David Irving unlikely to get long-term deal from Cowboys this offseason

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Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving likely isn’t going anywhere this offseason, but he likely isn’t getting a long-term deal either.

“It’ll be a difficult one and probably, if anything, he needs to put together a full season and consistency and all of that,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “Obviously played outstanding when he was healthy. DeMarcus Lawrence put together a full, great year, and obviously that’s important. Therefore, I think it’d be real difficult to figure out something long term with David.”

The team likely will place a second-round tender on Irving, a restricted free agent, according to George. That would allow Irving to negotiate with other teams, but the Cowboys can match any deal and would receive a second-round choice if they choose not to.

Irving served a four-game suspension to start the season and ended the season sitting out the final four games with a concussion. He has had games of brilliance, including a 2016 game against the Packers when he earned defensive player of the week. But Irving has yet to show any consistency, although he did have a career-high seven sacks in eight games.

8 responses to “David Irving unlikely to get long-term deal from Cowboys this offseason

  1. Oh he can get a long term deal. Get some of that money back from Crawford and bryant pay that man.

  2. Irving has no one to blame but himself. He started the season off with a
    completely selfish and stupid suspension. His work ethic is up and down.
    His off the field behavior is no secret given he is out in the public.
    This is also a factor that makes the Cowboys suspect.
    Bottom line Irving is immature, selfish and most of all unreliable..
    This is not a recipe for a big contract.

  3. Wait till they have to pay Dak. It’ll be a fire sale then.


    The Cowboys wouldn’t even pick up the 5th year option on Dak or even finish his rookie contract as a starter. The fans already know he is not a franchise QB. We just waiting for Jerry and his son to see it too for it to finally be wrap.

  4. Call David Irving what you may,but I garuntee if the cowboys don’t sign him now another team will take him and transform into the league’s best lineman. I garuntee it.

  5. David Irving has great talent but Dallas always seem to lose patience on the right players and let them walk right onto a team that winds up advancing far more than Dallas to name a few, Barry Church afc championship game. Cedric Thornton Buffalo,J.J Wilcox Pittsburgh,Demarcus Ware Denver Superbowl! Dallas needs to stop jumping the gun so fast nobody is perfect it takes time!!!

  6. I want the Cowboys to re-sign players who love football and have the talent to make a difference on the field. They have to resign players like Martin, Lawrence, and Hitchens. Irving is a good player, but I question if he loves football. I believe this is why they will let him walk (if another team offers a contract). Why risk signing this guy to a long term contract and then he will do something stupid and get suspended? It’s not worth the risk. I would rather they trade him, save the cap space and sign players like Hitchens.

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