Cowboys seeking to make offense “Dak-friendly”

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has coined more than a few phrases in his time. One of them came a few years ago when he talked about making the team’s offense “Romo-friendly.” Now, with Tony Romo comfortably in the television booth, the Cowboys seek to make their offense “Dak-friendly.”

Dak Prescott had arguably the best season for a rookie quarterback in history in 2016. His numbers were not as good in 2017 as he won fewer games (9 in 2017, 13 in 2016), threw fewer touchdowns (22 in 2017, 23 in 2016), threw more interceptions (13 in 2017, 4 in 2016), threw for fewer yards (3,324 in 2017, 3,667 in 2016), had a lower yards per attempt average (6.8 in 2017, 8.0 in 2016), had a lower completion percentage (62.9 in 2017, 67.8 in 2016) and a lower passer rating (86.6 in 2017, 104.9 in 2016).

“[Prescott] didn’t have the stats and we didn’t have the year, and I think it’s convenient to call it a sophomore slump rather than a ‘Sports Illustrated’ curse,” Jones said, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “But you might call it that. There’s no question he didn’t have the year he had the year before, whatever.

“I know this: He’s a better quarterback now than when he started last year. He’s got a lot of experience and we can build [on that] and intend to take many of the things he does and experience he’s got and shake it up on offense.”

The Cowboys will try to help their quarterback this offseason by making the offense more “Dak-friendly,” whatever that means.

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  1. @Peoples Republic

    Gosh, such a smart viewpoint! Peyton Manning is also a system QB, right? He could only run that one type of offense; when Kubiak put him in a different system at the end, he was terrible. So Peyton Manning sucks, he’s only a system QB, nothing wrong with that.

  2. discdistance says:
    January 24, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Technically all QB’s are system QB’s but some systems can have all the routes and others have to be tailored to short dink and dunk passes…You’d think a QB would want to play in the latter to reduce the number of hits but in the end no matter the system if everyone isn’t on the same page 88 then you’re going to fail.

  3. If someone uses the phrase “friendly system,” it’s usually an indicator that his skill set is limited, and they have to create a offense to fit within those limitations.

  4. Uh-oh, I don’t think the most overrated wide receiver of his generation is “Dak-friendly” and he’s scheduled to make way too much money for what his middling production over the last three seasons warrants.

    Hopefully, as he continues to develop this offseason, Dak will be as successful at adding the team-crushing sack/fumble to his skill set as he was with the devastating Pick-6 this past season.

  5. His O-line took a step back and the feature back missed games. Having said that, he needed coaching that the team was unable to give him. It always goes back up to the top on that team.

  6. Dak Prescott wasn’t worse in 2017 than in 2016; his supporting cast was. Evidence? Besides the fact that it’s quite clear that his supporting cast (especially his blocking) had issues this past season, a number of wise people who don’t just take stats as-is saw that he had the same limitations in 2016 that he did in 2017. Many, many QBs have had a rough early season after initial success and gone on to learn and develop into good (or great) QBs, so this season of adversity means little at this point.

  7. A top 5 oline… a top 5 running game (even with zeke gone for 6 games) a hall of fame TE .. two slot receivers that catches anything thrown in their zip code and a declining #1 wr who although not as good as before, he still commanded double coverage… it doesn’t get any friendlier than that… the issue is………

    When Smith got hurt and we had a back up Lt, you left the back up on a island and he got murdered…

    When you realized dez couldn’t separate you never devleoped newer routes or formations to scheme your wr open…

    When zeke served his suspension you still lined up and ran the ball on 1st and 2nd down with marginal rbs. And that hurt your down and distances….

    You didn’t evolve the offense from last year.. you lined up dared everyone to beat you.. and they mostly did…

    Thats not Dak friendly at all.

  8. @ People’s Republic

    Another nuanced post. Dak rates as one of the best deep pass QBs. They do not focus on “dink and dunk” passes.

    Also. Peyton Manning focused on dink and dunk passes. So he wasn’t good.

  9. The most important stat that was left out of this article is the average time to throw, which decreased from 2016 to 2017 and is attributed to a number of factors, including; the teams need of better depth in positions of high importance for Dak(LT, RB and WR). The replacements for Tyron right now (Green, Bell) are not going to cut it. Need change of pace back to complement power run game. And need receivers (not currently on roster) to win on the outside (at least run the right routes at the right depth and distance), consistently, in order to force safety(s) to move and not have them sitting on the option routes in the middle that Dak had success with in 2016.

  10. The Cowboy receivers are bad. Bryant can’t get open and drops balls when they do throw to him. There is no yards after the catch because the routes are horizontal or they are standing still. The passing game is simple, predictable, poorly executed, and easy to defend.

  11. This jerk, Dak, needs to be taught how to read a defense and how to beat a pass rush with the pass instead of defaulting to being the running back he really is.

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