Bills axe analytics staff

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Bills General Manager Brandon Beane is going in a different direction on the analytics front.

The Bills dismissed director of analytics Michael Lyons and system analyst Peter Linton, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports.

Beane, who inherited the analytics staff when he took the Buffalo G.M. job in May, is expected to hire new people for a new analytics department, but it’s unclear exactly what they’ll do in Buffalo. When Bills President Russ Brandon has discussed the analytics people in the past, he detailed their work in areas such as helping the team determine the right ticket prices. That’s not exactly what disciples of Bill James think of when they think of analytics.

It’s unclear how much Beane and Bills coach Sean McDermott think analytics can help with roster building and in-game strategy, but whatever plans the Bills have in the analytics realm, they’ll be going in a different direction.

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  1. People get confused when they hear about analytics. Smart NFL people have been using analytics for decades. They’ve been analyzing game strategy and player personnel from video tape. Tape study has always been a much more accurate way to analyze, but it’s more time consuming. Much more time consuming. So there is a new generation of “lazy” people who are looking for short cuts. They’re trying to analyze football with measurements and other things that are related to football, but they’re not football. But they can do it in a fraction of the time and then hit the golf course or the local pubs. Eventually they end up in the unemployment line.

  2. Sashay Brown, formerly of the Browns, is available. You can see the “job” he did on, er with the Browns. Think of all those draft picks you can accumulate over the years and all the passes on guys like Wentz and Winston. He’ll get your salary cap way low, too. Win/win for everyone.

  3. “Make the Bills great again”?

    In order to get back to greatness, you need to have been there first and the Bills have never won a thing.

  4. If I’m running a company of any type, football team or not, I want my stats guys to be able to analyze ANY data they’re given. “Hey, get me a comprehensive report on 4th down plays by Friday.” Done. “Hey, get me a report on success rates by positon at our current draft slot.” Done. Numbers are numbers and the data is available for everything. They don’t need to be football guys BUT the football guys need to be asking them for the right information and then use it correctly. Your stat guy shouldn’t be making decisions, just crunching numbers for you.

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