Report: Brian Callahan will join Raiders’ staff

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The Raiders are hiring former Lions quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan, Jason Wolf of The Tennessean reports. Callahan also interviewed with the Titans and the Jets.

Callahan will work as the quarterbacks coach for offensive coordinator Greg Olson and head coach Jon Gruden in Oakland. His father, Bill Callahan, served as Gruden’s offensive coordinator in Gruden’s first stint in Oakland.

The Raiders also reportedly interviewed Louisiana Tech quarterbacks coach and ex-49ers quarterback Tim Rattay for the job.

Callahan worked for the Broncos from 2010-2015 before spending the past two years with the Lions.

9 responses to “Report: Brian Callahan will join Raiders’ staff

  1. God, the Blatant Nepotism is RAMPANT in the NFL… All of these Coordinators end up getting their kids job in the NFL solely because Daddy has connections, its sad. The NFL needs to do something about this Nepotism issue. I mean Gilbrides kid, Callahans, Shanahans, Schottenheimer’s, Mike Zimmer’s, you could go on and on naming kids with jobs solely because there daddy works in the NFL.

  2. hawkkiller says:
    January 26, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    God, the Blatant Nepotism is RAMPANT in the NFL…

    “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.”
    The football coaching world, college and pro, has always been about connections, some are just closer than others.

  3. hawkkiller – or maybe it’s that these kids grow up learning football from a professional coach their entire lives, take great interest in it themselves, and turn out to be good coaches themselves? How many coaches, including coordinators and position coaches and assistants etc are currently in, or have been in the league in our generation? Hundreds? A thousand? And a handful of them end up having kids that coach too. That’s not nepotism, that’s just the law of averages. When 100 kids have NFL coaches for dads, 10 of them probably end up in the league in some capacity. Shocking huh!

    And yeah, obviously guys like Kyle Shanahan are only in the league because of their dads name. Not like anyone’s ever proved anything to earn their ways up the ranks, right?

    Sounds like the bitter rantings of someone who’s been passed over for job promotions their whole life. Get a grip dude.

  4. No disrespect to Brian Callahan-he is paying his dues, but this is why the Patriots are able to dominate. NFL Coaching is not the best coaches. It’s a network or retreads and neopotism.

    These are average coaches with a lot of resources. I can’t be totally mad at it because we got Kyle Shanahan. Kyle Shanahan is a damn good coach.

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