DeMarcus Lawrence thinks Cowboys will lock him up before free agency

Getty Images

Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence is coming off a 14.5-sack season and heading into free agency, but he doesn’t think he’ll get the chance to shop his services to the highest bidder.

Lawrence and his agent said they’re expecting either a long-term deal to get done before free agency, or a franchise tag. Lawrence said he’s happy to hear that the Cowboys are prioritizing signing him.

“It’s great for them to prioritize me as being a Cowboy,” Lawrence told ESPN. “I’m not worried about it. I’m gonna let my agent worry about that part. . . . I believe and trust in him 100 percent to get the job done.”

Lawrence’s agent, David Canter, doesn’t think the Cowboys are letting Lawrence get away.

“I would imagine that they’re probably not just letting us get to free agency and leave Dallas,” Canter said.

Lawrence has made about $5.5 million so far in his NFL career. With the franchise tag, he’s looking at a minimum of $17 million in 2018, and a long-term deal would guarantee him more than that. So Lawrence is about to earn life-changing money.