Report: Dan Campbell to interview for Vikings’ offensive coordinator job

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Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell is the latest name to emerge as a candidate for the Vikings’ offensive coordinator job. He will interview with Mike Zimmer early next week, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports.

Campbell, 41, played tight end for the Cowboys from 2003-05 when Zimmer served as the team’s defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells. Campbell has spent the past two seasons in New Orleans.

He served as the interim head coach of the Dolphins in 2015, going 5-7.

Former Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Vikings quarterbacks coach Kevin Stefanski and Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan also will interview with Minnesota, via various reports.

6 responses to “Report: Dan Campbell to interview for Vikings’ offensive coordinator job

  1. “Dan, do you think you’re capable of guiding our starting quarterback next season?”

    “Who’s your starting quarterback?”

    “We don’t have one.”

    “OK. What exactly would you like me to do?”

  2. Well we already have ex-Dolphin head coach Tony Sporano – who happened to be Dan Campbell’s position coach 2003-4 with the Cowboys – so at least they’ll already have worked together.

  3. Dan Campbell is a great Coach. He found a way to motivate players that at the time were near his age and made 20 times what he got paid and had nothing to play for. That takes skill. His only problem in Miami was a lack of HC experience. He has now travelled around enough to see multiple leadership styles and systems. I think this makes him not only qualified, but a great catch. The Viking Fans would be lucky to get him. I wish it were possible for him to come to Miami and clean up the poor, predictable play calling and 2nd most pre-snap penalties in the league. But Nooooo, Gase has to hire all his Ex-Bears Buddies; who were 30th in Offense.

  4. Re arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Vikings had a golden opportunity to win their first Super Bowl, on home turf no less. How did they lose to a 2nd string QB in a game where they were favored? Not only lose, but lose by 31 points?

    Look for a job elsewhere in the NFL.

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