Alex Smith on his future: “I don’t think anybody totally knows”

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Alex Smith might remain in Kansas City . . . but he might not. The quarterback doesn’t know what the future holds, and perhaps the Chiefs don’t know — or haven’t decided — either.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of speculation out there on what’s going to happen, what could happen,” Smith told Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star. “I don’t think anybody totally knows.”

Smith has one year remaining on his contract with the Chiefs. He’s scheduled to count $20.6 million against their salary cap, and the Chiefs can save $17 million by trading him or releasing him.

With Patrick Mahomes waiting in the wings, speculation about Smith’s future began even before the Chiefs lost in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

“I don’t know that this is limbo, but if this is, it [stinks],” Smith said. “But the one [good] thing is knowing that you put a good product out there. You feel good about it, and you know that, hopefully, if it comes to [a trade], there is some place [for you].”

Smith, 33, said he feels he has a long career ahead of him wherever he ends up.

“[Retirement] is not on the close horizon,” Smith said. “I know that.”

26 responses to “Alex Smith on his future: “I don’t think anybody totally knows”

  1. He will get extended, Andy loves his “play not to lose” style of football. I don’t believe Patrick was a Dorsey pick, not an Andy pick. I don’t think Andy has any intention of starting Patrick short of Alex getting hurt. Andy will then force him into the dink and dunk offense.

  2. When the Chiefs traded two seconds to the ‘Niners for Alex Smith, many people thought that they overpaid. I wasn’t one of them. In five years, Smith has proven to be well worth what the Chiefs gave up to get a proven veteran starter at QB. Now, I think it is apparent that Smith has taken the Chiefs as far as he can. He just had the best season of his career, and wherever he goes, I think he will be successful. In the Andy Reid system, he went as far as he could. And, I think it was as much Reid’s fault, or more, that the Chiefs didn’t at least get to the Big Show. Reid has coached in the NFL for 19 years with not one title. It was time for Smith to go elsewhere. I only wish that Reid was going with him. 19 and counting? Now KC can start the Patrick Mahomes countdown. Hopefully with more post season success.

  3. sinsor13 feels that Smith will be back in KC in 2018. Not gonna happen. The Chiefs need the cap space that they get when they trade, or even release Smith. That amounts to over 17 mil. As for an injury policy with Mahomes as a backup, Alex Smith never gets hurt. He has, I believe missed one game in five years as a Chief. For several reasons, it’s time for Alex to get a new deal with a QB needy team, and there are many.

  4. Come to the Vikes Alex. You will be walking into a great situation for years to come.

  5. He will end up in Arizona. He will fits well in Arizona’s Domed stadium, fits even better in an offense with All-Pro RB David Johnson. I think he will fit well in Arizona.

  6. Alex Smith has spent 12 years doing exactly what his coaches have asked of him then getting damned for it by ‘fans’ that don’t understand what they have been seeing. Meanwhile there have been coaches fired that might have kept their jobs or even won championships if they had him. That’s not to say Smith is elite, he isn’t, but he is very good and doesn’t make many mistakes. In this league that should be more than enough to create a serious demand for his ‘product’ as well as how he goes about producing it.

  7. “Now KC can start the Patrick Mahomes countdown. Hopefully with more post season success.”

    Not without a good coach, you’ll get the Winston experience. No playoffs and counting. A Reid team can only get you as for as the defense can get you, and that’s always been in the issue in the playoffs, along with going conservative at times. That’s all on Reid, doesn’t matter who the QB is. He had a really good QB in McNabb, who holds all the Eagles records and TD-Int was keeping close with Brady and whoever else at the time, and basically the same thing still happened.

  8. Alex had the ball in 6 of the Chiefs 7 losses this year, and 3 of their 4 playoff losses, and all he needed was either to just muster a 1st down or score. But those wouldn’t have been losses had he done that. Good luck, elsewhere…

  9. I think you try to trade him and improve your team in other spots while grooming Mahomes. Smith’s not elite but he’s good enough to help a team and bring value to the Chiefs in a trade. Several teams out there could use him. There will be competition.

  10. He won’t go to the Bills, bad weather and he will face the Patriots twice. The Cardinals is also a no go. He played in that division before and was benched for Kaepernick. Best bet is the Jaguars. Warm weather and a team ready to win now.

  11. I believe Alex Smith has exactly 2 playoff victories in his entire career. There are plenty of teams out there who haven’t even been to the playoffs in years. For those teams, losing in the first round of the playoffs would be an improvement. Those teams will be trying to sign Smith. Teams with higher expectations will look for a better QB.

  12. He would be a good fit with the Jaguars. Blake Bortles definitely earned my respect in the playoffs, but he isn’t a franchise QB. Alex Smith can run the ball almost, if not just as well and is a much more accurate passer. The Jags wouldn’t need him to throw 300 yards and 3 TDs per game; 1 TD, 250 yards passing and a strong run game coupled with their defense would do the trick.

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