John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo deal makes too much sense to not happen

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Jimmy Garoppolo‘s name came up a lot this month in conjunction with an ESPN report about the Patriots’ 2017 season, including the trade that sent Garoppolo to the 49ers in October.

The circumstances of that trade came up again when Tom Brady was dealing with a hand injury that threw some focus on backup Brian Hoyer. There’s been less chatter about any contract talks with the 49ers, but that changed on Wednesday when General Manager John Lynch talked about it at the Senior Bowl.

Lynch didn’t offer any major updates while reiterating that getting a deal done that keeps Garoppolo on the team for a long time is their priority this offseason.

“He was a great addition to our team — kind of a game-changer,” Lynch said on NFL Network, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “When you find the right guy at that position, it’s really good for your franchise. We believe we found the right guy. Now the challenge is getting Jimmy signed. We’re working hard toward that. We’ll see. I think he wants to be with us, and we want him there. It makes too much sense for it not to happen. It’s just a matter of getting it done.”

The first date to keep in mind as the process unfolds is March 6, which is the deadline for the 49ers to use the franchise tag. They’ll do that if no longer deal is in place and would then have until July 15 to work out a multi-year agreement.

19 responses to “John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo deal makes too much sense to not happen

  1. I’m gonna miss him. I hope Bill and crew can hit a good pick this year and start the process again.

  2. The Denver Broncos will gladly trade for him. How about a 1st rounder, a 2nd rounder and Vance Joseph?

  3. .
    It’s in the interests of the 49ers to get Jimmy signed long term. It’s in Jimmy’s interest to sign with a team who is committed to him as the starter long term. Lynch is correct. It makes too much sense for it not to happen.

  4. SF is the best place for Jimmy to be right now anyway. A young offensive head coach with a long contract, plenty of cap space, good weather, a large market….. etc. His agent will see it as well. The Niners will pay a high price for him, but he is not leaving.

  5. Please, please, PLEASE TAG HIM!!!!

    This way, my Bills can give up TWO 1st round picks for him (#21 in 2018, and whatever in 2019). We’d still have a 1st this year….Jimmy is better than ANY QB in the Draft!!!!

    Not to mention…What would be better than sticking to the Pats 2x a year with the QB they GAVE away??!!!

  6. Two weeks without football oh no,

    That is sheer brilliance, my man…
    At a minimum, he should play the Cousins hand, make ’em franchise him and sign that tag! Or at least, the threat of it should force the Niners to start the bidding at the franchise amount. All of a sudden, the players may begin to use their leverage a bit…somewhere, Kyle Orton is smiling

  7. I get that Garoppolo had a great first five games with the 49ers, and I get that Bill Belichick has glowing things to say about Garoppolo, but at the time of the trade, he had only started six quarters during the regular season for the Patriots so I don’t get the need to constantly bash the trade. I also do not understand John Lynch’s constant praise and talk of needing and wanting to sign Garoppolo to a long term deal. I know it is in the 49ers best interest to sign him, but it sometimes sounds like Lynch is speaking more as a fan of the 49ers than as the general manager of the 49ers. To me, his constant talking is just driving up the price. I don’t know, maybe I am wrong, in the end I wish Jimmy G well, except when he plays my team.

  8. read that Tom Brady’s wife wants him to retire. If he listens to her, then the Patriots would be in trouble because they traded Jimmy G because they expected Brady to play a few more years.

  9. would be intriguing.. get those 2 first round picks and go after Cousins. I wouldn’t do it, I would take JimmyG over cousins, even with the small samples. but you never know, seen crazier things

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