Andy Reid: No thought to replacing Bob Sutton

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The Chiefs were faced with replacing their offensive coordinator after Matt Nagy was hired as the head coach of the Bears this month, but they won’t be doing the same on the defensive side.

Coach Andy Reid confirmed on Wednesday that defensive coordinator Bob Sutton will remain in the job he’s held since 2013. Reid acknowledged that there are some people who think that’s a mistake after watching the Chiefs give up an 18-point lead and 202 rushing yards in their playoff loss to the Titans, but said it never crossed his mind to make a change.

“There’s nothing going on there,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “I know everybody has their opinion on everything, just like they did when they wanted me to bench Alex [Smith]. That turned out pretty good. So [replacing Sutton] is not where I’m at or have ever been. I don’t listen to any of that. I do what I think is right for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

There are spots like cornerback that have clear need for improvement in 2018 and the Chiefs will have to address them this offseason. They’ll also hope to have safety Eric Berry and linebacker Dee Ford back healthy as part of a more effective defensive mix.

17 responses to “Andy Reid: No thought to replacing Bob Sutton

  1. Defense has been heading downhill for 4 straight years, and this fool thinks it’s a good idea to put arguably one of the best pass rusher “Justin Houston “ in pass coverage…….. grrrr

  2. Alex Smith had the ability in 6 of their 7 losses to either get a first down to end/win the game or score to win the game. Needless to say he did none of those things in those 6 losses. So while I do think Sutton should be fired, in 5 of those losses the defense only surrendered 22 points or less. Pointing to offensive deficiency hurting the defense.

  3. All KC Fans are Pissed today. I am one of them. Bob Sutton has been a below average D Coordinator since he came to the Chiefs. He has blown multiple double digit leads in playoff games. he has our “premier pass rusher” dropping into pass coverage instead of rushing the passer. Sutton Sucks. Reid also has his son as defensive line coach. Chiefs will Lose some Fans over Reid’s boneheaded decision to keep Sutton.

  4. Don’t worry, Cheap fans. Santa Claus’s new QB John Manziel Jr. is there to save the day! You’ll miss Alice when he’s gone.

  5. Same exact cycle is happening in KC with Reid that happened in Philly. He has some really good years, then pushes his terrific GM out because he’s power hungry, and now he answers to nobody. He’s a good coach, but he’s not Belichick and shouldn’t be treated as such and given so much power.

    I only hope Mahomes is the real deal, or things could fall apart in a hurry.

  6. kcsam76 says:
    January 25, 2018 at 9:23 am
    Don’t worry, Cheap fans. Santa Claus’s new QB John Manziel Jr. is there to save the day! You’ll miss Alice when he’s gone.

    Most Chiefs fans won;t miss Alex for a Second after he is Gone. Pat Mahomes is a superstar in the making. Pat will do what Alex could not as chiefs qb, win playoff games and possibly more. Pat mahomes is good enough to overcome Andy Reid’s weaknesses to achieve a higher level of success. That is something Alex could Never do.

  7. Andy Reid has been one of the best coaches in the NFL over the last 20 years or so, but he’s never had the luxury of a HOF QB. Most great coaches that I can remember throughout history did. Patrick Mahomes will be the best QB Reid has ever worked with. 2018 should be very exciting, and by 2019 the Chiefs should be serious contenders for the Lombardi trophy. I’m not a Chiefs fan, but I do watch a lot of football.

  8. kcflake says:
    January 25, 2018 at 9:14 am
    All KC Fans are Pissed today. I am one of them. Bob Sutton has been a below average D Coordinator since he came to the Chiefs.

    Sutton has been the KC D Coordinator since 2013. Here is the KC Defense DVOA rating from Football Outsiders for 2013-2017:

    2013 – 9th
    2014 – 19th
    2015 – 6th
    2016 – 14th
    2017 – 30th

    So, they obviously had a poor year this past season, but the KC defense has been slightly above average or better since Sutton took over. The fact that the Chiefs lost one of their best players, Eric Berry in game 1 and losing a great run stopping DL in Dontari Poe to free agency, may have more to do with the fact that the D was bad in 2017, rather than Sutton’s coordinator abilities. Plus, if I’m Reid, I’d probably not want to replace both offense and defensive coordinators in the same, so keeping Sutton at least through 2018, is probably justified.

  9. Reid is a good HC. Chiefs need another WR to compliment Hill and push Wilson. Bob Sutton is an underrated defensive coach. Was with the Jets along time. Hired by Parcells & Al Groh. Survived Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini and Rex Ryan before leaving to join Andy Reid.
    Yeah stupid to to have Justin Houston in pass coverage. Wrong! Bill Belichick used to put Lawrence Taylor in pass coverage once in awhile. Hey good coaches don’t win all the time. Jimmy Johnson didn’t have the same success in Miami that he did in Dallas. John Fox coached the Giants defense to a SB and as a HC took the Panthers and Broncos to the SB yet was “terrible” with the Bears. If the Chiefs lose fans over keeping then they aren’t real football fans.

  10. I have my own opinion on Sutton and the Chiefs D, or lackof, at times BUT I don’t blame Reid one bit. If I was HC you know how many times the “media” would get to listen to me recite as to where they can submit their resume to become the HC? Make no mistake, the “stories” and crap these guys drum up and nag these coaches about has an end goal of making them money. F’em all

  11. joetoronto says:
    January 25, 2018 at 8:08 am
    Have no fear, Cheaps fans. The Koolaid Man is in charge of everything.


    Yep, and under Andy Reid the Chiefs have never finished below the Raiders, that would be 5 straight years.

    They also have won the AFC West the last 2 years, which the Chiefs have done 4 times since the the last time the Raiders won the west….15 years ago.

    So, I think I will take the Chiefs approach over the Raiders any day.

  12. This is silly. Marty Mornhinweg has always brought success when teamed together with Andy. What’s happened — why isn’t Marty doing the play-calling for KCMO?

  13. It was all Andy! Andy and Marty parted ways after Philadelphia. Andy made Doug Pederson his OC and Mrty joined the Jets as Rex Ryan’s OC. When they both got from from the Jets Marty became QB coach for the Ravens and was their OC last year. Marty hasn’t had any success since Andy dropped him for Pederson. Pederson doing a little better than Marty these days.

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