Zolak: No way Brady retires if Pats win sixth Super Bowl

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After the Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl last February, Scott Zolak of the Patriots Radio Network suggested that quarterback Tom Brady will play for three more years — unless the Patriots win Super Bowl No. 6 in 2017 0r 2018.

With the Patriots one win away from Super Bowl No. 6, Zolak is revising his prediction.

“No,” Zolak said on Wednesday’s PFT Live regarding whether Brady would walk away after a win in Super Bowl LII. “Absolutely not. Especially with Jimmy [Garoppolo] not being here. No, I don’t. I really don’t. I think it’s two more. . . . I think he has two more realistic seasons left.”

Zolak believes that the Patriots got an assurance that Brady will return in 2018 before trading Garoppolo to the 49ers.

“I think he’d have to,” Zolak said. “Or if he didn’t that’s just dumb and awful planning on your part. Yeah, I think there had to be some sort of an understanding there that, ‘Hey, if you’re gonna be in this thing and this thing’s real for you, your lifestyle. You wanna play until you’re 45, we can deal with you playing ’til 42 or 43. Forty-five is a long shot; just give us a little nod before we do this thing.'”

Whatever Brady does, Zolak is now convinced the Patriots would be a fundamentally different operation without him.

“Probably a 10-6 team, 9-7 team,” Zolak said. “Somewhere in there. I mean, that fourth quarter [against Jacksonville], I don’t think Jimmy could’ve pulled that one out last week. I don’t know many guys that could’ve. I’ve seen some of the biggest comebacks. Obviously, Atlanta last year. That divisional game against the Ravens three years ago. Seattle, Super Bowl XLIX. I don’t doubt [Brady] anymore. Not once on Sunday did I think they were dead. I started to get nervous after the Dion Lewis fumble. Once the tide turned and you felt the momentum swing Sunday you knew Brady had them dead to rights. I’ll never doubt this guy again. Jealous. Jealous of what he’s able to do.”

Fans of 31 other teams are jealous of what Brady and the Patriots are able to do, and they can’t wait until Brady finally does call it quits.

32 responses to “Zolak: No way Brady retires if Pats win sixth Super Bowl

  1. If you really want to know if Brady retires or not after this season you need to ask the people close to him…….ask any referee.

  2. Zolak is tied in with Brady pretty well and he’s usually really accurate with the stories surrounding him and the team. Sounds spot on and makes sense.

  3. You don’t have to like Brady to admit that he really is the GOAT. There have been very few in any sport that have had the continuous competitive fire combined with the career longevity. Maybe he can sustain it to 45, because if you had seen his 40 yard dash tape from the combine, its pretty obvious that he is a way better conditioned and limber athlete today.

  4. Zo is the man, even if he went to Maryland. Brady is reigning world Champ, playing in his eight super bowl, 5 time SB winner, ad nauseam.

    He got hammered more this year and he keeps on ticking. Physically, he doesn’t look cut, maybe even flabby. Check combine photos, but Brady is the best to ever play. Sorry all you haters, but Tommy ain’t going anywhere.

  5. Brady is plugging his TB12 plan on Facebook, convinced Kraft if not Belichick that he had X more years in him

    Zo is right – no way he retires after #6

    Amazing how FrameGate backfired on Goodell and the corrupt owners who understandably wanted to find ANY way to open the door to another team in the Super Bowl.

    Making it to 8 Super Bowls in 16 years and winning 5, maybe 6 is just the start of Brady’s “FU” to Goodell and all those who slandered him

    As far as the Hatriots – keep the jealous hate coming. Brady obviously thrives on it!

  6. TB12 isn’t leaving the game until he has given it all he has. Every fan of the game should be grateful as he makes 5 months out of the year an instant classic year after year after year.

  7. LyinRogerMustGo says:

    January 24, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    Patriots playoff appearances in the new millennium without Brady:

    seeing he has been the starting QB since 2001 it would be pretty hard to do otherwise

  8. I don’t believe it has to be one or the other. Brady and Belichick would both have had very good and possibly great careers without each other. Together they’re the best ever. It’s not disrespect to either one of them to say the other makes them better than they would be otherwise. Something I suspect about Brady is that he will be the first to know when he’s lost it and will step out on his own at that time. That time is not yet.

  9. terripet says:
    January 25, 2018 at 6:52 am

    Without Bill. Brady is not as good as cheater nation thinks he is
    Cheater Nation needs to stop cheating Patriot Nation.

    Just because it was easy to convince a bunch of dimwits that the laws of physics don’t apply to footballs…doesn’t means that it was the right thing to do.

    Just because it was easy to hide the PSI information from the 2015 NFL season…doesn’t mean that it was the right thing to do.

  10. If he has a target he is hoping to reach I would suspect irs ring 7. Thats the one where he puts the Patriots in sole first place as the team with the most. But thats only a guess.

    Its a wry irony that the league and all the haters piling on him over deflatebullgate may have repositioned the chip on his shoulder and made him want to push for more. That with their attempts to try and boo him down all they did was prolong their own misery.

    No need to try proving these guesses wrong or right. They are nothing more than the idle thoughts of a single person.

  11. grant35 says:
    January 25, 2018 at 9:15 am
    I’m sure Brady can play til he is 60. Why?- because of his full proof TB12 diet.

    I think so too! Hey maybe he can win 12 rings! 🙂

  12. Just because it was easy to hide the PSI information from the 2015 NFL season…doesn’t mean that it was the right thing to do.
    Anyone with a brain knows the reason why the PSI data is hidden.

    Patriot Hater won’t like it very much. 🙂

  13. “Probably a 10-6 team, 9-7 team,” Zolak said. “Somewhere in there. I mean, that fourth quarter [against Jacksonville], I don’t think Jimmy could’ve pulled that one out last week”.

    Jimmy put up 44 points on the Jaguars just a few weeks ago. With less talent around him… just saying.

  14. Tommy has nothing left to prove. The argument is over. Anything he does now is gravy. The day he walks away from the NFL is the day I am done watching myself. But I am gonna make the parade this year and will be in Canton to see him join the HOF! From 6th to 1st round! LETS GOOOOOO!

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