Ryan Switzer has ankle surgery

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Cowboys receiver Ryan Switzer commences preparations for his second NFL season by recovering for surgery necessitated by his first one.

Via DallasCowboys.com, Switzer had arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spurs from his left ankle.

Switzer caught only six passes for 41 yards in his rookie season. He averaged 25.0 yards per kickoff return (with a touchdown) and 8.8 yards per punt return (with a touchdown). He undoubtedly will be expected to earn a larger role in the offense next year, while continuing to serve as the primary kick and punt returner.

7 responses to “Ryan Switzer has ankle surgery

  1. The crappy Dallas coaching staff only let him in the last game after Beasley was
    hurt. So the season is crap and the offense was doing nothing, but by all means
    keep playing Dez to drop it and keep throwing to gain 3 yards by Witten and zero output
    by Beasley, Talk about a coaching staff that can’t adapt to change, Chaz Green please
    keep giving up sacks, the coaching staff won’t be able to think it though.

  2. It’s crazy. All offseason all us Dallas fans heard were terms like X factor and game changer and weapon with this guy. Then to play him so sparingly when we are scoring single digits? This coaching staff is so over their Jed bit Jerry will never admit it.

  3. The mystique of the player on the end of the bench… And the assumption of a conspiracy of the coaching staff of forcibly playing worse players.

    This guy was not that great in the return game, although he did have some nice plays and that one TD. So it wasn’t all bad. But he also cotninuously made terrible decisions or turnovers. He constantly would return punts without calling a fair catch when he was literally mauled a millisecond after catching it. From the limited amount of game time he got, it was clear to an objective fan that he wasn’t ready for an increased role. If you went back and watched all of his punt return chances you would realize how often he made a bad decision or mistake.

    I’m hoping for a huge improvement in his decision-making, but it’s going to take a lot. If you are severely undersized in the NFL, it will require excellent decision-making skills to be successful, regardless of how talented you may be, We’ll just see if he comes into camp this time with an attitude adjustment.

  4. Gotta give the kid some time. Kinda sounds like some of you were expecting him to be Christian mccaffery. Who knows, maybe he will be, but it it sounds like there were some high expectations. Even dez saying this kid would have 5 returns for touchdowns this year. I get it. Dez wants to show he has faith in him, but why doesn’t he make predictions for himself? Probably because he doesn’t wanna have to live up to those numbers, so why put that on a rookie?

  5. gavinmac says:
    January 27, 2018 at 9:32 pm
    Switzer didn’t have a kickoff return for a touchdown.

    But according to the great “GM” he’s a super star……another player they have NO idea how develop…what else is new.
    This is the guy ‘Jerrah’ kept because he KNOWS he blew it with Amendola…..

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