Roethlisberger: Mike Tomlin wasn’t reason we lost to Jaguars

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The aftermath of the Steelers’ 45-42 loss to the Jaguars in the divisional round of the playoffs sparked a lot of discussion about who and/or what was to blame for the team falling short of the AFC Championship Game.

A fair amount of that discussion centered on head coach Mike Tomlin for both his in-game decisions and a feeling that the team was looking past the Jaguars to a date with the Patriots. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said on Wednesday that he doesn’t think Tomlin was to blame for the team’s loss.

“Anytime you lose, there’s always going to be some comments made,” Roethlisberger said, via “You’ll find anything, people will. I don’t think there’s any truth to that. I think guys were focused and ready to go. We weren’t the best on that day. … I think he knows how to coach us and knows how to coach each individual guy and each position, so I don’t believe in that.”

The Steelers chose to part ways with offensive coordinator Todd Haley after the loss, but the organization appears to otherwise agree with Roethlisberger as there haven’t been widespread changes to the coaching staff.

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  1. Tomlin’s gotta go. 10 years is too long to have only one (1) SB ring with a Top 10 quarterback in Big Ben.

  2. The team went 13-3 squeaking by weak opponents on the back of Big Ben, AB, and Bell. Coaching, like the other team, was something the Steelers had to overcome each week.

  3. Isn’t Tomlin responsible for calling an onside kick with the two-minute warning and two timeouts left? Why give the Jags the ball past midfield rather than the 25 yd line? Maybe it works, but the play was poorly executed and looked like the Steelers never practiced it.

  4. wallabear says:
    January 24, 2018 at 4:36 pm
    Tomlin’s gotta go. 10 years is too long to have only one (1) SB ring with a Top 10 quarterback in Big Ben.
    Mike McCarthy strongly disagrees with you.

  5. Sounds like the only people safe is the staff that gave up 45 (38) points…… Weird if you ask me, but no one did.

  6. Anytime you score 42 points in an NFL game, you should win. Theres plenty of blame to go around. But, the buck stops at head coach.

  7. wallabear says:
    January 24, 2018 at 4:36 pm
    Tomlin’s gotta go. 10 years is too long to have only one (1) SB ring with a Top 10 quarterback in Big Ben.
    Maybe Ben isn’t a top 10 QB or he is top 10 because the bottom 22 are THAT bad.

  8. The loss of Shazier was way bigger than anyone realizes. There were multiple times in that game where the Jags converted 3rd & longs. It’s probably fair to think that one or two plays, Shazier’s speed makes a play to get the D off the field.

  9. I guess you could throw the DC to the wolves after that game, but long term, given that talent and a decade of job security, the blame has to start with the HC. Tomlin has underachieved in the postseason since being carried to thr SB on the back of mostly what Cowher established.

  10. The reason the Steelers lost to the Jaguars is because the Jaguars were stinking good this year.

  11. edon8334 says:
    I agree Big Ben, way to stick up for your coach.

    He wasn’t sticking up for his coach. He was engaging in PR speak while taking one last veiled shot at the former offensive coordinator, whom he did not like or get along with.

  12. There only needed to be one change, but the wrong one was made. I guess always the team guy, sticking up for Captain Cliché. Thanks, Big Ben, for your effort in the game. It will gall me all year that we couldn’t stop a mediocre qb ONE FREAKIN time. Correction – two changes were needed . . . head coach and DC.

  13. Please Pittsburgh, never fire Tomlin. The rest of the league is so happy with your choice to keep him.

  14. I think the topic of the Steelers firing their head coach is strange.

    But. For those who advocate firing Tomlin …

    Please .. three names of candidates you would replace him with. Every name I hear about in the market is a big step down. Tomlin is who his record says he is. So are the heirs apparent.


  15. The Jaguars were the reason they lost to the Jaguars. They got seriously beat down in the first game and never had the lead in the second game. The second game wasn’t even as close as the score indicates. The Jags let the Steelers score at the end after the game was already won.

    Jags were the superior team this year. Can’t wait to dominate the Steelers again next year!

  16. All teams that had the extreme advantage of a home field playoff bye and who were able to win at least one playoff, please step forward.

  17. Can we dispense with this nonsense about how the Steelers scored 42 points? When your last 7 come in garbage time, with the clock at 0:00, down by 10, it’s pretty clear that the Jags were happy to let you burn the entire clock so you could pad your stats.

  18. Tomlin has as many rings as Gruden and people championed Gruden. I don’t understand people’s dissatisfaction with a coach who continuously leads his team to the playoffs. If his track record was that of say Jason Garrett’s I’d understand the frustration, but he’s usually in the playoffs and has a SB victory on his resume. How many NFL coaches have that? He also had to manage the personality of Todd Haley, which is no easy task, dealt with the Steelers keeping LaBeau for too long and lost the heart and soul of his defense (Shazier) at a crucial point in the season. Not too many teams win w/o their middle linebacker, we watched the Cowboys lose every game but one w/o Sean Lee.

  19. The definition of insanity — keeping the same coach and expecting different results next year. There is loyalty and there pathological stubborness. Ben is wrong. They weren’t locked and loaded and ready to play. They came out cold, started slow, and the defense never got in a rhythm or made any adjustments. Same as with so many other games in Tomlin’s tenure. It’ll continue next season, as the Ben window closes.

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