Panthers will begin interviewing G.M. candidates

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Now that hiring season in the aftermath of the regular season has essentially concluded, the Panthers have commenced the process of searching for a new General Manager.

Via NFL Media, the Panthers will interview interim G.M. Marty Hurney and Texans executive Jimmy Raye, at a minimum. The Panthers also plan to interview Bilss assistant director of college scouting and Titans director of player personnel Ryan Cowden.

It’s unclear why the Panthers waited nearly three weeks to commence the process of interviewing G.M. candidates. Hurney returned to the team as the interim G.M. after the Panthers abruptly fired Dave Gettleman late in the offseason.

The search begins at a time when the team is for sale, which means that whoever gets the job may not have it for long. The pending sale would seem to justify keeping Hurney on an interim basis until the sale is finalized; it’s possible, however, that the Fritz Pollard Alliance has pushed the NFL and the Panthers to finally open the process and interview a minority candidate for the job.

16 responses to “Panthers will begin interviewing G.M. candidates

  1. “It’s unclear why the Panthers waited nearly three weeks…”

    Because it’s a formality, just checking NFL boxes…unless Marty tells them during the interview his plan is to harass women and do coke while making rasict comments …the job is his.

  2. Lake Dawson was an AREA SCOUT with the Cleveland Browns last year….Let that sink in. SMH Just give it to Hurney already. These aren’t legitimate candidates. Its window dressing

  3. who is Fritz Pollard? Why does he have an organization? Why does the NFL give his org credibility? Why am i supposed to care?

  4. There you go again, how about the Panthers just hired the person they want for there team. I don’t think Fritz got any one a job that the team didn’t want. Of course you didn’t write anything about Kap, perhaps you see the light om that guy.Bill

  5. So from the sounds of it, they are just gonna let Hurney keep the job. Yay.

    I was hoping with good ol’ boy Richardson on the outs, they might actually conduct a real search instead of just handing the job back to one of his cronies. Hurney was the reason we were in such a cap nightmare years back. After he was fired, he didn’t get any work anywhere in the league. The only job he could land was on a radio show at a station that he owned. But apparently we just can’t wait to give him back a job that he already botched once when nobody else wanted him.

    I find this very disappointing. Feels like Richardson setting up “his guy” before leaving. I really hoped they were both out the door, we need new blood.

    Still can’t believe they let Brandon Beane walk out the door last year.

  6. “So from the sounds of it, they are just gonna let Hurney keep the job. Yay.”

    Does it even matter? Once the team is sold, the new owners will bring in their own GM. This is a non-story.

  7. Informed Panthers fans always predicted that Hurney would get the gig full time again. It’s a shame too. There were MANY reasons Hurney was released years ago. He murdered their salary cap and burned myriad high picks on trades and non-contributors. Yes he made a couple of great round 1 picks, but every good pick was countered by 2-3 terrible decisions that eventually came home to roost.

    I doubt a few years doing ultra-simplistic, cliche analysis on local radio made him a better GM. His perspective on the game was paint-by-numbers stale.

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