Nigel Bradham fined $9,115 for facemask

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The NFL fined Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham $9,115 for a facemask penalty in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Bradham was penalized with 6:34 remaining in the fourth quarter on a 10-yard pass from Case Keenum to running back Jerick McKinnon.

It was Bradham’s first fine this season. The league fined six other Eagles a total of $94,885 this season.

Bradham finished with four tackles in the Eagles’ 38-7 victory over the Vikings.

8 responses to “Nigel Bradham fined $9,115 for facemask

  1. NFL should look into player playoff compensation. Someone like Bradham who gets paid 230,000 per reg season game check just played the last 2 games @ an average of 40-45,000 each. Then gets a 9,000 fine…..that’s 10% of his compensation for playing in extra high energy games. No wonder a good amount of players would rather miss the playoffs and preserve their bodies. The pay is only on par for the last 4-6 guys on the roster.

  2. Bradham has had a very solid season. Very underrated player on the eagles defense this season. I don’t know where Philly would be without him.

  3. The first half is for figuring a team out. The second half is for battering them into submission.

    That’s been the formula down the stretch for the Eagles’ defense, which hasn’t allowed a second-half point in its two playoff wins and has given up only 15 second-half points in its last five games.

  4. Not everybody should be fined it should be based on past penalties I believe face mask should be penalized only on field it sometimes happens when tackling the opponent unless it is grabbed to inflict injury taking a person’s salary is not right in this case

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