Shocker: Colts intend to hire Josh McDaniels

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Apparently, the worst-kept secret in football was still a secret to some.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, after on Friday’s “second interview” with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, the Colts intend to hire him after the Super Bowl. While that’s technically true, the Colts also intended to hire him before Friday’s “second interview.” And he intended to take the job before Friday’s “second interview.”

The Colts had two choices for the job: McDaniels and new Titans coach Mike Vrabel. And it became clear roughly two weeks ago that the Colts wanted McDaniels and McDaniels wanted the Colts. The report that McDaniels will become the new Colts coach first emerged two Mondays ago, not long after the Tennessee job (another possible McDaniels destination) came open.

While none of these deals are official until they are official, it would take something unprecedented to pry the two sides apart at this point. Most coaching candidates are represented by a small handful of agents, and once the team and agent agree that a deal is done, the deal has to be done — or it will be impossible for that team and that agent to ever do business again.

So, yes, McDaniels will be introduced as the new coach of the Colts after the Super Bowl. It’s true after Friday’s “second interview,” and it was true 11 days before it.

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  1. As bad as the Indy owner is which is near the bottom, his wanting to hire Vrabel or McDaniels shows he is notches ahead of the last place guy, jimmy haslam.

  2. Colts choices McDaniels or Vrabel. Both Patriots. Guess if you can’t beat em join em. Doesn’t matter though, neither will be Belichick. Not sure McDaniels can fix a perpetually soft defense either.

  3. Make sure he doesn’t hire his old video coordinator from his days in Denver. Josh loves to film other teams’ practices during the regular season. Just ask San Fran.

  4. I think Josh McDaniels is a good coach, but I don’t like the fit. Well, I’ll say this; to get the best out of Andrew Luck the OC just needs to call the formation and then put the onus on Andrew Luck to get the offense in the right play…..100%. You have to let Luck call his own plays. His ability to get the offense in the right play is what makes him special.

    Now if Josh Mac is willing to do that it will work out. If he’s not, you won’t see the best of Andrew Luck.

  5. .
    Lost in the commotion of the Patriots win over the Jaguars was McDaniels boldly calling for two gadget plays in a six play sequence. Not surprisingly, both worked.

  6. I don’t think anybody cares about the NFL’s rule about not agreeing to terms before the coach’s season is over. As long as the League turns a blind eye, why should they? It’s not as if fans don’t know that the NFL front office is full of hypocrites.

    Good luck to McDaniels. Whatever Luck’s situation turns out to be, I’m sure Jacoby Brissett will be glad to see McD.

  7. Well Terripet, you jumped ship from being a long time Bills fan to being a bandwagon Colts fan. Now since you hate and loathe all things Patriots you’re obviously going to have to jump ship again since you won’t be able to stand McDaniels being the coach of your team.

    What’s your new team going to be or will you go back to being a Bills fan?

  8. Belichick’s coaching tree has rarely been at least moderately successful…..These assistants are leaving in droves… cashing in, as he has told them he will walk…

  9. “Best job in the nfl”

    With a QB who spends more time in European clinics than on the football field? With an O-Line made out of popsicle sticks and cotton balls? With an owner like Jim Irsay?

    Sad to see McDaniels trading Super Bowl banners for participation banners…

  10. Typical stupidity in the NFL and an insult to the intelligence of fans and media. These Pats coordinators were chosen some time ago with deals in principle made; those deals were made in part based on the supporting coaching staff the candidate presented, which are based on backdoor deals made with those supporting coaches, and only certain prior-regime staff are let go, indicating the new HC has mercifully let these guys find new jobs ASAP instead of waiting to after the SB. If a team is in a such a sad state that it needs to hire a new HC, the league is further crippling them by making them wait…if the teams and candidates actually followed the policy.

  11. I’m assuming Mcdaniels is taking this job only because Andrew Luck is on the mend? No offense to Colts fans but that would he think he only plausible reason to even consider taking that job. This team has very little talent outside luck and Hilton. It’s going to take a couple year rebuild to get this team back on track. I was surprised to see mcdaniels not push harder for a more prestigious destination like New York or even to work with a more talented team like Tennessee. I mean this guy has had pretty much had his choice of jobs the past three years and he chooses a small market Midwest team with little talent and a franchise quarterback who has missed the last year plus with a serious shoulder injury.

  12. Colts officially waving the white flag. Just don’t shake Luck’s hand too hard when you meet him or his arm might pop off.

  13. Josh goes from the best owner in the NFL to one of the worst. He now doesn’t have a Defense or an O-line or an O-line Coach like Dante Scarnecchia or the greatest QB the game has ever seen. It’s not too late to change your mind and stay in Foxboro as a winner. Don’t come crying to Bill in 1 or 2 years time because you made another mistake.

  14. Someone needs to examine the agent question posed here. McDaniels’ agent also represents the GM, Chris Ballard. Is this a significant conflict of interest? The same agent also represents Jon Gruden and Jack Del Rio. There were clear failures of fiduciary obligations during that hiring process, especially to Del Rio. Why is this unethical behavior permitted? The need for a coaches union appears to be growing stronger than ever.

  15. Josh picked the wrong team to go to—he is totally dependent on a healthy Andrew Luck and even if that is the case then there still is quite a talent gap between the Colts ans the other 3 teams in the division

  16. Here is a hope that Josh McDaniels will follow the tradition of all ex-Pats coaches become unremarkable performers on any other team they join and the Colts remain a mediocre team for many more years as they are today. 🙂

  17. terripet says:
    January 28, 2018 at 8:37 am

    Best job in the nfl
    I cannot fathom why McDaniels would want to play for this loser organization.

  18. Me thinks McDaniels should have held out for a better situation.
    The Colts owner obviously has “issues” and the franchise hasn’t been well managed ever since the exit of Peyton.
    I think he might have been able to get into a better managed organization.

  19. Maybe Josh can teach Andrew Luck and the rest of the team how to be good with fully inflated footballs. 🙂

    Funny how the Colts can’t even get over .500 since the league caught them with under inflated footballs the night of the 2014 AFC Championship game and inspecting PSI in footballs ever since.


  20. You have to let Luck call his own plays. His ability to get the offense in the right play is what makes him special.
    No that’s what gets him repeatedly sacked and injured and on IR. To me Luck has to stop acting like he’s god gift to QB’s and realize that he needs to be coached like everyone else. He’s at a cross roads of his career. His career could go either way at this point.

  21. Luck is nothing now that he can’t thriw deflated footballs anymore.

    Without cheating. Brissett > Luck.


  22. Both McDaniels and Patricia will be back in NE within 4 years. Colts ownership is a disaster and Stafford is a coach killer. Book it!

  23. We’ll see how “boy wonder” does without B.B, he will probably be back with the Pats after the season when he gets fired again, along with the bearded one in Detroit.

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