiting 7 years thinking it will eventually taste good makes no sense……neither does this!!!!!!

  9. How quickly people forget that it was Brad Childress who was running the Vikings’ offense, not Darrell Bevell.

    In fact, it was after Childress was let go that Bevell had free reign over the offense, and it was obvious that he was more understanding of that offense than Childress ever was.

    Bevell went to Seattle and developed an offense around the skills of Russell Wilson, and was considered good enough to interview for the Vikings’ Head Coaching position prior to the appointment of Mike Zimmer.

    Considering the other names that have been mentioned of late, I’d welcome Bevell back in Minnesota with open arms.

  10. How any team would consider Bevell after personally handing NE a SB victory by virtue of his inept play calling is beyond me. For 3 seasons Seattle fans have been pleading that Bevell be fired. Finally he’s gone. I’d not be surprised if the teams owner finally called Pete into his office and said, “enough of this nonsense!” Worst and most predictable play caller I’ve seen in 50 years of watching pro football, bar none!

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