Cowboys will “roll up our sleeves” to get deal with DeMarcus Lawrence

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Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence picked a good moment to set a career high in sacks.

The 2014 second-round pick tied Calais Campbell for second in the league with 14.5 sacks during the final year of his rookie contract. That sets him up for a handsome payday this offseason.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said this week that he’d prefer that payday come in the form of a long-term deal, but using the franchise tag will be on the table if things can’t get done.

“Our first goal is to sign him to a long-term deal, obviously,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “To me, the only reason you use a franchise tag is to hopefully protect yourself if you can’t get a long-term deal signed that you like. That’s normally the route we like to go. Certainly, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and see if we can do something with DeMarcus without having a franchise tag.”

Lawrence said from Orlando this week, via, that he’s comfortable with either the tag or a long-term deal and that he’s letting his agent handle things as we move toward the March 6 deadline to use the tag. He also said his goal for the offseason is to “make sure as a group of guys we get better as the Dallas Cowboys,” so it seems he expects to remain in Dallas one way or another.

8 responses to “Cowboys will “roll up our sleeves” to get deal with DeMarcus Lawrence

  1. I would tag him to see if he can do it 2 years in a row, Let’s not forget homers,
    he has had Health issues and a substance suspension. Can we just open the Vault
    for him?

  2. If Lawrence knows the franchise tag is on the table there is no reason for him to take less than that so I predict that unless the cowboys are ready to make him a top 5 paid player in the league, he’ll be tagged.

  3. yes, i agree, slap the franchise tag & if he does it again then lock him up & if he doesn’t do it again then you know he played hard because it was his last year under contract. If that stoner Randy Gregory comes back and stays clean that will be 2 good pass rushers.

  4. Tag him. Lets see if he can do it again while staying healthy. I’ve seen this before or lets just say ALL THE TIME. Guys turn it up during their contract year and as soon as they get paid they turn it back down. He started the season fresh off his suspension with 7 Sacks during the first 3 games. He wanted to prove that he was not a nut case and can play. The only issue is that during those 3 games, he went against 3 average tackles(NY, DEN, ARI). After that, he turned it down. I have seen him get thrown and pushed around by other tackles. He has no bull rush strength and his best move is getting a quicker jump start than the tackle for a edge rush and that’s how he had most his sacks

  5. joetoronto says:
    January 25, 2018 at 8:35 am
    The Cowboys are in cap hell, they can’t get better.


    Actually there 12 worst in the league, they have 18 million… mostly due to cutting Romo
    What’s surprising is the Steelers are 2 million over the cap… How are you going to sign
    Le’von Bell ?

  6. Like all said before, franchise him. Too many guys suck it up for their contract year and then get paid and become complacent. How did Dez’s deal work out for us after his contract year?

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