Barry Church fined $24,309 for hit on Rob Gronkowski

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The NFL fined Jaguars safety Barry Church $24,309 for his hit on Rob Gronkowski in the AFC Championship Game.

The Patriots tight end woozily left the game after the second-quarter hit and remains in concussion protocol. Church drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty.

It was Church’s first fine of the 2017 season and the standard first-offense fine for a hit on a defenseless player.

The league fined Jaguars players $136,735 this season.

33 responses to “Barry Church fined $24,309 for hit on Rob Gronkowski

  1. Knock out the best weapon for a game at least and all you get is a small fine and a 15 yard penalty?
    Bounty-gate is alive and well in the NFL, I am sure the front office will gladly pay that fine for him.

  2. Watch as the NFL holds a superstar out of 5he Super Bowl for the optics of player safety… the fact that he’s a Patriot is just an added bonus

  3. I don’t think he targeted Gronk. I give him the benefit of the doubt. This fine seems about right based on past precedent and as a deterrent because he did hit Gronk’s head illegally. The Jax secondary is great. They truly impressed me last week. I hope they fall off, but they’re young and work hard so I doubt it.

    *I am a Pats fan.

  4. The guy launched at at a larger player, targeted his helmet to hit the other players helmet and doesn’t get suspended?

    I guess if it’s a pats player that gets screwed it’s ok.

  5. Earl Thomas managed to not hit Gronk in the knees or the head. As an aside, I think the NFL uses all the fines to pay off the concussion lawsuits. So the players are paying themselves!

  6. “Most of us NE fans agree, the hit was not intentional to the head”

    Here’s one NE fan that disagrees. Watching the replay he launched upwards off his feet to nail Gronk in the head. That shows intent. Had he not launched he would not have made helmet to helmet contact and had a clean hit.

  7. I personally think the NFL set the Bountygate price on Gronks head a little low. $24k won’t even cover the medical bills. It’s more probable than not that the NFL doesn’t have player safety in mind with this one.

  8. Tra-davious White just cut a check for $12,155 & sent it to Church.


    hes probably still whining about his family even though he never even got hurt.

  9. I would of rather seen Church get ejected from the game. That would be fair to both teams.

    With the money these guys make they dont care about a fine.

  10. Fact is the hit was helmet to helmet on a defenseless receiver. Those with vision problems can YouTube the replay. Doesn’t matter how “big” Gronk is. He was concussed by (in my book) a cheap shot. If the NFL was serious about concussion safety, there would be automatic suspensions for these types of helmet to helmet hits. Out for at least as long as injured player.

  11. grant35 says:
    January 27, 2018 at 11:24 am

    Tra-davious White just cut a check for $12,155 & sent it to Church.
    The only people whining about that hit on White are Pitt fans who knew they couldn’t beat Gronk on the field and instead were praying he would be suspended for the Steeler game.

    Better luck next year.

  12. Church should get a $48,618 bonus. The Jaguars can fund the payment through the TB12 Money Laundering Center… errr… the TB12 Wellness Center much like how the Patri*ts pay Brady and circumvent the salary cap to do it.

  13. wasn’t a cheap shot. Anybody without a bias can obviously see gronkowski lowered his head to brace for impact while church already launched was aiming for his chest and besides it’s karma for the dirty cheap shot gronk threw. Biased stupid patriots fans

  14. NFL Rules

    It is a foul if a player initiates unnecessary contact against a player who is in a defenseless posture.

    Players in a defenseless posture are:

    A receiver running a pass route when the defender approaches from the side or behind.

    A receiver attempting to catch a pass who has not had time to clearly become a runner. If the player is capable of avoiding or warding off the impending contact of an opponent, he is no longer a defenseless player

    Prohibited contact against a player who is in a defenseless posture is:
    forcibly hitting the defenseless player’s head or neck area with the helmet, facemask, forearm, or shoulder, even if the initial contact is lower than the player’s neck, and regardless of whether the defensive player also uses his arms to tackle the defenseless player by encircling or grasping him.

    Note 2: A player who initiates contact against a defenseless opponent is responsible for avoiding an illegal act. This includes illegal contact that may occur during the process of attempting to dislodge the ball from an opponent. A standard of strict liability applies for any contact against a defenseless opponent, even if the opponent is an airborne player who is returning to the ground or whose body position is otherwise in motion, and irrespective of any acts by the defenseless opponent, such as ducking his head or curling up his body in anticipation of contact.

    Penalty: For unnecessary roughness: Loss of 15 yards and an automatic first down. The player may be disqualified if the action is judged by the official(s) to be flagrant.

  15. walker1191 says

    Ah, no Mr fanboy, there were more than just Steeler fans calling for Gronk’s head after the WWE move he did on White. Ironically, it was indeed Gronks head that received the retribution.

  16. Church led with his shoulder and Gronk lowered his head. Helmets hit, so I guess they have to throw the flag. Maybe you Patriot fans would be happier if Church went low and took out a knee? It’s getting to that point where, to avoid a fine, defensive players HAVE to go low. So it’s lead with the shoulder and get a $24k fine and Gronk plays in your Super Bowl or it’s go low and take out a knee and maybe Gronk might be ready for training camp next year – take your pick and stop your complaining.

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