Eric Wood: End of year physical turned up career-ending neck injury

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Reports on Friday morning were that Bills center Eric Wood‘s career is over due to a neck injury and Wood confirmed them in a pair of tweets later in the day.

Wood played every offensive snap for the Bills during the 2017 season and there were no signs of neck trouble before the team was knocked out of the playoffs by the Jaguars in the Wild Card round. Wood learned of the issue when he met with team doctor Andrew Cappucino after that loss.

“I was diagnosed with a neck injury as part of my season-ending physical with the Bills. After consultation with Dr. Cappuccino and other physicians, I was informed that I was no longer cleared to play football, even with surgery or further treatment. I  appreciate and thank everyone for their thoughts, concerns and prayers, and I will shed more light on the situation at a press conference on Monday at the team facility.”

Wood started all 121 games, including the playoff game this season, that he played for the Bills after they made him a first-round pick in the 2009 draft. He was selected to one Pro Bowl and his absence will leave a sizable hole for the team to fill in the middle of the offensive line.

17 responses to “Eric Wood: End of year physical turned up career-ending neck injury

  1. I’m not concerned about replacing him on the field, as we still have Groy, and he played outstanding after Wood broke his leg last season. However, if KW does not return, that leaves a GAPING leadership hole in the locker room, and that could prove to be problematic. McD leaned on both of these guys to set the tone and change the culture, hopefully there are a few other guys that see this as an opportunity to continue building. Best of luck Eric! We will miss you!

  2. Well that certainly changes the Mock Drafts a bit! Woody was awesome and a great team leader. Thanks Woody for all you did and endured in Buffalo!

  3. you really find out who has class and who it a waste of skin on the injury posts……. the typical losers showing their true colors on the other posts….Eric was a good dude and a good family guy and team leader…hopefully this ends football but has no ‘real’ health implications in daily life…go enjoy the family and Go Bills!

  4. Eric Wood is truly representative of some of the best the NFL has to offer. Hes always been active in the community and open to the fans and has been the hardest of workers on the field. His radio appearances were always welcomed

    For a guy who has overcome so much in terms of injuries to become such a stable figure for his team, this is the worst way for him to go.

    Get well soon Eric. Im hoping to hear you on the radio, in the announcers booth or on the sidelines in the future

  5. He must have been playing through pain and just thought he needed to tough it out. Which is admirable.. but not super intelligent. I can’t imagine having a career ending neck issue experiencing any symptoms. Get well and be well Eric. I’m glad it was diagnosed before it became a larger issue.

  6. Down voting a post wishing an injured player well…..I LOVE the banter back and forth, the jabbing on rivals, but the sadness of some of the trolls posts on injuries makes me wonder how terrible their own life must be

  7. Wish him the best. I think he’ll still be part of the game in the future. Could make a great O-line coach.

  8. This bums me out. Eric played hard, was dependable and a class act. I was at the December home game this year and watched him plant Ndamukong Suh not once, but twice in that game.

  9. Awful news for a terrific player. Wise decision to retire and not risk further injury.
    I was bummed when the Bills moved up and grabbed him right before the Steelers
    could draft him. Really liked him as a prospect and loosely followed his progress
    over the years. Was happy he went on to have a good career with the Bills.

    Wishing him good health and success in his life after football.
    Really good player and seems like a stand up guy. Good luck Eric.

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