Eric Wood hoped to bid farewell to NFL in Pro Bowl

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Eric Wood knew for more than two weeks that his neck had degenerated to the point at which he could no longer play football. But Wood kept it quiet because he was hoping to play in one last football game.

According to the Buffalo News, Wood was waiting for a possible call to join the AFC Pro Bowl roster, which would have been his farewell to football.

It’s hard to reconcile the results of Wood’s end-of-season physical, which detected a condition in his neck that prevents him from being cleared to play with his desire to play one more game, even when considering the relatively light nature of Pro Bowl blocking and hitting. It’s still blocking and hitting, and Wood would have been assuming some degree of risk.

He never got the call, and now the word is out that Wood will be retiring after nine NFL seasons.

18 responses to “Eric Wood hoped to bid farewell to NFL in Pro Bowl

  1. I’m glad he found out sooner than not about the severity of his injury. God forbid what could have happened on the field. Hopefully he enjoys his off-the-field life to its fullest. Best wishes to him!

  2. I think I understand why he wanted to “go out” with a Pro Bowl appearance. But nobody remembers what happens in the Pro Bowls any more. They’re almost silly except for the honor of being selected. Wood will long be remembered for the gigantic role he played and the force that he was for the Bills.

  3. All the players they send to the pro bowl these days, they couldn’t do the guy a solid and send him out on his own terms? He probably just wanted to be around the guys one last time to say goodbye.

  4. Couldn’t they make an exception and given him and honorary pro bowl invite? Wouldn’t have to play, just the honor.

  5. The Ring of Honor is far more important. The Pro Bowl is nonsense. The Bills look after their guys, I expect he will be honored in a much more sententious way. He likely deserves it.

  6. If I were an AFC Pro Bowl center, I would stay home just so Wood could at least go. The NFL could bend the rules a bit for the guy given the circumstances…and he’s been a Pro Bowl caliber player for his whole career. If he played in Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas, or a larger market city he’d probably be in every year. My point is, the guy deserves it.

  7. He should get an invite, a jersey, get in for the opening snap and then get out of the game to a Standing Ovation. Class act all the way.

  8. Wondering if he has degenerative spinal pinched nerve issues exacerbated by his football activities. It might be something he’s seeing symptoms of such as numbness and pain in his arms and hands, and the doctors told him it will get worse with time and be accelerated by continuing to play? Just a guess based on a little bit of medical knowledge and the fact that he thought he could play one more game – not like he expects to be paralyzed and take that kind of risk, but he might think he can play through the pain for one last time…

    Regardless, best wishes to him, hopefully his condition is something he can deal with better by retiring…

  9. Such a class act. He will be missed on and off the field.

    who are these scrubs that thumbs down everything. get a life. probably at home in moms basement, playing video games and mad at the world because they werent handed a college diploma and a high paying job.

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