Vince McMahon vows higher quality play in the new XFL

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This is the XFL again, but it’s a better XFL, according to Vince McMahon.

McMahon, the wrestling mogul who announced today that he is re-launching his pro football league, said that the No. 1 priority will be making the quality of play on the field better than it was when he tried and failed to establish the league in 2001.

“I think the most important thing we learned with the older XFL and now the new XFL is the quality of the play,” he said. “We have two years to really get it right. It’s the quality of the play.”

McMahon didn’t say precisely how he plans to make the game on the field better, but he did say he will spend a great deal of time listening to everyone — football players, coaches, fans, members of the media, sports medicine experts and others — to figure out how to make the game better.

As for whether the XFL will have the famous jerseys with nicknames on the back, McMahon isn’t sure.

“I’m not sure if we’ll have the individuality like ‘He Hate Me.’ We’re not there yet,” McMahon said.

The new league won’t launch until January of 2020, and McMahon said he has no idea where teams will be located.

“We’re way away from announcing any cities,” McMahon said.

There’s still a lot McMahon doesn’t know. But he does know he has some unfinished business in pro football.

47 responses to “Vince McMahon vows higher quality play in the new XFL

  1. I’m in! Here’s a tip McMahon: be mindful of the commercials; don’t get greedy (ahem, ahem). And if you really want to capture disgruntled NFL fans: make sure the players stand for the anthem.

  2. useless phone call. Never ceases to amaze me how people get paid to repeat the same question over and over again. No questions on a draft…cheerleaders? how they’ll give back to the communities? what the requirements might be to be a NFL player? he probably wouldn’t answer any of it, but jeez switch it up will ya!

  3. I’m looking forward to this. It’ll be nice to watch football without one team dominating year in and year out, shady officiating and unclear rules, fans bickering over a small percentage of players taking a knee, nonstop whining about the commissioner, etc. etc.

  4. The key to any league that is going to be short lived is to have a team in Birmingham. While rusty and tired Legion Field may have hosted many great Iron Bowls, it is also symbolic of real bad pro football in front of scarce crowds. Land the B-ham franchise and all else will fall into place Vince.

  5. It’s great timing to try to get in, NFL is clearly declining to some degree (granted, from an incredibly high perch). Hope Vince is smart and really loosens up the rule book – I’d like to watch football instead of a partial-contact court proceeding like I do every Sunday in the fall.

  6. McMahon doesn’t have the appropriate funding to pay for a high quality professional football league. Gimmicks may work in pro wrestling, but smart football fans know what is good and what is trash. You need to start with distinct ownership of franchises and have good stadium deals. The USFL could have worked. They had the right formula and the quality of play was 3/4 the way between power five college football and the NFL. It had a professional feel about it. They weren’t patient enough though and overspent on great players and not enough on the rosters as a whole. That relates to not having the huge NFL style network tv contracts.

  7. If i was Big Vince i would dump city names WHEN starting off since there is only 8 teams and use country regions. Great Lakes, Commonwealth, West Coast, Mid West etc. More of the country will feel a part of it.

  8. Too many people are thinking they will get old school football back with McMahon and his New Coke version of football. The reality is the US government will make him enforce the same rules changes and concussion protocol that the NFL and other sports leagues follow. Also given McMahon’s expertise in scripted sports entertainment I think we should expect more of the same in this venture too.

  9. If there was every a time to get 5 or so percent of the NFL popularity, this is it. More & more people are getting tired of politics in sports. Here’s an interesting point, would Vince be signing Colin in a few years? It would grab headlines & it would be interesting. I’m not a fan of Kap, but I could see this as a great wrestling storyline so I could see Vince at least explore it.

  10. no nick names, fewer commercials, less stoppages, be able to review flags/penalties, no early whistles, just make the game 3 quarters, no halftime bs

  11. willyalistentothis says:
    January 25, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    The key to any league that is going to be short lived is to have a team in Birmingham. While rusty and tired Legion Field may have hosted many great Iron Bowls, it is also symbolic of real bad pro football in front of scarce crowds. Land the B-ham franchise and all else will fall into place Vince.


    Don’t forget the memorable the Canadian Football League expansion Birmingham Barracudas games played there.

  12. This will never happen. Why is it that individuals who have piles of money are still so starved for attention? Go away! Your accomplishments are uninspired. You have taken more from society than you’ve contributed. Shut the hell up and live your twilight years with decency and self-reflection. Do some good before you die.

  13. No one’s going to watch this Mickey Mouse wanna-be league.

    It’ll just be white dudes who want to force black people to stand at attention for their pro-slave “national anthem”. That’s it. That’s their whole potential fan base — just a bunch of fat, deplorable losers.

  14. I say get innovative and use robots as players! Like the fighting robots in thee movie real steel, imagine the hits and smashmouth football we could watch.

  15. Recipe for success:

    1) Guaranteed contracts, which will draw college talent away from the NFL
    2) Strategically located cities, like those that were just spit up and chewed out by the greedy NFL Owners (St.Louis, San Diego).
    3) Contract Nike for the Uniforms, and use some of those new age designs that the NFL is too boorish to ever consider.
    4) Normal team names, in relation to the cities the team’s are in, not crap like “Demons”.
    5) Legit announcers, guys like Gus Johnson.
    6) A simplified playbook, so we don’t need a monacle to know what a catch is.
    8) The NCAA review system, done in 30 seconds.
    9) Less cartoony than the previous XFL, people just want good football.
    10) Full time referees

  16. Mcmahon was so ahead of his time with the xfl in 2002. No question he is trying to drum up interest from investors to front the money for the new league. No question it is a great time to do this due to all of the bs that is currently going on in the nfl. Time to bring back real old time football. The original gimmicks of the old xfl wont be needed as long as the fans can get real football back without the politics.

  17. He is better off investing into football rather than wrestling. Watched raw the other night for the first time in a long while. My god that show is bad now.

  18. Last time the XFL was around it failed because it was too gimmicky. Here’s hoping Mcmahon learned from past mistakes and actually brings a good product with enough differences that it doesn’t feel like either a mockery of football or like a talent-less NFL.

  19. Have fun watching average Joe’s out there. You all seem to think that his league will be a cross of Gladiator meets Sparticus. And if anything like that comes close to that instead of chanting Spainiard you’ll be chanting Janitor. Head injuries are no joke and Vince doesn’t seem to be the type who cares about anything but himself.

  20. mysterytonite says:
    January 25, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    Time to bring back real old time football.

    What does that even mean? Leather helmets? No forward pass?

    They aren’t going to bring back smashmouth football.

  21. Imagine a player wanting to play in a minor league system where you’re forced to stand for the flag…. lol who’s gonna want to play in this? Why is standing for the flag such a big deal if people have already said they aren’t intending to disrespect the military.?

  22. People questioning the quality of play must have their blinders on when the NCAA has 300+ teams, and probably a quarter of the games are decided by more than 40 points.

    Parcells was right, people root for laundry. Getting your roots in any city, will create icons and stars just like the NFL does. Adam Thielen didn’t even get a combine invite. There are countless guys like him out there that would thrive with just an opportunity and make for a competitive product.

  23. i think a smart thing he said it’s a “league entity”…not franchise driven. So no renegade owners a la USFL to sink things, be it poor teams-too much money.

    Not having players with a criminal record?!?! That’s gonna narrow down the pool a bit…

    Fine with pay scale/win get paid more.
    Fewer commercials always good – less stoppage of play/better flow. (Every extra point/kickoff/punt has commercials in/out of. So it’s like 1 “play” for like 5-6 mins.)
    Less bs penalties/refs dictating play-outcome. Let play happen
    Don’t need paid talking head commentators at half time. Though players need a break…

    DIVISION 1 – St Louis, OKC, Memphis, Louisville. DIVISION 2 – N Florida/Tallahassee, Birmingham, Atlanta, and either Knoxville or Carolinas (Charlotte/Greensboro-Winston Salem/Raleigh-Durham)

  24. ctown66 says:
    January 25, 2018 at 4:08 pm
    If i was Big Vince i would dump city names WHEN starting off since there is only 8 teams and use country regions. Great Lakes, Commonwealth, West Coast, Mid West etc. More of the country will feel a part of it.

    I really liked that idea, I can not believe I never heard it before.

    As for how the XFL will fare. I think 2 things need to be paid attention too.

    1) He said he the league will begin in JANUARY of 2020. This means the league will not be attempting to go head to head (ala USFL) and it will not be thrown together as quickly as last time (under a year last time).

    2) The XFL had huge opening day ratings, and fell off afterward. That shows me that there was an interest in the league, and if the quality had been better it might have maintained the success.

    I am always excited for more football. Be it Arena, Indoor, or XFL I will always give it a chance.

  25. Hey Vince. Want to make your product better than the NFL. Just follow these simple steps.
    1- Absolutely no concussion protocol. Sorry players, If its too rough dont play.
    2- Make hitting legal. Yes,That means you can hit the QB or anybody else. High or low!
    3- Bring back the no fair catch rule.
    4- NO REPLAY!!!!!!!!

  26. A pro football league that supports our great country and won’t let it’s players use our flag and anthem as a dog potty training mat? THIS IS THE XFL! #SupportAMVETS!

  27. A few ideas for the XFL:

    1) Each coach gets one replay challenge each half and that is it. Every other call is done on the field by the refs, including TDs.
    2) A catch is anything that looks like a catch in football during the 80s.
    3) OTs – each team gets a chance. No more score a TD on the first drive and the game is over.
    4) A touchback starts on the 20 yard.

    Now, let’s play football!

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