Humphrey’s lawyer: He has “$11 million reasons not to steal”

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The lawyer for Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey predicts that his client will be cleared of a robbery charge, and he predicted it in a colorful manner.

Attorney Paul Patterson told the Baltimore Sun that Humphrey’s four-year, $11.8 million contract was enough of a reason to counter the charges he stole a $15 phone charger from an Uber driver in Alabama.

Marlon has 11 million reasons not to steal a . . . phone charger,” Patterson said. “Marlon has not had an opportunity to tell his side of the story.

“The Uber driver makes a lot of allegations in that report that simply are not true. Fortunately for Marlon, we have eyewitnesses who are willing to testify about what accurately transpired between Marlon and the Uber driver.”

Humphrey was charged with third-degree robbery, and released from jail on $2,500 bond. The incident report said he asked to borrow the driver’s charger, refused to return it, and elbowed the driver. The driver accused Humphrey of making a fist and threatening him.

University of Alabama police found Humphrey inside a hotel with the cable (which didn’t fit his phone), and returned the cable to the driver.

Humphrey, the Ravens first-round pick last year, was back on campus taking classes this spring.

“It’s a sad event because the Humphrey family has a fine reputation in our community and now Marlon will be challenged with repairing his reputation even though it was a simple mistake,” Patterson said.

The Ravens put out a statement yesterday saying they were monitoring the situation.

36 responses to “Humphrey’s lawyer: He has “$11 million reasons not to steal”

  1. That makes no logical sense at all. So if you’re rich you won’t steal? Right … only poor people commit crimes.

  2. I’d love to hear how he ended up with a cable that didn’t fit his phone.

    Plus, some just because you are wealthy doesn’t mean you won’t steal. In fact, many times those people feel entitled.

  3. This lawyer is an idiot. Stealing is rarely motivated by actual need. A sense of entitlement, exercising control and/or dominance, perceived harmlessness,pereceived low risk and so on…..

  4. From afar it sounds like he took it just to take something. Perhaps it makes him feel empowered to take something from them against their will? Hopefully a lesson will be learned.

  5. What the lawyer basically said is that “this wasn’t robbery”, what it was is a case of extreme arrogance and entitlement, which is worse in the great scheme of things

  6. Another million dollar body, 10 cent brain thuinking he can do whatever he wants to the “small” people. Pampered his whole life because he could run faster than someone else. Pitiful.

  7. So the assault is A detail that is not proven. But still from just the details that are confirmed I dont get the claim there was no theft. “ Oh sure I had his stuff, but I didnt take it”?

  8. On one hand, the fact that he had a cable that didn’t fit his phone is quite suspicious.

    On the other hand, if the cable didn’t fit his phone, how exactly was he borrowing said charger? What would you do with a charger/cable that didn’t actually charge your phone in a car?

    Something doesn’t add up here at all.

  9. Should have paid off the Uber driver before it escalated to this point. Heck, I would given the driver $1000 for his troubles and let him be on his way. Way cheaper than lawyer fees, court costs, possible loss of income due to suspension, and a possible loss of freedom.

  10. tfootball1234 says:
    January 26, 2018 at 10:57 am

    If he really did…he is a total douche.

    If he wasn’t being a total douche then what are the odds he ends up cuffed & stuffed by university police that had to know who he was?

  11. I would like to see his bank statement. I suspect there is a better chance he’s blown his game checks and has a negative balance than there is being 11 million in it. Countless players are broke in the off season and have to get high interest loans to survive until training camp.

  12. Wow quite a few negative Nancy’s on here.

    Even as a Ravens fan my first thought was ‘another knuckle head kid doing the wrong things because he believes he can….’

    After learning more about the incident and the drivers statements and actions, it just doesn’t add up. As an uber/lyft driver I can tell you, if I was assaulted and robbed, I’m not dropping off the assailants boy right afterwards.

    The man wants money, getting a better job would be a better and more appropriate way to go about it rather than accusing a rich man with an NFL logo shaped target on his back…

    I also wouldnt file a police report for a $3 cord but I am willing to concede that might just be me.

  13. baltimoresnativeson ,

    Most normal people would assume this is the case, thus why he would be taking Uber in a little place like Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Which is why I said who in the world actually picks up the phone and bothers the police with the $10 (if that) phone charger caper, and also it says a lot about the commenters here that they’ve jumped to all kinds of conclusions like that he’s a degenerate low life or worse who has blown all of his rookie money already. SMH

  14. For all you morons that don’t seem to comprehend the statement:

    “He has $11 million reasons not to steal” means exactly this; not that he has money, but that he could potentially forfeit that contract and most money for a $15 piece of equipment. I doubt that Humphrey would oblige to that, however I think there is more to the story.

    I have a hunch he was inebriated, to say the least. Not that it excuses the behavior, but it makes a bit more sense as too why he believed that the piece of equipment was his. Let’s see what else comes out regarding the situation and eyewitness statements…

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