Jerry Jones expects Dez Bryant with the Cowboys next season

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While Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team would have to weigh several factors regarding the future status of wide receiver Dez Bryant, Jerry Jones was much more definitive about Bryant’s status Tuesday at the Senior Bowl.

According to Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones expects Bryant to be on the roster next season.

“Everybody that’s got years left on their contract, I’m expecting them to be on this team,” he said.

Bryant is under contract for two more seasons with the Cowboys. However, he carries one of the largest salary cap charges on the team at $16.5 million next year. Bryant has been pretty blunt in his stance regarding the idea of a pay cut.

Bryant hasn’t been a dominant force the last three seasons. After averaging 90 catches a year, at least 1,200 yards receiving and double-digit touchdowns from 2012-14, Bryant has been unable to match those numbers since.

15 responses to “Jerry Jones expects Dez Bryant with the Cowboys next season

  1. If they even think about writing him checks for $12 million the next couple of years, then they deserve to miss the playoffs again. At this point in his career, it’s questionable that he should even be a starter.

  2. The fact that Dez Bryant, contrary to the wishes of the teams VP Stephen Jones its coaches and probably its qb, is pretty much being assured by Jerry Jones that hes going no where and is getting all his money, a guy who has produced like an average number 2 receiver since getting paid, a guy who still cant understand his offenses terminology, who needs to be told b4 the play what hes supposed to do 9 years later, who only knows how to play 1 wr position, who drops pass after pass, is extremely lazy in his route running, doesnt show up to meetings and practices, and has the nerve to flip out on the sidelines and coaches bc they dont know what there doing, should tell you why why theyve only won 1 playoff game in over 2 decades.

    How can you believe Jerry Jones number 1 goal is winning when hes willing to pay an unproductive wr at nearly the same cap rate as 1 of the top 5 defensive players in the league Fletcher Cox. No Jerry wants Dez around bc he causes controversies, controversies brings attention, attention grows brand recognition, brand recognition raises the value of his teams value up, the higher the value of the team the more money he can charge advertizers and fans.

    Jerry Jones has been conning you guys for years. Dont let him get away with it anymore Cowboys fans. Seriously has this guy ever done to bring u winning football, besides hirer Jim Johnson who found a loophole in the trade market.

    This guy doesnt care about winning. Yet he does a bunch of interviews n jumps around in his owners box and u buy it all. Of course he enjoys it but its not his first or even 4th priority.

    Which is obvious when you listen to Jones give long interviews on his life before an outside football. When he isnt putting on the Cowboys owners act. You will be shocked how different his view of buying the team, why he did it, how he brags about manipulating things to further his brand etc. It is clear when you listen to him in those type of interviews what his real goals are.

  3. Remember this is also the team that pays big bucks for a part time LB [Sean Lee]…..

    Just consider the source and hopefully ALL cowboys fans will realize that this team is going no where.

  4. Jerry is too in love with his own players and coaches. The truth is Dez should be out
    and I know it’s not popular, Witten should be out too. I wouldn’t put either one on the
    field if they would play for free. And well Jason and his staff …. their record
    speaks for itself.

  5. Mr. Jones just got a huge tax break, so it doesn’t matter who’s the coach or the players. Because as long as people show up to the games, nothing will change in Dallas.

  6. metalup666 says:
    January 24, 2018 at 1:48 pm
    “Witten should be out too”
    Ummm, why?


    Because he is old and slow and can’t but 3 yards down field before the ball has to
    be thrown and then he is tackled on the spot no more gain.

  7. Witten’s outstanding numbers in case you didn’t watch the games.
    67 catches 560 yards and 5 TD’s

  8. Not only is Witten clutch as far as receiving the ball he is still one of the best blocking tight ends in the game. I did watch the games. No, not outstanding numbers, but considering that the Cowboys apparently have receivers who forgot how to catch the ball as of late, he is possibly their only viable option at getting receptions.

  9. I don’t know as they have a replacement, Rico ? I don’t know. But rumor has it He is in the way of developing anyone. I like Jason, I like Troy, Emmitt and decades of other Cowboys but it is time for everyone of them to go at some point. AT 17 years in the league he’s done his part.

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