Rich McKay: New contract for Matt Ryan is a priority, but I can’t say when

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The Falcons expect to sign quarterback Matt Ryan to a long-term contract extension, but they can’t say just how soon that will happen.

Falcons President & CEO Rich McKay said this morning on PFT Live that a deal should get done, he’s just not sure when.

“It’s not something that I’d look for in the coming weeks, but it is something that we’ll work on,” McKay said. “It will be a priority. We’ve already begun the discussion. Now, the question, when will that happen? These deals tend to have their own pace to them based on the sense of urgency on both sides, so I’m not going to give you a prediction.”

Ryan is heading into the final year of his five-year contract, and he’s scheduled to count $21.65 million against the salary cap this year. The Falcons are near the bottom of the league in available cap space for 2018, so a deal that guarantees Ryan more money going forward but reduces his cap hit in 2018 would make a lot of sense. It’s a deal that should get done before the season, but whether that’s in March or in August remains to be seen.

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  1. Every time another QB ranked in the top 10-15 or so comes up for a new contract I laugh and laugh.

    Brady openly takes smaller contracts to help the team. It leaves BB extra money to make mid-season deals and if Kraft ever needs him to restructure, he does it immediately. Brady understands that he could demand 30-35M/year but it would put a ton of pressure on him and the team. It would also force them to have more role players and less playmakers. Maybe that 20 additional million he doesn’t force allows them Hightower and Gronk vs 2 scrubs off the street. Do you think those guys make a legit difference??

    I would tell Ryan to look at what Brees and Rodgers have done to their teams. Along with Brady and Manning, these have been the top 4 for the longest time. But, because Brees and Rodgers are demanding every single penny, their teams are forced to choose between pieces on O vs D. And what are their fans always screaming: “If the Saints/Packers had the defense Brady has had his entire career, they’d have won more too!”

    You’re probably right, take it up with your greedy QBs and the buffoon GM who keeps giving away the farm! If Ryan is smart, he’ll take a 5/75 deal and force the Falcons to spend to within 3% of the cap so the extra money he’s not taking doesn’t go in Arthur Blank’s pocket. Structure the deal so every dollar below 3% of max goes back to Ryan.

  2. i am a fan of matt ryan, hes a classy guy and a great leader, but its hard to envision him being the guy that gets them over the top. there always seems to be something negative late 4th quarters with this guy that snatches defeat away from victory. sack, fumble, etc, but it is always something.

  3. It’s unfortunate that Matt Ryan will undoubtedly become the highest paid QB in the league coming up. He choked in the playoffs and choked in the SB last year. Sure, he’s decent, but not worth being the highest paid.

  4. Stop acting like Brady is mother Teresa. He may take slightly less but make no mistake he’s handsomely paid. It also helps he’s been collecting a check for 18 years vs other QB who’s only played 10 or less. He’s made his money plus some.

  5. Brady not only defeated his mother’s cancer with the biggest comeback in SB history, he has shattered the prisoner’s dilemma every year by voluntarily taking less money so the team can afford better teammates — ultimately netting him bigger rewards than if he broke the bank and stayed home in January (aka the Flacco Model). Not bad for a 2 yard pass throwing system QB.

  6. I am a Pats’ fan, so I get that Brady really could take a check for $0 due to his wife; but if another great QB, Rogers for example, who was not married to a rich woman decided to take a moderate amount less, he might win more Super Bowls, and that translates into more long-term money.

  7. You may not agree with my comment on Brady but it’s simple math. Every team has the same amount to spend on their team of 45(53) players. If you’re working with $170 million and you pay the QB 15M vs 30M, it will make a MASSIVE difference. I know Gisele makes money, but someone above hit the nail on the head. By taking less $$ and winning more, you increase your brand and advertising dollars; so over the long term you actually make more overall.

    Plus, many of these guys are just plain greedy. Once you piss away 1 mill on various cars, boats, etc. and 10 mill on a palace on lots of acreage; what else is there? I know plenty of people that live a fantastic life on 200k annually. Travel all the time, drive flashy cars, it’s not that hard with some standard budgeting. Why do guys need to say no to 5 yr/20M per because they NEED 6 yr/28M per? You know full well it’s going to be harder to win with lesser quality role players…

    Why would anyone want to lose all the time just so they can laugh and lorde over all their teammates with their vast wealth? So I say again, I’d take TB12 over Rodgers or Brees any day of the week!

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