Gerald McCoy campaigns for Bucs to sign Michael Bennett, Aqib Talib


Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy wants the Buccaneers to be active in free agency. In fact, he sounds as if he’d like to take Jason Licht’s job as General Manager.

McCoy is campaigning for the Bucs to sign two veteran defensive players in particular.

“Mike Bennett. Aqib Talib,” McCoy said, via Mark Cook of Pewter Report. “I want to get all the guys back together. When [free agents] come into our building, whatever made you a champion, or whatever made you who you are, bring that. Show us what it takes to be a champion, show us what it takes to be successful. Because most of the guys we are going to bring in are going to be playoff players. Have been in the playoffs. Had success. Have rings. Been to a Super Bowl, or have been deep in the playoffs. Bring that. Show us what it takes to get there. We have to get there.”

The Bucs last qualified for the postseason in 2007. That was one of only two playoff trips Tampa Bay has taken since its Super Bowl season of 2002.

McCoy would like nothing better than to duplicate what Warren Sapp did, and McCoy is not talking about Sapp’s seven consecutive Pro Bowl appearances.

“I am going to enjoy six [Pro Bowls], and shoot for seven,” McCoy said. “I’d like to not be able to be here next year because I am doing something else.”