Jerry Jones: No hot seat for Jason Garrett

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The Cowboys have missed the playoffs in five of Jason Garrett’s seven full seasons as the team’s head coach, including the 2017 season, and that record wouldn’t make it much of a surprise to learn that he was on the hot seat going into the 2018 season.

There are likely places where things would be heating up, but Dallas isn’t one of them. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn’t hesitate when declaring Garrett safe before the end of the regular season and didn’t hesitate when asked about the temperature under Garrett on Tuesday.

“It’s fair for you to ask, but he’s not on my hot seat,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Jones noted that Garrett is a year removed from being the league’s coach of the year, which seems designed to support the lack of heat despite the bigger picture missing consistent playoff trips. He also said he hopes Garrett wins the award again in 2018 and doing so would keep anyone from taking the temperature this time next year.

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  1. You have no idea how hard it is to find a coach who will let the owner play fantasy head coach and take the blame.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboy’s miss the postseason again. That week 17 game against the Eagles where they were playing at full strength against an Eagles squad resting it’s starters was pathetic. What did they get, 6 points?

    That’s a pretty sad way to finish the season for a team who thought they were going to go to the superbowl. How crazy is it that Foles has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo and Dak Prescott combined and, regardless of the outcome of the superbowl, a better winning percentage.

    Dak Prescott threw 1 TD in his last 3 games? Foles threw 4x as many TDs in the same period while not playing the last 3.5 quarters and people were calling him a bum. What does that make Dak?

    Zeke is still one of the best young backs in the league but the shine is off of Prescott, Dez is not a #1 receiver and may well be gone this offseason, the offensive line (the real stars of the cowboys) isn’t nearly as dominant and will further decline this year.

  2. That won’t stop pundits from implying that he is on the ‘hot seat’ come summer. They will, of course, site the most dishonest of all modern journalistic tools: “an unnamed source close to the organization(administration, etc.) has told me…”.

  3. Just makes me want to cry 😦 1/2 of that flippin’ COTY trophy belongs on Tony Romo’s mantle…..smh Just look back to 2015, when Garrett could NOT coach 3 different q/bs to win more than 1 game in Tony’s absence!!! I feel like I am living in the “Groundhog Day” movie…….

  4. This is one of many reasons why this team and organization will continue to fail in football matters.

    In business matters for some strange reason the sheeple just keep handing over their $$$ to this brand. Not sure what it takes to wake people up but if 21 years of next to nothing and having a puppet HC doesn’t do it……

    I’m starting to think cowboys fans are just not smart people….
    I know I refuse to buy anything with their brand on it.. Haven’t been to a game since they hired the puppet…
    If I catch a game on I’ll watch it but I find myself wanting to watch other games more… I like smart HC’s… I like to watch good games….watching that idiot coach is painful.

  5. From a Raiders fan – I get it Cowboys fans. It sucks.

    Your owner is keeping this guy in place because he is a yes man. Wade Phillips had similar results but got canned. He simply wanted to coach the team his way (maybe the right way?) but as long as Jerry is there, a coach who does what Jerry wants is going to have a long leash. Al Davis did the same thing for too many years. He left a great legacy but unfortunately it took him passing for the team to start making the right football decisions. Luckily, in the Cowboys case, Stephen Jones seems to have some pull and be very football smart. It used to be fun to hate on Cowboys fans, but now not so much. They have too much talent on that roster to not be competing for the Super Bowl.

  6. In the game to save their season vs Seattle… Dallas had 1st n Goal at the 3yd line… Nothing less than a TD was needed to win this game… And with the best offensive line and running back in the league… What does Garrett do? Call 3 passes in a row…

  7. Stinking Nick Foles has as many playoff wins this year as the cowboys have since 1997.
    Jerry is not good at judging coaching talent, and the few he got right he fired.

  8. Jason should have been gone after the 2013 season, Man this guys is clueless
    And that reflects on the owner as also being clueless. Head coaches are out there,
    but there are only so many puppets, so Jerrys choices are limited.

  9. yooperman says:
    January 24, 2018 at 8:09 am
    That would be like Edgar Bergen firing Charlie McCarthy.


    And I thought I was old, yikes!

  10. Does Garrett have compromising photos of Jerry? And has the Cowboys fan base really become so complacent that they’re willing to tolerate such glaring mediocrity?

  11. Why Jerry ? Garrett must be the only coach in history whose goal is 8-8 every year. If your an assistant coach, at least you will have a job as long as Garrett likes you.

  12. jarjarbinks1 says:
    January 24, 2018 at 7:26 am
    Jerry is faithful to a fault and that is why the Cowboys are doomed.

    sorry jar jar the only thing jerry jones is faithful to is his delusion that he is a football guy and can actually function as g.m./coach/spokesperson. and his red headed stepson is the only one that will allow him to do so while fronting as the coach.

  13. After last year’s 13 & 3 run, the prevailing thought was that the Cowboys were on the right path. Conversely, there were questions about the Eagles, who had some holes to fill. To the Eagles credit, they were able to fill those holes and along with some great coaching have reached the Super Bowl, which I believe they have a good chance to win. The Eagles have reached and could win the Super Bowl despite losing Wentz, their starting left tackle and starting middle linebacker.

    This is what upsets me about the Cowboys. I believe they are on the right path, but they have been surpassed by the Eagles. Does this mean that they should fire Garrett? You tell me. All I know is that every season is different. Last years darlings are this year’s chumps (insert Dallas here). If your an Eagles fan (I am talking to you, eagleswin) enjoy this run, but there are no guarantees in the NFL.

    If the Cowboys, Redskins or Giants make the right moves, the Eagles (and their fans) could be home for the playoffs next year. Objectively, I doubt this because if the Cowboys recent hire for their wide receiver’s coach is any indication, they don’t get it yet.

  14. I see that photo and all I can think of is the conversation goes something like this : “Yes Mr. Jones,Yes sir, will do,it shall be done,O.K. .

  15. The guy is a year removed from 13-3 and being named coach of the year. I’m not making excuses but who should the Cowboys hire? This team needed to rebuild their defense and was missing key depth positions on the oline and lacks playmakers in the wr group. I’m not happy with the results this past season but I’m also not ready to jump ship and overthrow everyone.

  16. Garrett is not on the hot seat because Jones knows that he’s the perfect puppet. Jerry had some excellent HC’s in the past (Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells) but because they didn’t bow down to Jones their stay was shortened.

    A similar situation exists in Denver where Elway also gets along best with HC’s who are willing to lick his boots.

  17. Whenever the media ask a question about possible play calling for an upcoming game—Its always Jerry that answers, not Garrett! Garrett is more of a Puppet than Pinocchio. Even Dan Snyder has backed off from being a budinski……….

  18. I hope the Cowboys end up having a terrible record next season if that’s what it takes to see Garrett fired.


    A Cowboys fan since the early 80’s

  19. I know this is going to be unpopular, but the league is better when the cowboys are good…there’s more interest because they’re so polarizing. I hate the cowboys and not much gives me more pleasure than watching them lose; if they’re 5-8, it’s still nice to see them go to 5-9 but ehh I’m not going to watch that. If they’re 8-5, I’m watching. Either way, this is the eagles division until the giants get their rebuild going. Dak is the 5th, yes, the FIFTH best QB in the division behind Eli, Cousins, Wentz and that guy starting the super bowl

  20. I am curious, just what is left for Jason Garrett to do after Jerry finishes his duties as Owner, GM, Head Coach and Media Press man ? ..and what is there left to makeup a hot seat for Jason ? Seems to me that Garrett is sitting on a block of ice and not going anywhere, being happy and pleased as punch at having the duties of an isolated puppet.

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