Anthony Barr fined $9,115 for unnecessary roughness

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The NFL fined Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr $9,115 for unnecessary roughness.

Officials penalized Barr following an Eagles extra point in the fourth quarter that gave Philadelphia its final point in a 38-7 victory.

It was Barr’s third fine this season. The league docked him $18,231 for a horse collar tackle in Week 3 and $9,115 for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in Week 6.

He was not penalized for his hit on Aaron Rodgers that fractured the quarterback’s collarbone in Week 6. The fine for that game came for head-butting Davante Adams.

44 responses to “Anthony Barr fined $9,115 for unnecessary roughness

  1. The guy is a dirty player. He had a hit on Foles that looked a lot like the hit on Rodgers. Ball was gone, but Barr took his one step to slam into the QB and drive him into the ground with his shoulder. The interesting thing is an Eagles player had a chance to put a similar hit on Keenum and the defender just gave Case a shove.

  2. Dirty players have to play that way to compensate for their lack of talent. And viking fans love him. He’s not a child beater, so they haven’t elevated him to that level of worship and adoration yet, but if he keeps piling up the cheap shots and the fines that go with them, he’ll be close.

  3. How does a guy get fined that much in the playoffs when they make next to nothing for playing? Reg season that fine is .2% of his yearly salary, but that post season fine is atleast 15% of what he made for those 2 games. If you take a hard look at it, these extra high intense playoff games are not at all worth it for players since their actual salaries are paid out end of week 17, then they get pocket change for putting their bodies on the line post season.

  4. Considering the hit on Aaron Rodgers this year as well, Mr. Barr has officially been designated among the “Dirtiest Players In The NFL”.
    The Vikings rule again! Skol!

  5. Dirty player who intentionally attempts to hurt people. If the NFL is serious about player safety and injuries, next year they should be suspending repeat offenders like Barr instead of petty fines.

  6. He’s a dirty player. Barr Burfict Suh – guys like this need to be put on short leashes and suspended for increasing lengths of time with each infraction. The NFL cant keep talking every day about player safety and then let dirty players (headhunters) have their own private bounty gates.

  7. Well, Barr, as well as a few other Viking players, showed their true colors towards the end of the game with their cheap shots and the unsportsmanlike conduct flags.
    Ridiculously classless.
    But I expected nothing less from that organization.
    It’s just too bad they were so impotent with their play when it counted.

  8. Barr is a good player but goes too far maybe frustration is the reason , this season Vikings had their chance because the Packers did not stand in their way , it won’t be like that again next season .

  9. Barr plays through the whistle. He probably takes it half a second or a full second too far sometimes, but he is playing the game of football when he does it. Contrast that with the true dirty players in the league – guys like Burfict and Suh – who make their living by doing things that are not part of the game of football.
    For those of you who can’t get over the Rodgers hit, I’m sorry. The league took many good, hard looks at it, at determined that Barr was simply playing through the whistle. That is what you are taught to do in 4th grade.

  10. I’m a Barr fan. Specially when he came out of UCLA. Not so much today because he plays for my rival hater Vikings.
    I don’t think he’s a dirty player, at least not in the same way we look at players like Suh and Burfict.
    Barr is a hard aggressive player that I would love on my team.
    I hate the Vikings and what Barr did to Rodgers, but I might want to thank him next year at this time.
    It opened up the eyes of the organization and cleaned half the house. We will be back stronger than ever next year.
    Thank you Mr. Barr. (Don’t stop being a aggressive hard hitting player)

  11. I’m not mad about Barr’s hit on Rodgers. Hopefully there are silver linings and we can use a high draft pick to solidify the defense for new coordinator Pettine, who has mostly top 10 defenses in his career.

    Aaron Rodgers with a top 10 defense gets to the Super Bowl.

    You all know it.

    Enjoy your offseason! I bet we’ll be hearing about your offseason championship for the next 8 months, but that’s ok. We’ll laugh.

  12. I seem to remember hearing that Barr never had this type of a penalty called against him prior to this season. Perhaps I’m mistaken. I watch every Vikings game. I’m not condoning this year’s penalties, but I will say that lumping him in with dirty players such as Suh and Burfict is unfair.

  13. Barr has an inability to control himself on the field. He plays hard but cannot stop himself from throwing cheap shots into his game. Vikings fans think it is great, but they would whine if their offense faced as much cheap shot play from opposing offenses.

  14. stellarperformance says:
    January 27, 2018 at 7:22 am
    Overrated. Pretender.


    Were you staring up at your Clay Matthews Fathead poster, hanging above your bed, while typing this?

  15. Satanic Hell Creature says:
    January 27, 2018 at 9:28 pm
    Were you staring up at your Clay Matthews Fathead poster, hanging above your bed, while typing this?

    No. I don’t even know what that is.

    I had just finished reading the article about Barr, and the “vaunted” Viking defense, failing to show up in the NFCCG. The fluky, lucky, never-happen-again manner in which they defeated the better team in the New Orleans Saints a week earlier sorta tells us all the Vikings probably had no right being there in the first place.

    Overrated. Pretenders.

  16. mnfaninil says:
    January 27, 2018 at 4:26 pm
    Packer snowflakes complaining about Barr, what a surprise.
    And yet, eight years later you ice chunks can’t get past Bountygate. Strange. And inconsistent. Enjoy the Super Bowl!

  17. stellarperformance says:
    January 27, 2018 at 11:54 am
    Barr plays beyond the whistle to compensate for his inability to arrive at the play on time.


    Get over it buttercup

  18. For God’s sake. Look at all the cry baby Packer trolls in this thread. Back to their same ol’ cry-me-a-river crap.

    I hope Barr breaks Rodgers other collar bone next season just for good measure.

  19. I guess this past Viking season turned out to be nothing more than a large bitter pill for their fans.

    Bon Appetit’

  20. Well… the silence from the cheeseheads for the past 8 months was a welcome break from their normal routine of crybaby trolling. Lets see what the Slackers do with a new GM for MM to bully about.

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