Bears won’t hike season-ticket prices

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In nearly every business, the toughest decision relates to setting the price. Supply and demand represent the biggest factors; when it comes to the finite supply of tickets to a sporting event, the demand is tied directly to whether and to what extent folks who buy the tickets believe the experience is going to be an enjoyable one.

For the Bears, where there hasn’t been much enjoyment in recent years, the delicate balance of supply and demand has prompted the team to not raise season-ticket prices for the third time in four years.

Last year, prices were increased slightly. This year, they won’t be increased at all. And the team is promising fans a “premium” experience.

That starts with a winning football team,” Bears president Ted Phillips wrote in a letter to season-ticket holders on Thursday, via the Chicago Tribune. “That standard has not been met in recent years, and we know your patience has been tested.”

Given that acknowledgement, it’s even more surprising that the Bears opted for a first-time head coach who likely will need time to find his footing and reach his ceiling. But maybe, after a few more years of patience, the Bears will give fans the kind of experience that will justify annual price hikes.