Jarvis Landry: Contract talks “moving slowly”

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Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry said last week that there had not been any contract talks with the team since an exchange of proposals in December and said he felt the process was “disrespectful.”

It sounds like the situation may have changed a bit since Landry last weighed in. Landry gave an update from Pro Bowl practice in Orlando on Thursday and said that there’s been a little progress.

“They’re moving. They’re moving slowly, but they’re moving,” Landry told Jane Slater of NFL Media. “And again for me, [for] the most part I’ve been out trying to enjoy my time with my family, with these other guys — these talented guys around the league, and just letting the rest take care of itself.”

Landry’s update comes a day after Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported that Landry is pessimistic about his chances of returning to the Dolphins. Dolphins executive vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum also talked about Landry on Wednesday, but only said the team would see where things go with “more time to go before the deadline.”

Landry’s agent said last week that his client won’t be taking a discount to stay with the Dolphins, which may mean we get to March before there’s any resolution as the opening of the legal tampering window will give Landry a chance to see what other offers are on the table.

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  1. It comes down to do you want the money, or do you want to stay in Miami. You need to check out how much in extra state taxes you will pay if you leave. Bill

  2. I would love to know his demands before I pass judgement. I know all agents start high and teams start low and try to find common ground. I’m wondering if Miami is seeing how he handles this, his maturity and self control has been called into question as hurting the team. If I remember correctly the team wanted to see improvement from him this season on those fronts.

  3. The Suh contract has zero to do with it. Miami has 41 million in cap space and that’s before the cap goes up 14 million for 2018. Enough of the talk about Miami being in cap trouble. Each and every one of you would LOVE to have Suh on your starting DL so vet over yourselves!!!

  4. State taxes are irrelevant to the decision. Florida has hot figured out to fund government for free–you guys pay for it in other ways such as higher propetry taxes, sales tax, fewer police, and substandard schools.

  5. This is getting ridiculous, Jarvis Landry caught 2-3 yard passes on a team that could not pick up first downs or win. Now he wants Antonio Brown money. In a 40 yard dash Brown would beat Jarvis by 15 yards. Talks are moving slow on Jarvis because he’s slow. Every scout can view the film to observe the lack of separation Landry creates. No one will pay Jarvis elite money. Tannenbaum knows this and will just wait for Jarvis to find out the truth about his earning potential!

  6. Ummmm, state taxes do matter.
    Let’s use that $10 mil contract Jarvis is seeking
    If he went to NE, Massachusetts would grab $515,000 in taxes.
    That would mean In actuality Jarvis is taking home only $9.5 mil.

    Jarvis would actually take home more money in a 5 year $48 mil contract in Miami than he would if he signed a 5 year $50 mil in NE.

    And yeah, Florida had 100 million tourists last year, with 68 million handled by Orlando by itself…all tourist pay a 6% tourist tax, as well as bed tax and resort fees. All adds up to be about $24-25 billion in revenue.and about 23% of the state budget, which we residents don’t have to fund out of our pockets.

  7. Landry got screwed when Tannehill got hurt. He was trending upwards in ypc with Tannehill under center. Cutler used Landry as a safety valve when nothing existed on most plays. If he agrees to a descent amount the fins should find a way to keep him.

  8. One Pats fan says we’d love to have you… next Pats fan calls Landry a cancer. I’m hoping Jay Ajayi gets game mvp next week to see the comments then.

  9. DJ Scotty B makes a good point on the tax money savings over 5yrs. Plus that 500k per year savings could be reinvested and worth even more at the end of 5 years. I guess Pats fans enjoy paying high taxes…Tax a chusetts.

  10. Tourist tax is just another example of your state mooching off the rest of the country. Charging me to visit your state would be fair so far as the marginal cost that I cause, but as you say, 24% of your budget comes from tourist—really your state is stealing. that ocean and beach belongs to America. In addition, your state mooches hurricane money for this unexpected natural disaster that happens like every year.

  11. This Suh bashing has to stop. Suh’s great, we love him, back off. Anybody that know the game thinks hes great. Anybody can see he has two or three Oline men hanging on his back. It’s our other players who don’t capitalise on this, that don’t make the most of his power.

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