Sean Payton: It’s all good with Dirk Koetter

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After the Buccaneers beat the Saints in Week 17 of the regular season, their coach Dirk Koetter and Saints coach Sean Payton met for a handshake and more at midfield.

While the two men were shaking hands, they were also exchanging chest slaps while having a conversation that seemed to center on Payton taking issue with Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans‘ blindside charge at Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore during a Week Nine game between the teams. Payton noted he “got pissed” in that game, Koetter said he didn’t see it and the two men parted ways looking nothing like the closest of friends.

On Wednesday, Payton, who is coaching a couple of Koetter’s players in the Pro Bowl, downplayed any tension.

“Not at all,” Payton said, via “Listen, he’s a great coach and a good friend and when you get into these games, you just get going 100 miles an hour. I know he’s building his team, and I like just meeting some of [Koetter’s] guys who are out here. But it’s all good.”

The Saints and Buccaneers will play twice next season, which will offer ample opportunity for the two men to have a calmer exchange at midfield or for bad feelings between division rivals to get stoked all over again.

6 responses to “Sean Payton: It’s all good with Dirk Koetter

  1. The coach needs to be the level headed one on the sidelines. After what Gronk did to Tre’davoous white Sean McDermott should have been ready to blow up at Belichick. But McDermott kept his head and his team followed suit. A lot of other bills coaches (lookin at you Sexy Rexy) wouldn’t have done that and McDermott earned a ton of respect from this Pats fan.

    Payton needs to grow up.

  2. I think we all know who is the bigger coach in this situation. I wish the saints would do themselves a favor & fire him.

  3. @GenXJ LOL. Fire the best coach in the team’s history because he was pissed that the Bucs play dirty. Right.

  4. Sean Payton is the best coach in the history of the New Orleans Saints, period. He gets a lot of criticism because he’s passionate about his job, yes he steps across the line at times, but it’s all harmless…all he’s done since he’s been here is build a winner.

  5. @doubleogator, harmless? maybe he should pay more attention to his job then having his little emotional fits. Maybe a coach shouldn’t be taunting the players or the crowd before the game is over so his team isn’t taking a play off either and missing a sure tackle to win a game. Sure he isn’t a bad coach but his attitude keeps him from being a great coach. He misses the playoffs a lot and his attitude filters down to the team. This isn’t an isolated incident with him. Time for him to check his emotions at the door and do his job. When a coach acts like this, so will his players and we saw what that results in the last play he coached this year.

  6. When a coach acts like this, so will his players and we saw what that results in the last play he coached this year.
    Yeah that last play happened all bc Payton needs to be less passionate. Lmao

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