Chatter commences of Baker Mayfield to the Browns, at No. 1

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Four years after the Browns swung (and missed badly) on quarterback Johnny Manziel, they may be preparing to take another shot at the fences, again.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports makes the case for Baker Mayfield to the Browns. Not with the dreaded (by the Browns) 22nd pick in the draft, but with the first overall selection.

Robinson establishes a connection between the Browns and Baker Mayfield by drawing lines between Mayfield and G.M. John Dorsey.

“A lot of what he is as a player fits with the mentality of John Dorsey,” an unnamed source told Robinson. “Just his mental makeup as a player, John believes in building around those kinds of guys. . . . I think he’s a strong candidate [for the top pick] after this week.”

That’s fine, but Dorsey ultimately isn’t the one to watch. It’s owner Jimmy Haslam, who became hopelessly smitten with Manziel — and who could end up becoming equally infatuated with Mayfield. If/when Haslam starts making it clear (without ever issuing any mandates or directives, but then again not issuing mandates or directives is one of the benefits of being a billionaire) that he wants to flip the coin again on a guy with the same moxie as Manziel, it will be hard for Dorsey or anyone else to push back against it.

Haslam defintely moved the Manziel needle in 2014, as sources made clear to PFT at the time and more recently. And Mayfield has plenty of the same positive traits that Manziel possessed. If the Browns can sufficiently ensure Mayfield doesn’t possess any (or too many) of the negative ones, Mayfield could be the pick, possibly as high at No. 1.

The Browns also have the No. 4 overall pick, thanks to the trade that allowed the Texans to move up and get the guy that Browns should have fallen in love with a year ago, Deshaun Watson. So, if they want, they can aim for the moon with a guy like Mayfield and then take the best player available three spots later.

Whatever the Browns do, the stakes are higher than ever. It’s one thing to take a quarterback who busts; it’s another to pass on one who becomes a franchise player. In each of the last two drafts, the Browns did just that by passing on Watson and Carson Wentz. This year, the risk for the Browns is that they could end up doing both.

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  1. If they decide Mayfield’s their guy, and they don’t think the Giants will pick him (or the Colts, but that would say a lot about Luck’s health), they could trade the pick to a team with a QB need (say the Cards or Broncos) that really wants one of the other top guys and take him with #4. Then they’d get the guy they want plus more of the pieces they need to become a semi-competent football team. With Mayfield not being a consensus #1 pick, I don’t think there’s too much danger doing that as it stands, and it makes sense that a team as bad as the Browns gets as much value as they can, so clearly they won’t do it.

  2. There is no comparison with Manziel, Manziel was a complete wild man in college and continued partying with the Browns and blew it miserably. Mayfield isn’t a rich brat like Manziel, he went out and had brews with the boys (like most college kids do)and ran from the cops (like most college kids do) He’s the best Q.B. in the draft and his numbers prove it. Don’t blow this one Cleveland !!!

  3. Maybe they should draft a QB with both of their first round picks … see who is real for their future and then keep or deal the runner up.

  4. First, this is just empty speculation, so let’s not waste time assigning any sort of value to this thinking until there is actual substance behind it. Second, screw EVERYONE who is troll enough to get on the Browns for not drafting Watson. ONLY A TINY MINORITY OF PEOPLE were confident in Watson becoming a franchise QB, and MOST OF YOU ARROGANT JERKS pompously announced that you “knew” he was going to be a bust and that any team that drafted him would be a fool to do so. This retroactive analysis is for the birds; try putting your money where your mouth is BEFORE players enter the NFL…and then if/when your claims are wrong, OWN UP TO IT rather than mock teams that thought that same things that you did.

  5. Silliness. The plan was always to rebuild the team through the draft – and it cannot be changed without a massive alteration in direction. Trade for AJ McCarron and make him a bridge QB. IN 2015 he played in 7 games, had a 68% completion percentage and if Burfict does not melt down AJ would have beaten the Steelers! Doesn’t anyone want to see if Kizer can be salvaged? How many repetitions are available for an inexperienced quarterback? If you draft one or two rookies – how will you develop them? The verdict of many fans is in on Kizer who was forced to play in his rookie year without an OC … and failed. Keep changing QBs and offensive systems and coordinators and the next best rookie becomes the savior. Trade for AJ and build around him.

  6. I just think Baker has the highest ceiling in this draft… And with Josh Gordon being back the browns arent really as much as a qb graveyard. I genuinely think browns can make a noise with a star caliber qb under center

  7. Its at about this time in the off-season, every year, when I come to appreciate the difficulty of being an NFL GM. Guys like Dorsey, Gettleman, Ballard, and Elway likely arent getting too much sleep right now.

  8. Jimmy Haslam has hired Dorsey, Wolf, Haley, and next up is Baker Mayfield after picking Dorsey’s brain. Unfortunately, Jimmy kept Hue Jackson otherwise Haslam would have had a very good offseason.

  9. If I’m the Browns, I take Barkley at 1 as he is the only cant miss player in this draft. I then try to use my massive draft capital to get back to 2 and draft my qb. The giants would be dumb to not take advantage as they have a lot of needs (Qb, OL, LB,RB)… If that doesn’t work , you are still assured of having at least 3 of the top 4 qb’s available if teams stand pat , as Indy will not draft a qb ( although they might trade out ).

  10. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. If you want a proven winner, draft Mayfield. If you want a plug-and-play starter, draft Rosen. If you sign a veteran, you can draft a project (Darnold, Allen, Jackson). I don’t think this regime is going to overthink it the way the last one would have.

  11. The Brownss have the No. 1 pick in this draft, but it’s the No. 4 pick that’s going to give other teams big fat headaches in April.

    And Sashi Brown is to be thanked for that.

    Go Brownies!

  12. If the Browns take Barkley (the now obvious pick for the Giants), the Browns are going to have to go above and beyond to satisfy the Giants. Like the 4th pick, a 2nd rounder and more. That makes so sense.

    Barkley 1 as Mayfield will be there at 4. Giants won’t take him nor will the Colts. Denver will be thrilled with Darnold unless someone comes up to 3 or 5. In which case Denver will be thrilled with Rosen.

    Some good FA QB’s out there. Gonna be a serious smoke and screen Spring now that the Browns and Giants have two GM’s who know how to play the game.

  13. So dumb. Trade down, multiple times if possible, draft a stud O-lineman and a stud D-lineman in the first round.

    Build an oline and team that you can place a qb into

  14. They should sign Alex Smith and try to win some games and let whomever they draft have a year to develop.

    This is a tough qb class to figure out. I like Rosen, but he seems to get hurt often and that’s a risk.

  15. Barkley at 1, whoever QB at 4.

    This thing is already over we already know this.

    This super bowl is going to be straight trash and we already know the first 3 picks in the NFL draft, I wish the NBA and NHL didn’t suck so bad this is going to be a long few months for sports fans.

  16. Allen will be a much better pro. Allen was great at the Sr. Bowl and Mayfield looked nervous and inaccurate.

  17. He isn’t Manziel, people are so lazy with that comparison but he isn’t a top 5 pick either. The kid has some maturity red flags but nothing like Johnny. Also Manziel wasn’t this good and relied on this guy named Mike Evans to make his magic happen. Baker had a great week from what I read at the Senior Bowl but I think this chatter is a bit more hype from that than anything. Josh Allen showed he was a project and Mayfield looked great compared to the other guys but the top 5 pick is a reach. I would go for a veteran and load the team with the top picks if I was Dorsey. Missed the good QBs the last two years and all these guys need work. Both LA boys will need time to groom and Josh Allen might never get his accuracy right. I would hope for Lamar Jackson in the 2nd if all else fails. I don’t think any of them are worth the top pick. Load that D-Line or take Barkley.

  18. greenwhodat26 says:
    January 28, 2018 at 11:19 pm
    Allen will be a much better pro. Allen was great at the Sr. Bowl and Mayfield looked nervous and inaccurate.


    Have to read how practice goes as well. Allen was said to struggle most the week from multiple sources. Inaccurate most of the week was reported by just about everyone I was following.

  19. This is like playing poker. There’s a whole lot of bluffing going on. If the Browns were seriously considering Mayfield they’d be putting out rumors about how much they love Josh Allen or Josh Rosen.

  20. This would be the perfect Browns pick. Mayfield needs to go somewhere where he won’t be forced into playing right away and will have good coaching. He won’t have a chance in Cleveland.

  21. None of the quarterbacks in the draft is a sure thing. Take the best player at #1 and the best quarterback at #4. Mayfield will be there and Rosen OR Darnold will be there too. For what it’s worth, don’t believe them if they suggest that they offered the #4 pick for Jimmy Garoppolo. That never happened.

  22. Take a running back at 1….hahahahahaha. You guys are hilarious. If they need a quarterback and they think that he’s the best one on the board, take him. Who in their right mind would pay a RB the #1 pick money. Mayfield is no worse than all of the other quarterbacks in the draft and some of you want them to take a running back at 1. Comedy.

  23. The Browns should use ALL of their picks on QB’s. Take them all to camp and let God sort them out….

  24. You take a rb at 1 if he is the best player in the draft . Barkley can do everything you want from a RB. And if you look at the Cowboys without Zeke, the Rams without Gurley , the Steelers without Bell, etc. you see the value they possess . There is also the fact that he might not get past the Giants or Colts. The Browns still need a qb , which you can get at 4 or if you trade back up a spot or 2.

  25. The thing about the silly season is reports and rumors are always focused on the guys that they don’t want. No GM is going to tell you what he is thinking. To my eye the best qb coming out is Mason Rudolph. He is a senior, started three years. He has maturity and experience, he’s big and has a strong arm. The cons are he comes from a spread offense and played in a crappy conference. I can guaranty, if the Browns don’t trade the #1 pick, Mayfield nor Barkley will be selected.

  26. Apparently the Browns did right by now drafting two guys who have spent more time on IR than on the field. In fact most of the guys the media gave them flack for passing up end up spending the majority of their career on IR (RG3 and Teddy Bridgewater anyone).

    We need to stop pretending these young kids are game changing QB’s. Passing on any of the QB’s the Vikings picked up in free agency or Nick Foles to instead draft kids seems to have hurt the Browns more than anything.

  27. LOL!!!

    Good thing they fired Mike Lombardi after Lombardi did so well in 1 year, fired the awful Sashi Brown, only to hire some hack who has no resume, to now look to draft Manziel Part 2.


  28. greenwhodat26 says:
    January 29, 2018 at 12:23 am
    I’m talking about the game. “Not practice!” Allen was miles better in the Senior Bowl game.


    You don’t understand what the Senior bowl is all about. Just about all the scouts left Mobile on Thursday after the practices as NO ONE of importance cares about the game.

  29. If Baker Mayfield is the guy, he’ll be there at 4. Take A once in a generation back Barkley with the first pick. Sign Crowell and then trade him. Stop letting good players walk freely out the door. That’s what the good teams do.

  30. Browns should take a QB at both 1 and 4, or even move up and take a QB with the #1 and #2 picks. Resign Crowell, who is a serviceable back. This doubles their chances of finding their QB of the future and provides them with a great backup going forward. Pick up a veteran QB anyway and deal Kizer. They’ve still got three 2nd rounders and two 4th and 5th rounders to add value elsewhere.

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