Bills, Dolphins, Jets and Saints met with Baker Mayfield at Senior Bowl


The pre-draft process is just starting to get going and there will be plenty of meetings and visits with teams for the top prospects in this year’s class.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is on that list and he got the ball rolling while in Orlando for the Senior Bowl this week. Mayfield told Robert Klemko of that he had “extensive meetings” with the Bills, Dolphins, Jets and Saints that Mayfield said were his real reason for coming to the event.

“That’s the only upside for me [being here],” Mayfield said. “I’m confident I can show exactly what I’m about, how much I care about football and how I’d do anything to win. And not just that. Put me on a board and let me show you how much I know about the game. Let me show that I can pick information up, take it and run with it. Getting in front of these people was so important, even bigger than the three years of film I put together.”

Mayfield’s already invoked the name of Johnny Manziel while answering questions about his off-field behavior, which gives a pretty good preview of the kinds of things he’s being asked about and will continue getting asked about over the next two months. His answers may not put everyone at ease, but it just takes one team to take him off the board.

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  1. Manziel was playing on pure talent, while hung over.

    Mayfield is playing with heart and determination. Big difference.

    Maybe they can be considered ‘tools’ but so can a lot of other QB’s. Cutler, Namath, Favre, Rodgers, just to name a few.

    The tools from the shed come in different shapes and sizes. Some get the job done, some are useless.

  2. Bills, Jets and Saints make sense – but the Dolphins? Tannehill is only 29, seems kind of soon to think about his eventual replacement. Mayfield seems like a product you want developed sooner than later to see if you have something there, not riding pine as a career backup.

    Unless Gase is ready to move on from his current starter……

  3. Manziel was playing on pure talent, while hung over

    If by “pure talent” you mean scrambling too much, getting into trouble then just throwing the ball to Mike Evans for him to make spectacular catches then yes, Manziel has pure talent.

    Mike Evans got Manziel drafted and has people thinking Winston is a high level QB, even though he isn’t.

  4. Saints have met with QBs “extensively” at the Sr. Bowl for several years. They won’t be trading up for a QB, I guarantee it.

  5. Only team worthy of Baker Mayfield is Cleveland. Bree’s ain’t retirin’ no time soon; Jets are still a mess; Buffalo’s HC is a mess; Dolphins already got Tannehill. Andy Dalton ain’t never won no Heisman, homey. Hue Jackson better draft Mayfield at No.4 or he’s gonna be out of a job, come 2019 hahaha. Remember I told you here, first babycakes.

  6. Hue Jackson better draft Mayfield at No.4 or he’s gonna be out of a job, come 2019

    One might counter that being 1-31 as a HC would be more of an indicator that he won’t be brought back rather than drafting a QB at the #4 spot, but who knows with Cleveland? I’m sure when they go 1-15 this year with Mayfield riding the bench the whole year and Hue is 2-46 as a HC in the NFL no one in Cleveland would be screaming for his head.

    Imagine that, a HC being 2-46 or 1-47 in his first 3 years as a HC and he’s safe? Crimminy, i know little of running a pro football team, but I’m fairly certain I could post #’s like that for a whole lot LESS than Hue.

  7. Sigh – If you are playing in a division, and 2 of the remaining 3 teams are interested in a player – it might make sense for you to scout them too. Early jump on playing them in the future.

    Miami isnt drafting Mayfield – but if Jets or Bills might, it makes a lot of sense

  8. Miami is playing the cards for teams to jump ahead and draft QB’s so the other players will fall to them.

    I do expect Miami to draft a QB in the 2nd-3rd rd, though.

  9. Miami better draft this kid. Accuracy is deadly and dan marino loves him. Id trade tannehill to clevand along with devante parker for their 4th.


    The same Dan Marino who also wanted Damon Huard to be his heir apparent.

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